Island Shares, Buyouts And War In Anno 1800

April 19, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Anno 1800 Island Shares Buyouts War Fighting Guide Tips Tricks And Strategies For Ships

The Island Shares mechanic is an often overlooked one from within Anno 1800, even though it's a way of taking down your opponents or making extra resources. In this Island Shares, Buyouts And War Guide for Anno 1800 you will learn everything you need to know about that aspect of the game and additional tips and tricks that you may not know, which will certainly be helpful in your Anno 1800 wars.

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Every colonized island has five shares you can buy. Shares in someone else's Island are for a price that's dependent on the value of the island, and the value of the islands depending on the population that's there. You can then earn regular income based on that value. Also, if they can afford it they can instantly buy back their share should they wish.

Anno 1800 Island Shares Buyouts War Fighting Guide Tips Tricks And Strategies For Ships Overview

Each time you buy a share it's going to upset the competitor AI and they may declare war on you if they've got bad relations with you. They can also buy shares in your islands at any time and just like them you can buy back the shares if you want. If you don't then you lose a portion of your income from your Island to the share. There's a 10-minute cooldown on buying shares on an island so hostile takeovers have to be done over the course of an hour at minimum. The goal is to economically weaken someone and buy their Island out before they can buy it back, or you could just be content, owning a large portion of the shares and letting them do their thing. After all, it will earn you money over time.

In case you do fully buy out an island, their entire Island will be wiped clean and become yours as you'll have all the shares. Though, you're not going to be making anything from it anymore as there's nothing on the island. If you're strapped for cash you can always sell back the share to the owner but if they can't pay for it it'll go to the crown, who will hold it until someone else can buy it. That's pretty much the peaceful way of doing it but you won’t always have peace.

Wars and Island Siege with Ships

When it comes to war, it's all done with your Navy and defenses. When you attack someone's Harbor you'll begin an island siege and if you defeat the defenses under Harbor then the island morale will drop, and the island will surrender to you. You can then either take all of the shares in the island immediately, keeping them and keeping the island intact, or you can just take the island completely which will wipe it clean.

Ships have a certain wind direction and they will shoot best if they're firing at a clear broadside angle and they'll fire out of both sides if they can get in between targets so micro management is crucial if you want to maximize your damage. The AI will tend to target the weakest ship and keep firing on it until it's destroyed so once you notice one of your ships is taking damage you'll want to pull it back to get it back to a repair crane to repair it and prevent its destruction.

Anno 1800 Island Shares Buyouts War Fighting Guide Tips Tricks And Strategies For Ships Conquering

Ship Repairing and Tips

Ships travel slower as you start taking hits, so it's going to be harder to get away when your ships are missing health. Even your fast trade ships running along routes will eventually slow down if they're constantly harassed and raided. It's a good move to build repair cranes next to harbors and piers so that when ships dock to transfer goods they will automatically just be healing and repairing over time. A great tip for ships is to set their stances-- you can make aggressive ships seek out pirates or you can have ships that are locked to defend harbors or trade routes. Setting patrol routes and stances is a nice way to keep enemies away from your trade lines.

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