Last Oasis How To Find And Store Water

March 26, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Last Oasis How To Find And Store Water For Later In Bottles

Acquiring water and boosting your hydration levels is going to be crucial if you want to survive in the world of Last Oasis. There are several ways of gaining water levels and that's through drinking or eating various plants. In this Last Oasis guide we'll teach you where and how to get water as well as how to store it for later use.

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Early Game Water Sources

Cactus Fruit and Cactus Flesh are both excellent sources of early game water. To get the Cactus Flesh all you need to do is hit the Cactus Plant with a tool and eat it through your inventory. Cooking it on a campfire is also a viable option as it allows you to save it for later.

Purifying contaminated water from other sources of water is also a viable option and this can be done via a campfire. This water can then be stored in bottles later on.

Aloe Vera is just like Cactus Fruit a viable source of water in the game.

Stomping Station is also a great thing to have as it's going to allow you to min-max the production of water. You can put Aloe Vera and Cactus into it and it's going to squeeze the water out of these items (but at a slower pace than a campfire would). Recipes: 1x Aloe Vera = 3x Water, 3x Cactus = 1x Water, 1x Cactus Fruit = 12x Water

How To Store Water

Proper storage of water is an important aspect of this game as it's going to allow you to travel further from your base and raid other enemies or simply explore the map a bit more.

To craft bottles you'll need to unlock the "Makeshift Bottle" recipe in the equipment tech tree.

Makeshift Bottles can be crafted from 5 Fiber and 5 Wood which makes this a great easy early game recipe for water storage. Once your bottle has been made, simply double click water in your inventory and it will be transferred to the bottle which has 20 durability.

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