Maplestory 2 Fire Dragon Pyrros Dungeon Guide

November 1, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Maplestory 2 Fire Dragon FD Pyrros Fard Hard Adventure Dungeon Guide

The Fire Dragon (FD) is a Maplestory 2 Hard Dungeon Adventure which features the boss "Pyrros Fard", a big fiery beast. You will need a minimum of 2100 GS (Gear Score) points to unlock MS2 Hard difficulty dungeons --if you still haven't, make sure to read our Gearing Guide!
Fire Dragon is a "hard dungeon" that most people farm for their first high GS items because it's arguably the easiest one but for someone that's just starting out it may be overwhelming. This MS2 Fire Dragon Guide will teach you everything you need to know about Pyrros Fard mechanics and strategies.

Table of contents

  1. Team Compositions
  2. Map Layout
  3. Pyrros Fard Skills
  4. Drops
  5. Trophies
  6. Video Guide
  7. Tips and Tricks

Fire Dragon (FD) Team Compositions

  • Priest
  • 3x DPS

This team setup is the safest one due to the fact you have a Priest who will heal you up whenever that is needed. Pyrros's skills stack burn damage on you and for inexperienced players that is usually an instant death, a Priest in this case helps a lot and you can pretty much tank all the hits even in the last phase.

  • Support Knight
  • 3x DPS

A team with a support Knight works great if you are well coordinated though I wouldn't recommend it over the Priest team.

  • 4x DPS

The 4 DPS team will shred through FD much faster than the previous teams but at the cost of tanking capabilities. This will require everyone in your team to be on point with their dodges and learn all of the Pyrros Fard spells.

Map Layout

Maplestory 2 Fire Dragon FD Pyrros Fard Hard Adventure Dungeon Map Layout

The two Blue X spots are safe for you to jump down to and they'll remove your Burn stacks.

Fire Dragon Pyrros Fard Skills

Maplestory 2 Fire Dragon FD Pyrros Fard Hard Adventure Dungeon

Burning - Passive which will stack ~80 fire damage per second on each enemy hit. Extremely deadly if you get 2 or 3 stacks because they will hit 160 or 240 damage PER SECOND for quite a long time. You can debuff it at the blue platforms in the left and right corners of the Phase 1 map.

Phase 1

Tail Smash

Pyrros Fard lifts his tail into the air, marks a cone on the map and slams it down with fire. This skill always hits 3 times but it never hits at the same spot. Each of these slams will deal damage and stun anyone that remains inside it.

Tail Swipe

Pyrros Fard moves his tail to the left of him, charging up a swipe that hits a large portion of the room for a LOT of damage, very deadly.

Fire Breath

Pyrros Fard opens his mouth and spits fire in an AoE, the attack faces randomly towards any of the party members.

Continuous Dash

Pyrros stands still and a red reticle with arrows will appear below 2 random players. These arrows mark the players that Pyrros Fard is trying to hit, he will then charge at one of the players and stop after a certain distance.

Quick Dash

Pyrros does a short roar and charges a short distance in front of him. Getting hit by this will knock the player up and stun them.

Jump Screech

Jumps in the air, after he lands a large tremor shakes the ground and Pyrros roars. This ability will stun for multiple seconds if hit. The tremor will destroy some of the dirt blocks on the map, allowing you to hide in there whenever Pyrros does his Laser Beam.

Laser Beam

Laser Beam is the deadliest spell in Pyrros's kit. He will stand up on his hind legs and a chat bubble saying "Grrr" will appear while facing his head to either the left or the right side. He starts to shoot a giant laser in a 180 degree angle. You can dodge this skill relatively easy by going into the holes mentioned earlier or to the left or the right side of the map. This skill one shots most classes.

Phase 2

Fire Breath

Same as Phase 1

Jump Screech

Also destroys the dirt blocks like in Phase 1, preparing you for Laser Beams.


The boss will stand up on his hind legs and start shooting fireballs at random people. After hitting an enemy, the fireball leaves a fire puddle that explodes after a certain duration, knocking the player and dealing a lot of damage.

Large Fire Breath

Pyrros Fard spins around in a circle after which he starts spewing fire which covers the whole map, be ready to tank it (1200 Health potions are great for this).

Laser Beam

He shoots the same Laser Beam as in Phase 1. He tends to Laser Beam quite a lot when he's under 500 thousand health so be prepared to run into a hole when he starts.

Fire Dragon Drops

  • Pyrros Fard's Gloves
  • Pyrros Fard's Ring
  • Murpagoth Warrior Weapon (these weapons have a great bonus effect that quadruples in Chaotic Raids--endgame content).
  • Magical Exquisite Top/Headgear/Bottoms/Gloves/Shoes
  • Absolute Earrings Fragment
  • Absolute Cape Fragment
  • Red Star
  • Gemstone and Gem Dust Box
  • Pyrros Fard Combat Pet

Fire Dragon Trophies

[supsystic-tables id=14]

Fire Dragon Video Guide

This MS2 video guide was made by Faviahn, you can see all the Pyrros Fard skill animations there and some additional FD strategies from him!

Fire Dragon Tips and Tricks

  • If you have burn damage stacks head over to the blue spots on the map to remove them.
  • Having a Priest who heals will allow you to easily tank through the Fire Breath spells in both phases, allowing you to stand on the same spot and just burst the boss down.
  • Do not attempt to tank the Laser Beam, always hide in the holes on the map.
  • Do not get hit by Tail Swipe.
  • Tail Smash is the best time to deal damage because you can dodge one cone and then you're sure you can stay on your current spot without getting hit with the other two.
  • Run Special Herbs as an Auto Pot feature on your pet whenever you are ~80% HP.
  • Get the highest possible Health Pots, preferably +1200 or +800.
  • If you know the Pyrros Fard (FD) boss mechanics you don't need to run any other special buff potions, leave them for Chaotic Raids and harder dungeons such as Balrog's.

How was your first FD experience? I remember dying over 5 times in my first run because I was lazy too look up a Fire Dragon Hard Dungeon guide, hopefully this one helped you!

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