Latest Titan Throne Update - Spell Wish And More

October 11, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Latest Titan Throne Update

The Latest Titan Throne Update added new functions: "Spell Wish, Spell Furnace, Dragon Lair Explore (at lvl 12) and Valhalla Technology. If you are interested in the full Patch Notes you can find them below.

Patch Notes


- Spell Wish & Spell Furnace work together to help you build towards the Spells YOU want, and recycle the ones you don't.

"Spell Wish" is on the far right tab of the Spell Tower screen; "Spell Furnace" is in the lower right-hand corner of the My Spells screen in the Spell Tower.
- New Exploration feature on the Dragon Lair gives you a way to "Gather" Dragon Blood for a limited time each day (which, bonus, also protects your troops for a few hours.)
Just tap the Dragon Lair and the new "Explore" option will pop up once you are castle level 12 and above.
- Upgrade Valhalla technology to save some extra troops from being Killed if your Hospital is full when you are attacked within your own Alliance Territory.
Valhalla tech can be found at the bottom of the "Other" tab in your Alliance Technology screen. Once it's been upgraded to at least Level 1, you can use it via a tab on the far right of your Alliance Benefits screen.


- Added Spell Wish function: Use gold at the Spell Tower to make a Wish and gain Common, Rare, or Epic Spell Cards of your choice after a duration.
- Added Spell Furnace function: Break down your unwanted Spell Cards into Magic Spar.
- Added Alliance Technology – Valhalla. When hospital limit is reached from battling on own alliance territory, wounded troops will enter Valhalla. Use Alliance Honor to heal troops in Valhalla. Valhalla max wounded troop limit is based on its level.
- Removed additional research chances from Spell Tower, and increased Magic Spar production from free research.
- Players with Castle Lv.12 and above can Explore the Dragon Lair on the World Map to gain Dragon Blood.
- Rally sponsor can speed up other players joining the rally.
- Clothes have a chance to obtain ‘Nature Bind’ when resetting bonus stats. (lowers enemy Critical Hit damage)
- Expanded bonus stat possibilities for Clothes (Blue and above only).
- Optimized Skill use in automated battles.
- Increased Resist Spell stat for Heroes Lv.30 and above.
- Adjusted Napoleon specialty: No bonus damage for first 4 seconds. After the first 4 seconds, attack, range and luck are increased for the rest of the battle.
- Adjusted Bloody Mary specialty: Lowered Initial Energy, but increased Energy recovery over the first 10 seconds.

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