Maplestory 2 Item Locations Guide

October 18, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Maplestory 2 Consumable, Pet, Mount, Book, Fish and Cosmetic Item Locations Guide

Our very handy Maplestory 2 Item Locations Guide is a compilation of MS2 Item, Fish, Mount, Dungeon Aestethics and Book locations. These items will be hard to find unless you use our Maplestory 2 Item Locations Guide because all these locations are not widely known. All of the spreadsheet data was composed by Jams (Jamallama).

Table of contents

  1. Consumable Item Locations
  2. Unknown Fish Locations
  3. Mount Locations
  4. Dungeon Aesthetic Drop Locations
  5. Book Locations
  6. Golden Treasure Chests

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Consumable Item Locations

These Maplestory 2 Consumable Item Locations are useful in case you need to finish a certain MS2 quest because most are part of daily missions.

Consumable nameConsumable locationConsumable drops from
Abyssal DNAShadow GateUndead Mobs
Baba FruitKabrium BasinCollecting from purple plants
Baba PowderBarrota PortSearching crates on the western side of the map
Captured Stone CrabbyBeachway 111Arming traps near the water
Combat rationsNorth Royal RoadMobs
Dubi gummiWoodwardMobs
Evil Eye PoopAnt Tunnel PlazaEvil Eyes
Experimental PotionGoldus PharmTerrohares
Fairy DewBoulderwhite MountainsTree Sprites
Glutamine TabletsShadow Gate
Collecting Blue Mushrooms near the Shadow Research Center, and processing them using the mixer inside
Golden ApplesLogger's HillGolden apple trees
Lava Eye TailsLava Eye Nest (Hotottot River)Jumping inside the hole at the top of the volcano
Pot of HoneyCrooked CanyonStealing honey from pots near Urza's den
Ripe Valley EnokiCrooked CanyonCollecting white mushrooms around the map
Rotten Valley EnokiCrooked CanyonBaby Boars
Slime BlobsAnywhere with slimesSlimes
Sweet LeafEllbo's HollowOrange crates

Unknown Fish Locations

Maplestory 2 Unknown Fish Locations are useful to all levels of Fishermen. You can check the fishing requirement level by clicking on the fish album and checking the level requirement in the top left.

Rank NeededWaterNameFish Location
Beginner ISaltwaterPinapple FishHarang Island
Beginner ISaltwaterStar Candy CrabHarang Island
Beginner IFreshwaterBroccoturtleTurtcoli Cave sub-map in Royal Plaza Road, entrance is next to the ladder in the south
Beginner IISaltwaterHorse MackerelVictoria Runway sub-map in Tria, or Spring Beach
Beginner IISaltwaterBlack DrumVictoria Runway sub-map in Tria, or Spring Beach
Beginner IISaltwaterTiger PrawnVictoria Runway sub-map in Tria, or Spring Beach
Intermediate IIUnique BiomeToxic FlounderDevelopment Lab sub-map in Goldus Pharmaceuticals
Indermediate IIUnique BiomeSorrowfishDevelopment Lab sub-map in Goldus Pharmaceuticals
Intermediate IIIUnique BiomeMachodileVan Corta dungeon
Advanced IIUnique BiomeSeahorusHorus' Nest dungeon, second instance
MasterSaltwaterMasked ParexusBlueshade Cave dungeon
MasterFreshwaterTreelacanthLudible Time Hall dungeon, take the time machine to Primeval Jungle or Past Henesys at the end
MasterUnique BiomePyromanderFire Dragon dungeon
MasterSaltwaterFootballfish(Unreleased) Chaos Morc
MasterUnique BiomeVilequillTemple of Immortals dungeon

Mount Locations

These Maplestory 2 Mount Item Locations are especially useful if you want to buy a certain Mount, because all require a specific MS2 Achievement or Quest to be finished in order to be able to do so.

Mount LocationMount NameAchievement NeededRequirement
TriaTamed Curse EyeIV. A Wrinkle in SpaceVisit the Pocket Realm through the Hat of Misdirection 300 times
TriaFerocious LupinIII. Master of Role SurvivorWin in Sole Survivor 100 times
TriaTamed LycaoIII. Master of Trap MasterWin in Trap Master 100 times
TriaTamed LilfangV. (Account) GrandmasterObtain 5 job master trophies
TriaTamed Frost LilfangN/AHave more than 20,000 guild trophies
TriaTamed Flame LilfangN/AHave more than 50,000 guild trophies
TriaTamed Fire GirantVIII. Pinching MesosPick up 50,000,000 mesos
Kerning CityTamed BuckyI. Spectrumwood AdventurerCompelte all exploration goals in Spectrumwood
Kerning CityTamed CerbeI. Silencing the CerbesDefeat 50 Cerbes in Fairy Tree Lake
HenesysInnocent BirkI. Henesys AdventurerComplete all exploration goals in Henesys
HenesysDocile Brown BirkII. Positively BeastlyDefeat 300 beast enemies
HenesysMischevious Dueling BirkII. Master of AdventureComplete 10 exploration goals
HenesysTamed Evil EyeIV. Positively BeastlyDefeat 1,000 beast enemies
PerionTamed Friller HatchlingI. Lizards of Trinket WoodsDefeat Friller or Friller Hatchling in Trinket Woods 50 times
PerionTamed Frillina HatchlingI. Lizard BreederCollect Tamed Friller Hatchling and Tamed Frillum Hatchling (Mounts)
PerionTamed Frillum HatchlingI. Lizards of Corona LakeDefeat Frillum or Frillum Hatchling in Corona Lake 50 times
PerionTamed HylicaoI. For the Peace of SpectrumwoodDefeat 100 enemies in Spectrumwood
QueenstownTamed FrillumII. A Questionable TransactionSpend 5,000 Treva*
QueenstownTamed Dark GirantIV. A Questionable TransactionSpend 30,000 Treva*
QueenstownTamed KerosV. Dark MoneyObtain 5,000 Treva*
QueenstownTamed Horned Purple ReaverVII. Dark MoneyObtain 30,000 Treva*

Please note that the Treva can be obtained by going through the Twisted Pocket Realm portals dropped by elite mobs in PvP areas (shown by red dots on the minimap), and completing the challenges found inside.

Dungeon Aesthetic Drop Locations

Dungeon Aesthetic Item locations are useful in case you want to farm a MS2 outfit, outfit fragments, or other aesthetic items that can come from dungeons.

Normal Dungeons

NameDungeon LocationLevel Requirement
Lycao HatCherry Blossom Forest16
Griffin HelmToxic Garden17
Grffina HelmGolden Tower 7F21
Griffina GauntletsGolden Tower 4F21
Griffina WingsGolden Tower Elevator21
Cerbe HatOperation Hen Rescue24
Gatekeeper HelmetPoison Cave26
Commander HornsVan Corta28
Griffina BootsTwinkling Path29
Devorak's HornsShadow Altar30
Final HelmetLast of the Vayara31
MK 52 Beta PropellerWarbot Rebellion32
Devorak's BootsPalace Undercroft34
Chaos HornsForest of Chaos35
Griffin WingsCusp of Life36
Oska Body Pillow (Mount)Watchtower Rampart37
Warrior HornsIgnicore38
Horus HelmHorus' Nest39
Papulatus' EarringsLudibrium Clock Tower40
Lo and Moomoo's HatMoonlight Fortress41
Rage HornsKatramus Depths43
Devorak's GlovesKatramus Heights43
MK 52 Alpha PropellerLudible Time Hall46
Horus WingsTesting Grounds47
Horus GauntletsRoot of Darkness48
Toh and Googoo's HatMuros Studio49

Hard Dungeons (2100+ Gear Score Requirement)

This is a list of some of the great Pet Locations in Hard Dungeons.

NameDungeon Location
Pyrros Fard (Combat Pet)The Fire Dragon
Kabo (Combat Pet)Labyrinthine Halls
Varrekant (Combat Pet)Lubelisk
Balrog (Combat Pet)Temple of Immortals
Nutaman (Combat Pet)Rune Temple
Kandura (Combat Pet)BeyondLink Tris

Book Locations

You will need to find some books to finish achievements or quests, as you can see most Book Item Locations are in the Tria Library and Besherel Magic Library.

NameBook LocationRetrieved FromAssociated Achievement
Geological PhenomenaTria Library, Besherel Magic LibrarySearching BookshelvesN/A
ADOREDECOR: Cake HouseTria LibrarySearching BookshelvesTrend-setter
Interior Vol. 1Tria LibrarySearching BookshelvesTrend-setter
Interior Vol. 2Tria LibrarySearching BookshelvesTrend-setter
Interior Vol. 3Tria LibrarySearching BookshelvesTrend-setter
Secrets of the LandTria Library, Besherel Magic LibrarySearching BookshelvesN/A
BEAUTY / Drs. Zenko & Dixon, PhDTria LibrarySearching BookshelvesBEAUTY / Drs. Zenko & Dixon, PhD
A Griffin's AdventureTria LibrarySearching BookshelvesA Griffin's Adventure
MS DECOR: Bed CollectionTria LibrarySearching BookshelvesTrend-setter
Heart of EarthTria Library, Besherel Magic LibrarySearching BookshelvesN/A
Hairstyle Vol. 1Tria Library, Beauty SalonSearching BookshelvesTrend-setter
Hephaestus Travel Guide Vol. 69Besherel Magic LibrarySearching BookshelvesHephaestus Travel Guide Vol. 69
Punky Pig's Big DayBesherel Magic LibrarySearching BookshelvesPunky Pig's Big Day
Ellinia's MonsterTorharra SpringsDrop from Dark GirantEllinia's Monster
Urza's DiaryCrooked CanyonDrop from Urza, or searching wooden chestsUrza's Diary
Observer's AccountKerning InterchangeMasked SwordsmanObserver's Account
Alikar Prison BrochureAlikarTalking to one of the prison guardsAlikar Prison Brochure
The Vanishing GirlFlora AvenueThe Vanishing GirlThe Vanishing Girl
Ibelin's Baby BookPoison Cave DungeonMinibossesNelph's Story
Nelph's DiaryPoison Cave DungeonMinibossesNelph's Story
Nelph's Crime JournalPoison Cave DungeonMinibossesNelph's Story
Raymon's DiaryPoison Cave DungeonMinibossesNelph's Story

Treasure Chest Locations

  •  Golden chests spawn every 10 minutes.
  • If you don't find the chest ,that means someone else already took it so switch your channel and try again.
  • The rewards you can expect after opening a golden chest are most of the time a small amount of Mesos, a rusted key and a crystal fragment!

Victoria Island

Level 1-8 Golden Treasure Chest Locations

「8 Chests 」 Royal Road Plaza
「8 Chests 」South Royal Road
「5 Chests 」Hushwood Vale
「2 Chests 」Crooked Canyon
「11 Chests 」North Royal Road

Level 10-15 Golden Treasure Chest Locations

「2 Chests 」Ludibrium Crater
「5 Chests 」Revoldic Dam
「3 Chests 」Kerning Interchange
「4 Chests 」Golden Tower 8F
「2 Chests 」Sylvan Woods Trail
「4 Chests 」Kerning Junkyard
「3 Chests 」Fairy Tree Lake
「2 Chests 」Barrota Shore
「2 Chests 」Lavaworks
「2 Chests 」Beachway 111
「3 Chests 」Boulderwhite Mountains
「3 Chests 」Noxious Grotto
「7 Chests 」Barrota Port

Level 16-20 Golden Treasure Chest Locations

「3 Chests 」Frost Heart
「9 Chests 」 Flora Avenue
「3 Chests 」Suffering Wasteland
「4 Chests 」Woodward
「4 Chests 」Enigma Arcade
「2 Chests 」Logger's Hill
「6 Chests 」Abandoned Charnel House
「7 Chests 」Spectrumwood

Level 21-25 Golden Treasure Chest Locations

「2 Chests 」Fellowstone Construction
「9 Chests 」Mounthill
「2 Chests 」Goldus Pharmaceuticals
「2 Chests 」Neuron DNA Research Site
「2 Chests 」Shadowgate
「3 Chests 」Andrea Barony
「11 Chests 」Trinian Crossing

Level 26-30 Golden Treasure Chest Locations

「2 Chests 」Ellin Grove
「3 Chests 」Ellbo's Hollow
「5 Chests 」Majore Lake Park
「7 Chests 」Trinket Woods
「3 Chests 」Hotottot River
「2 Chests 」Lava Eye Nest
「2 Chests 」Prism Falls
「3 Chests 」Razed Forest
「3 Chests 」Misty Temple
「3 Chests 」Stone Quarry
「3 Chests 」Stonehill Digsite
「3 Chests 」Paruvan Plateau
「3 Chests 」Bonebridge Worksite
「3 Chests 」Windsong Ravine

Level 31-35 Golden Treasure Chest Locations

「2 Chests 」Baum Tree
「3 Chests 」West Watchtower
「5 Chests 」Forgotten Keep
「2 Chests 」Molten Hourglass
「2 Chests 」Ant Tunnel Entrance
「7 Chests 」West Wind Hill
「5 Chests 」Picchu Picchu Gardens
「4 Chests 」Henesys Docks
「3 Chests 」Precipice Fortress
「3 Chests 」Sweetskirts
「2 Chests 」Forest of Lost Memories
「2 Chests 」Ant Tunnel Plaza
「3 Chests 」Sweet Tooth Valley
「3 Chests 」Verdant Heights
「3 Chests 」Corona Lake
「4 Chests 」Lava Springs
「8 Chests 」Great Ellin Tree
「9 Chests 」Moonglow Forest
「3 Chests 」Forest of Life
「3 Chests 」Godspring

Level 36-40 Golden Treasure Chest Locations

「5 Chests 」 Sand Dunes
「3 Chests 」 Besherel Magic Library
「3 Chests 」 Breezy Hills
「3 Chests 」 Ellua Forest Path
「6 Chests 」 Ellin Ruins
「2 Chests 」 Greenia Falls
「3 Chests 」 Ellua Riverside
「7 Chests 」 Fungeeburg Stump
「3 Chests 」 Reflection Castle
「3 Chests 」 Twilight Moon Castle
「4 Chests 」 Silent Ferry
「3 Chests 」 Caustic Garden
「4 Chests 」 Rainbow Mountain
「9 Chests 」 Ellosylva
「2 Chests 」 Ludibrium Crevasse
「6 Chests 」 Tidepool Cliffs
「4 Chests 」 Cheliska Bay
「2 Chests 」 Overtop Beanstalk
「8 Chests 」 Barbosa Beach
「2 Chests 」 Clock Tower Square
「3 Chests 」 Rose Castle
「3 Chests 」 Tortuga Seaside Cliff

Level 41-45 Golden Treasure Chest Locations

「3 Chests 」 Slumberland
「5 Chests 」 Muros Media Park
「4 Chests 」 Red Wall
「8 Chests 」 Whistler Cliffs
「3 Chests 」 Pigming Tribe Altar
「7 Chests 」 Wolfclaw Canyon
「4 Chests 」 Ludi Station
「7 Chests 」 Highcliff Temple
「6 Chests 」 Kerning Techno Valley
「11 Chests 」 Kolopua Crag
「3 Chests 」 Ludi Fantasia
「5 Chests 」 Macaroon Acres
「3 Chests 」 Raptor Dive Pass
「6 Chests 」 Chronoff Train Station
「5 Chests 」 Frostbunny Park
「6 Chests 」 Fractured Canyon
「6 Chests 」 Magma Research Station
「6 Chests 」 Skyreach Pass
「5 Chests 」 Berrysweet Castle
「3 Chests 」 Harrot Hill
「4 Chests 」 Ludi Arcade
「4 Chests 」 Celimental Test Bunker
「3 Chests 」 Karnif's Fang

Level 46-50 Golden Treasure Chest Locations

「7 Chests 」 MSL Electronics Institute
「4 Chests 」 MSL Factory
「5 Chests 」 Ant Tunnel Passage
「5 Chests 」 Kernel Energy Research
「5 Chests 」 Frostember Void
「2 Chests 」 MSL Robot Dev Center
「3 Chests 」 Lavaluna Cave
「3 Chests 」 Ludition Carnival
「10 Chests 」 Cave of Eternity
「6 Chests 」 Lava Crest
「5 Chests 」 Steamerbrook
「3 Chests 」 Water Supply Center
「6 Chests 」 Magma Gorge
「4 Chests 」 Wailing Mine
「2 Chests 」 Magma Trail
「5 Chests 」 Phantoma Cyborg Center

Level 51-60 Golden Treasure Chest Locations

「3 Chests 」 Frozencrest
「5 Chests 」 Snowscarf Haven
「5 Chests 」 Frostpeak Mountain
「3 Chests 」 Crystalfrost Wall
「6 Chests 」 Igloo Hill
「3 Chests 」 Expedition Base
「3 Chests 」 Aurora Laboratory
「3 Chests 」 Lulu Village
「2 Chests 」 Forsaken Field
「4 Chests 」 Lion's Gate

If you found any other useful locations feel free to post them in the comments below so we can add them to this Maplestory 2 Item Location Guide.

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