Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide

October 19, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide

This Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide post is a huge compilation of questions commonly asked by Maplestory 2 players and their respective answers. Most of this content was compiled by a fellow Maplestory 2 Player and Twitch Streamer SaintOneLive, if you have any questions feel free to comment below or ask him on his stream!
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Table of contents

  1. What To Do
  2. Gearing Up
  3. Stats
  4. Class Choice
  5. Miscellaneous


When is Daily Reset?
Check the top left of your screen. That clock is a universal MapleStory 2 time that all servers use. At 00:00 is daily reset.
When is Weekly Reset?
00:00 Thursday into Friday.
What should I do in MS2 every day?
Professions (preferably all, on at least your main; alts optional - I don’t do them)
Identify 1 key at Archaeologist Natalie in Tria (to the left).
Premium Dungeon (200’000 Meso a day)
Daily Missions (Get Tougher, Get Richer, Hoard Things are good - everything else is so-so. Don’t freak out if you can’t complete something in one of the three categories; just get to 300 Mission Points for the boxes)
Guild Daily Quest (available after 24 hours of being in a guild) + Check-In + Guild Donation (see if your guild mandates it)
Aliyar’s Daily Quests (Allicari Merchant Society; quest rewards Rue currency - it’s optional, I normally don’t bother doing it)
Kathy Mart Part-Time Job (provides EXP and Kathy Mart Tokens; optional)
What should I do by the end of the week?
Dark Descent (3 runs)
Buy Stellar Glass (5/week at Cherri Ring, Tria)
Abandoned Mine B4 (5/week)
Dungeon runs (30/week per character)
Guild Weekly (available after 7 days of being in a guild)
What is Stellar Glass and what do I do with it?
Stellar Glass is used with Obsidian Essence (dropped by monsters rarely that are high than level 50) to create a Gemstone Box that contains 200 gemstone dust of any color that you would like. The Stellar Glass can be bought 5 times a week from Cherri Ring in Tria. You can submit the Stellar Glass as many times as you want; but there is no other source than the 5 you buy a week from this NPC.
Each one costs 200’000 Meso, meaning you should invest 1’000’000 Meso towards this every week. This limitation is per account, meaning you cannot buy it on each character.
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide Stellar GlassWhere do I get Abandoned Mine B4 Keys?
You get them from identified keys from Archaeologist Natalie. There’s a high chance it identifies as a B1 key (do it, but rewards are meh in comparison) and a low chance of B4. The keys are Rusty Keys, which you can buy from the Black Market or get from Golden/Wooden Treasure Chests.
The cost for identifying a key is 100’000 for the first ID of the day. This is per character. The cost rises rapidly for each subsequent identification after that. The cost resets back to 100’000 with daily reset.
The Abandoned Mine B4 is BOUND on identification. You can ID keys on alts and trade runs with friends, but if you ID a key on an alt it cannot be used for your main. Rewards from B4 are bound on looting as well.
Only one player needs a B4 key for an entire party to enter B4.
You can enter the Treasure Dungeons by opening your Challenge Map (default key is semi-colon).
Where do I find Wooden/Golden Treasure Chests in MS2?
Many different maps have them. Chests always spawn in the same spots, but they might not be there. If they aren’t, try a different channel. You can check Golden Chest locations through this interactive web interface.
How do I do Abandoned Mine B4?
It’s a 4-man dungeon. At the start, the party splits 2-and-2. Then, each side splits 1-and-1. You need to reach your switch and pull it. Each side will re-converge again into 2-and-2 and defeat a boss. Afterwards, you’ll take a short mine-cart ride down and rendezvous back together to take on the last boss together.
What is the fastest way to level up to 50?
Strictly follow your main quest. Ignore everything else. Use epic ground mounts if you have one in dungeons and flying mounts in the overworld. Remember you can sprint on most ground mounts with the basic attack key. If you have Premium Club, make use of the infinite rotors to teleport around faster if your quest objective asks you to go several maps away. Skipping a few load screens saves you time. Optimal routing should take no longer than 4.5 hours to reach 50 solo on some classes.
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide Fastest 50
What is the fastest way to level up to 60?
World bosses. There are people killing world bosses all around the clock. All you need to do is tag a boss to get loot and EXP. Dealing additional damage will give you some more EXP, as much as 10-15% more.
You can craft Pine Mushroom Stew from level 4 Cooking to increase the EXP from bossing by another 50%. Doing so will make hitting level 60 from 50 take about 1.5 hours.
The Fantastic Level-Up Booster can also be used with this to level up faster.
Check this page for World Boss spawn times.
You can also level up by just farming Golden Chests if you don’t want to go to world bosses.
Should I do professions? What about on alts?
There’s little reason not to do professions. They can craft valuable things like accessories and buff consumables. I’d recommend at the very least doing the profession related to your damage type (Mining + Smithing for physical damage, Foraging + Alchemy for magic damage). In addition to that, handicrafting is nice for forging Savagery accessories and cooking is nice for more buffs.
Professions have a daily cap on how much you can gather. This resets with daily reset. When it comes to crafting, you can craft up to 1’000 of EACH craft a day, meaning if you want to gather for a few days and craft once every few days, you can.
What is Berg Island and Alkimi Island?
These are profession islands for Mining and Foraging specifically. You gain access to them after reaching level 5 on each of these professions and following the new questline (above your character portrait) to Lith Harbor and taking the portals at the docks. These islands contain ALL of their respective nodes to gather from, making them a one-stop place to gather all of your daily profession mats.
What are assistants/servants? Do I need them?
They can craft items for you. They cost Merit (there’s no F2P way to get them) and are placed in your home. More expensive servants will level up faster. You do not need an assistant, but they can craft some decent consumables. Different servants craft different things. Personally, I like to pick up at least the cheapest Beverage servant. He can craft some nice healing items later on. Supplies to craft items can be found at Tria in the Craft Shop.
You can speak to your servant to raise their EXP further. The level of the servant is memorized even if you cannot pay their monthly salary.
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide ServantsWhere is the Allicari Merchant Society?
Near the center of Queenstown.
Daily quests here ask you to kill World Bosses.
The return is Rue, a currency used for purchasing items from the Chest of Wonders. Not very important, optional to do.
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide AllicariIf I’m F2P, can I get a good ground mount or a good air mount?
For a good ground mount, simply hit level 60. It will award you with Hefty, a purple tier ground mount (it does not get better than that).
For a good air mount, you can purchase “Festival Balloons” from any Supply Shop in the game for the practically free price of 50’000 Meso. They are located in every city and are indicated by a red potion icon on the map. This mount travels horizontally at 5.5m/s and also upwards of 1.2m/s up to 12m. This makes it a slightly worse version of the Premium Club mount.
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide F2P MountDoes MapleStory 2 have PVP?
You can currently PVP in Shadow World and inside houses that have the PVP block, but bare in mind that these instances of PVP are VERY unbalanced and lack a lot of core elements of the actual PVP (revenge mechanic, enhancement downscale, proper scaling, rebalances to Knight’s Iron Shield & Berserker’s Blood Lust). If you are interested in the strongest classes, make sure to check our tier list.
How do MS2 guilds work and what benefits do I have for joining them?
Guilds can be created for 2’000 Meso immediately and offer a multitude of features for it’s members. This includes guild-wide buffs, personal buffs, daily/weekly quests, and unique NPCs that cannot be utilized without being in a high level guild. Later on, there are also special raids called Xenon Raids which are 10-man guild raids that range from boss fights, to jump quests, to mini-games.
They initially create with 30 member slots, upgraded to 40 automatically once the guild reaches level 3 and more at later levels.
The guild base can be upgraded which allows more features to be unlocked. This requires a higher guild level and guild funds.
Only the Check-In, daily quest, and weekly quest actually give the guild EXP. In the future, Xenon Raids will give guild EXP as well.
Guild vs. Guild is not currently implemented. It existed in other regions in two forms.
Guild Tournament is 1v1/2v2/3v3 using representatives of your guild vs. the enemy guild in a seasonal ladder. Highest ranking guilds earned unique vanity like chairs and insignias.
Guild Dance Dance Stop pitted guilds against each other on the dance floor where after each round, the guild with the most remaining players on the floor would win the round.
In-depth information on guild data can be found here: Click
What is Dark Descent?
Dark Descent is a 30-floor solo dungeon. The further and better you perform in it, the higher score you receive. Scores are recorded on a leaderboards for all to see. Dark Descent awards Havi Fruit for performing well which can be used to purchase cosmetics, mounts, and powerful time-limited gloves.
You can access Dark Descent via the Challenge Map or the overworld map Stonehill Dig Site.
You will find it hard to find information on this or guidance. DD is much harder in GMS2 and you may find it difficult to even progress beyond 5 floors. You only compete against players within your class.
Historically, the top 10 ranking players receive the Fairy King’s Belt, a powerful legendary belt that lasts for two weeks before expiring. The rank 1 player of each class would receive the Old Fairy King’s Belt, an even stronger version of the belt.
Seasons last for two weeks and your Havi Fruit currency resets every two months.


How do I reach 1’500 gear score after I hit level 50 without wasting dungeon runs?
When you reach level 50, your dungeon count will reset. This is a one time thing only per character you make, and does not happen again at any other character. Don’t worry about using dungeon runs before this; anything before 50 is a waste of time. Use +7 ticket on level 48 top & bottom (or a suit if you use that). These tickets were obtained during the main quest and are in your Misc item tab. Buy 570 gear score weapon from black market. Equip accessories from level 45 level up box. Farm 1'500 GS level 50 dungeon. If no purple weapon drop, make alt and repeat. Here's a great gear guide if you're interested in more detailed info.
Are alts important?
Yes. Alts allow you to get more dungeon runs each week and do more daily missions each week. Though Onyx Crystals and Chaos Onyx Crystals from daily missions are bound, the catalysts you receive from dismantling gear is not and can be sent back to your main character.
How many alts should I have?
As many as you feel comfortable doing. The more you play, the more efficient you’ll be with your time. I suggest 1-2 alts for a casual player, and 4+ for someone more dedicated to grinding the game.
Are MS2 pets important?
Long term yes, short term no. For now, if you find a blue rarity pet with amazing stats, then go for it. Purple pets long term are better. Pets that are mini-raid bosses usually have a special effect attached to them which make them better than captured pets. They drop from their respective raid boss. Chaos Raids in November drop purple versions of raid boss pets.
What dungeon should I run at 1’500 gear score? How do I get to 2’100 gear score?
They honestly all have the same garbage drop rate on purple equipment. People historically enjoy doing Tronix Bunker the most, and it is a safe pick due to the suit in the loot table. Suits count as two purple items. My personal favorite dungeon to run that isn’t annoying is Forgotten Vayar. When we failed to drop items we needed from 1’500 dungeons, we ran alts through for more chances to drop items.
If you have the money to spend, buying either two small purple items (helmet, earrings, rings, cape) will get you enough with blue weapon upgrade. Gloves and boots do not provide enough of a gear score increase from blue items. One suit will achieve the same thing as two small purples. Weapon is kind of a waste since it’ll get you there, but much more expensive and you’ll replace the weapon nearly immediately anyways.
In KR, you can equip weapons that don’t belong to your class (e.g. a cannon on an Assassin) to pass the gear score requirement and change out back to lower gear score items in the lobby.
In CN, you can equip a main-hand and a one-hand to cheat your gear score (even to this day). I generally don’t advise people to do this, but it’s still in the game to this day in China. It’s up to you, to me it feels a little exploit-y.
If you do either bypass to get past the gear score requirement in a cheesy way, be prepared that many parties will not fight the boss with you or may boot you for not having the gear score in a proper way.
What dungeon should I farm at 2’100 gear score? Which weapon is the best?
All the weapons are good. Each is effective against a different Chaos boss in November. Pyrros Fard & Kabo drop Murpagoth weapon which is effective vs. Chaos Devorak. Balrog and Varrekant drop Ancient Rune weapon which is effective vs. Chaos Mok. Nutaman and Kandura drop MSL Onyx weapon which is effective vs. Chaos Varrekant. Which ever weapon you choose, be prepared to strictly farm a lot of that weapon (explained below). Personally, I like the Murpagoth weapon, but the MSL Onyx weapon is a side-grade. Which ever weapon you choose, your fellow raid members in November should also be farming that particular weapon as well.
If your enhancement is high enough (+14-15) there is a decent chance that which weapon you pick won’t hold you back from other raids your weapon is not suited for.
Why is the weapon from the Hard Adventure Dungeon weaker than the one from the 1’500 dungeon?
It just is. However due to the ease of access of weapons from the Hard Adventure Dungeon, it’s far more viable to farm raid weapons. It is not worth upgrading purple weapons from the 1’500 normal dungeons.
Why do I need weapon duplicates?
When enhancing beyond +10, your item will ask for item duplicates. The amount it asks for depends on the current enhancement level. You’ll need potentially dozens of a specific item to get it to the high enhancement levels. Since you get weapons and armors very consistently from Hard Adventure Dungeons, this is why it’s more conducive to pursue these weapons over 1’500 purple weapons.
What equipment are tradeable?
Named items are tradeable. They will almost always have the boss name included in its name. When checking the Challenge Map and looking at a dungeon’s loot, you can hover over items to see if they’re tradeable or not. All purple equipment in 1’500 dungeons are tradeable.
What items give full gear score?
2-handed weapons and main-hand (longsword/scepter) give full gear score, as in what you see on the item is what you get. Off-hand items (shield/codex) give NO gearscore at all. One-hand items (thrown weapon/dagger) give HALF gearscore, including on enchantments.
How do raid item fragments and drops work?
When dismantling untradeable loot from Hard Adventure Dungeons, they will break down into Onyx Crystals, Chaos Onyx Crystals, and 10 item fragments. Weapons give weapon fragments, armor give armor fragments. At 40 fragments you can double click the fragments to create an item box for free. This box has a guaranteed item of your class; in the case of armor you may select which piece you want. For accessories, you will always drop 4 fragments after every run, and you may combine 16 fragments for 500’000 meso to create that accessory.
Where do I get Crystal Fragments and Dryad Pet Candy from?
From the General Supply merchant in any city, indicated by a red potion icon on the mini-map.
What are gemstones, how do I get them, how do I use them, and how do I upgrade them?
Gemstones are accessory sockets. Your earrings, necklace, and ring can house gemstones. Blue accessories can house up to 1, purple up to 3. Gemstones increase your stats. The only ones worthwhile are Offensive Gemstone (Bonus Attack) and Accuracy Gemstone for now. Later on, gemstones that improve your main stat will become more efficient as well. Gemstones come from a number of sources:
Abandoned Mine B1/B4
Daily Missions (Toughen Up)
Guild Gemstone Merchant
Shadow World
You cannot craft gemstones from gemstone dust, contrary to popular belief.
You must open sockets up in your items before you can embed gemstones. You can do this in your inventory, under the “Sockets / Gemstones” interface. Opening sockets requires exact duplicates unlike enhancing armors and weapons. These exact duplicates must have the same amount of sockets as the item you are trying to open the next socket in. For example, if I have a 2-socket item and want to open the third, I must sacrifice a same-named accessory that also has 2 sockets opened. Chance of success starts at 50% and goes down to 40% for the last socket.
Removing gemstones can be very costly. It requires a large sum of Crystal Fragments. As a reference point, to remove a +4 gemstone requires 1’700 Crystal Fragments (1’700’000 Meso), and to remove a +10 gemstone requires 15’000 Crystal Fragments (15’000’000 Meso).
Gemstones are very powerful. The Bonus Attack converts into Weapon Attack based off of your class (every class has a different modifier). It’s a flat bonus that is strong when the player is weak, and gradually becomes weaker as the player becomes stronger. That is when main stat gemstones become more reliable.
Upgrading gemstones requires gemstone dust. Gemstone dust comes from dismantling excess gemstones and gemstone boxes from daily missions and Shadow World. You can upgrade gemstones that are currently embedded into your accessories already. The amount of dust needed depends on the gemstone itself.
The success chance of upgrading gemstones is low. Expect to fail a lot. There is no penalty for failure except for loss of materials.
Please note that the “Destruction” Gemstone in the below charts do not apply to GMS2, and never will. It is specific to the Korean version.
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide Gemstones Dust
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide Gemstones Fortification
What is Shadow World farming and Twisted Pocket Realms?
The Shadow World is located in the bottom left of the world map, and is an open PVP zone. Elite mobs are marked on your mini-map here and when defeated have a chance of dropping a gate to a Twisted Pocket Realm. Inside you must complete the scenario within the time limit, and doing so will reward you with special chests which grant you the Treva currency. This currency is spent at the Shadow Supply Merchant located in various maps in the Shadow World as well as in Queenstown.
If elites are not respawning, kill non-elites.
The merchant sells various Gemstone-related materials, as well as miscellaneous cosmetics rewards.
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide Shadow World
What are the 5.4% Physical/Magical Piercing gloves?
There’s an NPC in Queenstown that will exchange a pair of blue gloves for 1’000 Treva. These gloves are guaranteed to have 5.4% Physical/Magical Piercing on them, making them an excellent choice if you’re willing to forego a little bit of defense.
How do I change the bonus attributes on my gear/pets?
For weapons, you can only change the bonus attributes with the Re-roller scrolls you get at level 54. These scrolls will change both the TYPE and the VALUE of the attributes on the item.
For armor, the Re-roller scrolls you obtain will ONLY CHANGE THE VALUE, not the type. Meaning if you have physical attack and melee damage reduction on the armor, it will stay these stats but try to re-roll the values of them. If you want to change the stat type, you must go into your inventory and click “Change Attributes” and use the materials asked.
Colored crystals (blue/green) come from world boss hunting, daily mission boxes, and sometimes from chests.
Metacells can be purchase with Red or Blue Stars if you desperately need them from Queenstown merchants.
Accessories follow the same rules as armor for everything except cost, requiring 5 Green Crystals instead of 1 Blue Crystals per attempt.
The cost of the Crystal Fragments and Metacells will go up on the item the more you try to change it’s attributes. This cost is memorized by the specific item.
How do I enhance my items?
In your inventory near the bottom, there is a button that says “Enchant Items”. Upgrading items will require Onyx Crystals and Chaos Onyx Crystals. These come from dismantling items, your daily Mission Boxes, and your Normal/Hard Adventure Bonus Boxes from completing your weekly dungeon runs each week. Blue items and below cannot dismantle into Chaos Onyx Crystals, which are used to upgrade blue items beyond +8 and purple items starting from +1. Crystal Ore is used for Peachy’s step enhancement, which requires you to use the requested materials a number of times for a 100% upgrade chance. When enhancing beyond +10 with Ophelia, the item will require duplicate copies of itself to sacrifice in addition to the materials.
Should I use Ophelia (Feeling Lucky) or Peachy (Slow & Steady) to enhance?
Always use Ophelia. Ophelia is the go-to for all upgrades from 1-15. Peachy is acceptable from +9 to +10 only. The reason is before +10, Ophelia is more cost-effective since your chances of success within a few tries is high. Beyond +10 Peachy just costs way too much. But even then, usually it’s easier to just go for Ophelia from +9 to +10 as well. Crystal Ore is used with Peachy’s enhancing method and is obtained from your weekly dungeon bonus chests.
What are failstacks? How can I improve my upgrade chances?
Starting from +11, you can sacrifice additional items than what the game asks you for (by clicking more catalysts) to increase your success chance to a maximum of 30%. Failstacks are accrued when you fail an enchantment. The amount you gain depends on what enchantment you are currently at (+1 stack when failing +10, +5 stacks when failing +15). These stacks are memorized by the item and will always be there, even if you succeed to a higher enchantment. They are one time use and can increase your success chance beyond 30%, all the way up to 100%.
What items from Hard Adventure Dungeons are best-in-slot and what should I farm?
Kandura’s Pendant (BeyondLink Tris), Nutaman Earrings (Rune Temple) or Absolute Earrings (The Fire Dragon/Labyrinthine Halls), Absolute Ring (Rune Temple/BeyondLink Tris), Balrog Wings (Temple of Immortals) for melee DPS, Varrekant’s Wings (Lubelisk) for ranged DPS, Absolute Belt. Varrekant’s Horns are good if you don’t have a raid helmet with 3-4%+ Boss Damage on it. On a side note, Savagery accessories are a fine choice until you start needing gemstone sockets. If you can’t afford to pursue socketed Kandura’s Pendant or socketed Nutaman Earrings, go for socketed Absolute instead.


Where do I put my stat points?
Depends on your class. Knight, Berserker, and Rune Blade should put all Strength. Heavy Gunner and Ranger invest into Dexterity. Wizard, Priest, and Soul Binder invest into Intelligence. Thieves and Assassins invest into Luck. It is not worth investing into Critical Rate due to how the damage formula works.
Even though it looks like you gain more “Attack” for investing in Critical Rate than your main stat, this is incorrect. The “Attack” metric doesn’t take many factors into consideration and should not be used to gauge overall power.
What are the best stats on gear?
Piercing (up to 30%)
Accuracy (~90+)
Elemental Damage
Fire for Ranger/Wizard
Holy for Priest
Electric for Rune Blade
Dark for Assassin (Shadow Arts Build)
Crit Damage (Assassin ONLY)
Physical Attack/Main Stat
Boss Damage
Physical/Magic Piercing (up to 10%)
Melee Damage/Range Damage
Total Damage
Attack Speed
Why is Accuracy so important?
The effects of Accuracy are not so apparent at level 50 Hard Adventure Dungeon content and lower. But as you advance to Chaos Dungeons starting in November, the Evasion on enemies is noticeably higher. Missing % of hits is the near-equivalent of missing that much of your damage on an enemy. Historically, you need roughly 96 Accuracy for 100% hit rate on level 50 Chaos content, and as high as 110 for level 60 Chaos content. You don’t need 100% Accuracy, but the closer you can get without sacrificing damage the better. Accuracy is why items like Kandura’s Pendant are so powerful, and why we always use at least one Accuracy gemstone for high-end raids. You can always check your Accuracy over a period of time against an opponent by using the Personal Performance Meter and changing the metric to Hit Rate.
What is the difference between Piercing and Physical/Magic Piercing?
Piercing counters Defense while Physical/Magic Piercing counters Physical/Magic Resistance. Monsters as of right now don’t have particularly very high resistance, and you won’t really see as much of an effect with this stat for now. Come November and Chaos raids, the bosses do have resistance you’ll want to pierce through. Piercing is typically the far stronger stat.
What makes Piercing good?
It has some of the best return on investment when it comes to yield. The more Piercing you have, the more powerful the stat is. The stat provides roughly a 42% increase in damage output when reaching the hidden cap of 30%.
What makes Physical/Magic Attack good?
This stat is a final multiplier that increases your total damage output. Changes to this stat (usually by your main stat) will reflect in your total damage. Increasing this stat by 25% will increase your total damage by 25%, and vice versa. Due to this, there is a semblance of diminishing return the more you have.
How much of a difference does a single weapon upgrade make?
Weapon Attack is also a final multiplier. Increasing your current Weapon Attack by 50% will also increase your total damage output by 50%. Because higher enhancements have considerably higher Weapon Attack bonuses, this makes the upper enhancements (e.g. +12-15) much more powerful than previous enhancements.
What is Boss Damage so good on armor, but not on weapons?
Because you generally get a lot more Boss Damage on armors that is enough to outweigh the amount of yield you could get from the alternative stat; Physical/Magical Attack or main stat. On weapons, the amount of Boss Damage you get is not enough, making it a good stat but not the best stat.
Which gemstones should we use?
For now, just use Offense Gemstone (Bonus Attack). By November, make sure to have at least one Accuracy Gemstone equipped. In the distant future, you will use a mix of 1-2 Accuracy Gemstone, Offense Gemstone, and Main Stat Gemstone. This shift in gemstone selection comes way later on with level 60+ content.
How does Bonus Attack work?
Depending on your class and current weapon tier, Bonus Attack is converted into Weapon Attack. Every class has a different ratio.
How is Critical Chance calculated?
For now, roughly every 10 Critical Rate = 1% Crit Chance. There is slight diminishing returns on this. About 460 Critical Rate will let you reach the 40% Crit Chance cap. In future content, enemies do have Critical Resistance, and to reach 40% Crit Chance at the highest tier content requires as high as 850 Critical Rate. You can always check your Critical Chance over a period of time against an opponent by using the Personal Performance Meter and changing the metric to Critical Chance.


What MS2 class should I play as a beginner?
I find that Wizard, Knight, and Berserker are the most beginner friendly classes while offering good late-game and futureproof scaling. We have written a great beginner's class guide if you wanna check it out.
What classes are good at PVP?
Every class can compete in PVP as of this exact moment except for Ranger and Assassin. Berserker, Thief, and Priest are especially strong at 60 now. Knight and Wizard fall slightly after that, with Rune Blade and Heavy Gunner trailing them.
What classes are best DPS in PVE?
Assassin is likely top at the moment with Berserker, Heavy Gunner, and Wizard somewhere following suit. Check out our class tier post for more info.
Is x class needed in parties?
Every class has some sort of purpose and deals some form of DPS. MapleStory 2 is NOT Holy Trinity. The only classes that don’t bring anything but damage are Thief, Berserker, and Heavy Gunner. I understand HG brings Medkits, but it’s an emergency heal not a dedicated heal.
Knight: Debuff enemy defense, buff ally damage, shield vs. OHKO mechanics.
Priest: Heal allies, buff ally damage.
Archer: Buff ally accuracy, buff ally critical rate, elemental damage.
Assassin: Debuff enemy making them take more damage under 30% HP.
Wizard: Buff ally damage, elemental damage.
Rune Blade: Buff ally critical damage, elemental damage.
Berserker: Raw melee damage.
Heavy Gunner: Raw ranged damage, can handle some specific mechanics.
Thief: Raw damage, but usually less than Berserker.
What is wrong with Thief PVE?
Nothing really. Just they have no party utility and they will seldom do more damage than a Berserker or a Heavy Gunner. Therefore there is literally never a reason to take them to a raid over one of those two. That does not mean that they cannot hold their own or do their fair share of damage.
What is wrong with Ranger & Assassin PVP?
Rangers were nerfed in GMS2. Their Arrow Barrage would formerly stagger on every 2nd hit of the combo, making it a formidable zoning spamming skill. Without it, they are extremely vulnerable with little mobility. They would need to receive their stagger back to become more formidable again.
Assassin used to be very strong in Korea. But only because we had PVP gear and one-hand classes like them and Thief had a strange interaction where their PVE weapon was stronger than the PVP one. This made them have a weapon advantage in an environment that was supposed to be equal. Without it, their damage is not spectacular, and if they cannot win in the timeframe of Fatal Strikes (17 seconds), they are nearly certain to lose. They would need to be able to get a weapon advantage again by using a strong PVE weapon in their main-hand once PVP gear is released and for it to make them much stronger, like it did in Korea. Or, the PVP weapon for thrown weapons would have to be forcibly scaled much higher to counter-measure this issue with much higher PVP damage.
What is class awakening and when will we get it?
It’s a job advancement that provides new and powerful skills for your class. It’s not a choice; just a level 60 quest that unlocks your class’ latent powers. They use unique skill points different from normal ones. It should not be expected until late Q1 or Q2 of 2019, if not later.
What are macros and what classes should use them?
Macros are a setting in-game that allows you to cast multiple skills in a sequence by holding one key with minimal delay.
The game chooses the optimal order of using skills. For the most part, it is almost always more efficient to learn to play your class without using macros.
The sole exception of this is Wizard, who can use macro with Flame Wave in conjunction with a movement key to greatly increase the cast speed of this skill. Assassin can macro their main string together, but again it’s more efficient long term to learn manual input.
Skills that are set on a macro will not use the basic attack when a skill that’s in the macro goes on cooldown or you run out of SP. This can be used to spam high cost skills without running the risk of your character interrupting with random basic attacks.
It can also be used with many class’ dash (putting the dash on it’s own macro by itself) to remove some of the end lag on dashes. This most notably works with any class that only uses 2 stamina bars to dash, such as Knight and Wizard.
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide Macros


Is MapleStory 2 P2W?
No. It may not always stay this way but at least for now, the game is practically free of P2W. Cosmetics are mostly fairly priced.
Is MapleStory 2 PVE too easy?
All currently available content, with the exception of Dark Descent, is considered entry level. 1-50 is considered an elongated tutorial, and all Hard Adventure Dungeons are a precursor to the future Chaos raids. In November, the 3 Chaos Raids are the entry level Chaos Raids. A lot of content has been staggered off on purpose with the explicit purpose to negate an experience advantage that KR, CN, and CBT players had over new players. It is meant to allow new players an opportunity to learn the game before competitive content is implemented. Trust, that the current content is nothing more than preparations for tougher content ahead.
How do I get the parser/damage meter/personal performance meter?
You can turn it on in your Options under Interface, “Enable Personal Performance Meter”.
The 10-Player Dungeon Meter only works in 10-man content, obviously. This means Chaos Raids, Infernog, Xenon Guild Raids, etc.
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide Performance MeterHow do I display my ping/FPS?
You can enable this by checking “Display FPS” under Graphics in your Options.
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide Display Fps and PingHow do I hide other players to improve my FPS?
Under Graphics in your Options, change “Display Other Characters” to “Hide Other Characters”, check “Always Hide”, and uncheck “Max Characters Shown”.
This will not hide their name plates or their pets. To hide these, you must go to the “Game” tab in the “Status Text” options and uncheck “Show Friendly Player Names” and “Hide Other Players’ Pets” below that.
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide Hide PlayersHow do I hide a cosmetic slot?
You need the Transparency Badge. It costs 1’450 Merit (about $14.50), is permanent, and can be moved around characters via storage. When equipped, you can access a menu that will hide any number of your equipped costumes or equipment.
What is Premium Club and what do I get for it?
Premium Club gives you a number of benefits.
The EXP and Meso bonus only applies to monster and world boss kills only.
The 30 potions that are redeemable are daily, and are a 1’200 HP potion (highest tier).
Not show in image below: access bank safe (account storage) from inventory, 5% movement speed for you and your party, unlimited rotors (teleport to any map in the world; click on the helicopter symbol to teleport), Premium Dungeon daily (accessed from the Challenge Map).
Premium Dungeon tokens are redeemed at the wheel in Queenstown.
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide Premium ClubHow do house portals work?
House portals allow you to create a teleport point to a map or friend’s house convenient from your own home, for free. While in Furnishing Mode in your home, go Furnishing → Misc (at the bottom) → Interior Portal BETA and place it. Then hover over the portal you placed and press C to open the console. Set up the portal however you want to from there and it’ll be fully functional to teleport. It is free.
How do you get a house buff? Which one should you use?
You unlock various house buffs as you play the game. The most popular and arguably strongest one is called Scion of Light, which grants 4% Piercing for 1 hour. You unlock this one for hitting level 40 on a character. These are located at Furnishing → Souvenir. There is no limit to how many times you can use/refresh the buff. New characters on your account may use the buff.
What are Style Coins and the Style Coin Shop?
Style Coins are obtained by dismantling costumes obtained from the Style Crates in the Premium Shop. These crates can only be bought with 300 blue Merit. Common costumes dismantle into 1 coin and blue costumes dismantle into 3 coins. These coins can be redeemed in the Style Coin shop in the bottom right.
Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide Style Coins

If you have any additional questions or information we could add to this Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide feel free to message us or comment below so we can make this FAQ Compilation even bigger and more resourceful!

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