Last Oasis Walker Guide

March 26, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Last Oasis Walker Guide How To Craft Firefly And Resource Requirements

The Last Oasis Walkers are essentially highly mobile vehicles that you can place bases and items onto. They offer incredibly fun playstyles that everyone should try out and there are a lot of different walker types. For now we're going to introduce you to the first walker that can be crafted via a quest, as well as additional information about all the different walkers that are in the game.

Currently there are 12 different Walkers that you can craft: Firefly, Dinghy, Stiletto, Toboggan, Spider Walker, Buffalo, Falco, Schmetterling, Hornet, Tusker, Titan and Proxy Walker.

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How to build your first walker

The Firefly Walker is the first walker that you're going to be crafting and it's actually introduced to you via a quest. Since Walkers can hold campfires, crafting stations, gear and resources as well as beds it's an excellent thing to have during your gameplay. To be able to craft one, all you have to do is unlock it in your walker technology tree.

Firefly Walker Recipe & Crafting Requirements

  • 110 Wood
  • 100 Fiber
  • 15 Stone

Additionally, you'll need 7 Wood and 1 Fiber for the Walker legs.

Be vary that other people can raid and kill you while you're building the Walker-- and steal your resources! So if you're making one, be ready for PvP or build it in a hidden location.

If you played Atlas, the building process is similar to the one when you're making ships. The first thing to do is to place the Walker hull on the ground. After that, you have to assemble multiple parts onto it by walking around and pressing "F" to build and repair the walker parts.

Once your walker is done, you can drive it, pack structures onto it or fill in the storage which essentially acts as a moving chest which is great for stuff like water.

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