Last Oasis Rupu Urn Quest Guide

March 27, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Last Oasis Survival Of The Fittest Quest Guide Rupu Urn Locations

The Survival of the Fittest quest might seem simple at first but it's actually an incredibly hard one early on as you're just starting out. Why you might ask? Well the Rupu Urns have a high respawn timer and on overcrowded servers you'll need to be lucky to find them. Additionally, the Rupu monsters are actually quite strong (the ones with the face mask) so it's definitely not an easy task.

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Rupu Urns can be found only in the Cradle Rupu Camps, the best strategy to get them fast is to use a walker for fast travelling and just avoid all monsters while grappling onto the Rupu huts that contain the urns. The huts on stilts have an exit and each of them contains a rupu urn but beware that once you or your friend loot them (or someone else) they'll be on a respawn timer and you won't be able to get more from that location for a while. When I was doing this on a crowded server with my friend it took us an hour to gather 10 of the Rupu Urns.

Rupu Urn Locations Where To Find

Killing the Rupu monkeys is done fast because the Rupu Camps will most often have 5+ of them that you can fight around the huts. The easiest way is to aggro them all while on a walker and try to group them up, smacking them with a melee weapon will allow you to hit all of them which makes this part of the quest go much faster.

When you're preparing for this quest, make sure to have a Walker, melee weapon (Hatchet is fine), a lot of bandages and water.

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