Lightning Arrow Build Guide Path of Exile

October 14, 2021
by GamerDiscovery
Lightning Arrow Build Guide Path of Exile LA 3.16 Build PoE Scourge

The Lightning Arrow Build has gotten quite popular in the Scourge league because of the substantial buffs it received with the previous 3.15 patch. It is currently one of the best Scourge Ranger league starter skills because it's beginner friendly, doesn't require any specific unique items to work and it can be good even for SSF. Lightning Arrow fires a lightning arrow at a target, causing them to be struck by a bolt of lightning which also damages in an area of effect around the target. This makes the Deadeye Ascendancy a very interesting choice because you gain free chain and two additional projectiles— which is essentially a free LMP gem slot. This allows you to run an additional damage or critical hit gem instead of wasting it on LMP. In this poe 3.16 Lightning Arrow Build guide we'll be teaching you the best passive skill tree choices, ascendancy nodes, pantheons, gem links and what to look for in gear as well as how to level the build.

Table of contents

  1. Patch 3.15 Lightning Arrow Buffs
  2. Pros and Cons
  3. Passive Skill Tree
  4. How to level this build
  5. Ascendancy
  6. Bandit choice
  7. Gem links
  8. Equipment
  9. Pantheon

What made Lightning Arrow so good?

  • No longer has “10-29% Increased Effect of Lightning Ailments”.
  • Now Shocks Enemies dealing 100% more Damage at gem level 1 (unchanged), up to 290% more Damage at gem level 20 (previously 195%).
  • Now deals 130% of base Attack Damage at gem level 1 (previously 110%), up to 154% of base Attack Damage at gem level 20 (previously 134%).
  • Now has 130% Effectiveness of Added Damage at gem level 1 (previously 110%), up to 154% at gem level 20 (previously 134%).

Pros & Cons

✔ Fast clear speed
✔ Insanely good Delver
✔ Low budget (just needs a good bow)
✔ Recently buffed
✖ Single target damage requires a good setup
✖ Mediocre survivability
✖ Primarily a softcore build but it can achieve 197% increased life with PoB tweaks

Lightning Arrow Build Passive Tree

PoB skill tree link for the Lightning Arrow Build:
This Deadeye Lightning Arrow Build features 180% increased life, a lot of critical hit chance and increased damage with bows & elemental damage and elemental penetration. It also picks up two additional Frenzy charges. It also has access to multiple jewel slots, allowing you to easily respec into them later once you've gotten good jewels— as this is primarily a league starter, beginner friendly LA build.

To see the skill tree and all the gear data, download Path of Building community fork and go under import/export, in the import section press import from website and paste in the above mentioned link. This will load the whole character including all the skill gems, equipment and passive tree nodes.

How to level with Lightning Arrow Build?

Lightning Arrow is gained through Act 1 progression and can be used as soon as your character hits level 12. It is a very strong early-game skill that is used all the way to the end-game so the leveling process is actually quite simple.
Use Galvanic Arrow or Split Arrow at level one and socket it with Onslaught. The third link should be added lightning damage and once you've gotten Lesser Multiple Projectiles use that instead of Onslaught.
At level twelve you'll be able to use Lightning Arrow and support it with: Added lightning damage, Lesser Multiple Projectiles and Mirage Archer. Mirage Archer tremendously increases clear speed which comes in handy when trying to level up quickly and rush through the campaign acts.

Once you've reached a bit higher level, look towards getting gems and the support links mentioned in the Gem links section below.


Lightning Arrow has two popular Ascendancy choices: Deadeye and Raider. For this particular Lightning Arrow build we're going to take Deadeye because it allows us to drop LMP in favor of another damage increasing gem, as well as the free chain and Tailwind.

Ascendancy progression: Ricochet (Normal Lab), Endless Munitions (Cruel Lab), Gathering Winds (Merciless Lab), Wind Ward (Uber Lab).

Bandit choice

Helping Alira for the additional critical hit multiplier, resistances and mana regeneration is the obvious choice for league starts, but as you progress you'll probably want to respec this choice and kill all the bandits instead to gain two additional passive points (this is more of a dps min-maxing choice).

Note: during leveling you'll want to use Lesser Multiple Projectiles instead of Trinity. As you complete the Cruel Lab and unlock the Endless Munitions Ascendancy then you have to swap out the LMP for Trinity.

Main Skill
Storm Rain - Mirage Archer - Added Lightning Damage - Trinity - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Faster Attacks

Herald of Ice, Herald of Thunder, Precision

Movement skill
Blink Arrow - Second Wind - Faster Attacks

Totem support
Ensnaring Arrow - Ballista Totem - Faster Attacks - Multiple Totems

Frenzy charge generation and golem choice
Blood Rage - Increased Duration, Summon Ice Golem

Single target damage boosting gems
Sniper's Mark, Hydrosphere


Any Rare Bow with additional Arrows fired, high elemental dps and % increased elemental damage with attack skills.

Rare Helmet with life, evasion, resistances and high evasion and a Lightning Arrow enchant if possible.

Body Armor slot should be a five/six link evasion rare chest piece with life and resistances. A Tabula Rasa will be sufficient for softcore leagues but in hardcore you'd want something like Belly of the Beast for the increased life.

Rare Rings with life, elemental resistances, increased elemental damage with attacks. Ideally Diamond rings for the additional critical chance implicit modifier.

Amulet with high life, resistances and intelligence (high INT is needed for gem requirements). Additionally you can try to get damage mods on it and a Blight enchant that benefits this build (Master Fletcher would be a good, cheap choice).

Rare Gloves with 80+ life, attack speed, evasion, added elemental damage to attacks and high resistances.

Rare Boots with 30% movement speed, high life and resistances.

Spike-Point Quiver for the added increased critical hit chance, preferably a rare one with life, resistances and added elemental damage to attacks. For the end-game you'll want to be on the lookout for one with +1 arrows fired by bow skills.

Flasks: Divine Life Flask, Diamond Flask (helps a lot with dps because of the increase to critical hit chance), Sulphur Flask, Jade Flask and Silver/Quicksilver Flask.


Soul of the Brine King is the primary Pantheon of choice because of the ability to avoid being stunlocked and permafrozen (with the upgraded version). This is the obvious choice because of how deadly ailments and stuns currently are due to the flask changes.

The secondary Pantheon slot is versatile and will depend on what kind of content you're looking to do. For example, Soul of Ryslatha is excellent for Uber Lab trials & the labs runs themselves. For general mapping I'd go with Soul of Ralakesh.

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