Maplestory 2 Shadow Altar Guide

December 4, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Maplestory 2 Chaos Raid Shadow Altar Devorak Guide

The Shadow Altar is a Chaos Raid which features the mighty Devorak. Shadow Altar has a requirement of 4500 gear score in order for a player to enter it. The Shadow Altar Chaos Raid itself is considered the easiest out of the three but it does have quite a few of things to be careful about. This MS2 Chaos Raid Shadow Altar guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to beat Devorak and claim his riches! The information found in this guide was written by Rubix.

Table of contents

  1. Description
  2. Map Layout
  3. Phases
  4. Tips and Tricks

Shadow Altar Description

The Chaos Devorak dungeon fight is usually around 15 minutes long with a proper team. Chaos Devorak drops quite good loot and is your only way of reaching the higher gear scores to be able to enter the other Chaos raids.

Shadow Altar Map Layout

Maplestory 2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Map Layout

Shadow Altar Devorak Phases

Basic Strategy Rundown of Shadow Altar

Maplestory 2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Strategy

Follow sequence of numbers

Maplestory 2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Devorak Strategy

Adds: Noted by the "X"

Phase 1

Devorak swings his mace, leaving 2 patches of Yellow AoE explosions. He randomly jumps to a target and leaves a puddle where he lands. Chaos Devorak also has a small AoE knockback of 3-4m.
Adds: Fire or Ice elemental Adds will spawn periodically. Mages are ideal to kill them as you need the opposite element in order to kill them.

  • 100-93% (HP)
    1. Shadows will target 4 furthest characters.
    2. Dodge yellow aoe. Will 1 HIT KO.
    3. Punches to leave purple AOE. Drains Spirit. (Less DPS uptime)Maplestory 2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Phase 1 Devorak Drain
    4. At 93%, will try AOE on platform. Either get off platform or have Knight defend it in a group formation.
    5. TP time.

Phase 2

Same abilities as phase 1, except Chaos Devorak will now fire a laser and rotate slowly.

  • 93-75% (HP)
    1. TP to right platform
    2. If he moves to center of platform, Devorak shoots a laser. Either CW or CCW. Just be behind boss. If unable to get behind, jump in purple pool (last choice).
    3. Will punch ground more after laser. Try to place them on outside part of map.
    4. Healing adds top right.
      1. Must kill ASAP. Use Heavy Gunner or Runeblade or Assassin. (has best vertical attacks). If none, have to parkour up to kill. Recommend using RB’s dash attack. Will one shot both with one skill.Maplestory 2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Phase 2 Devorak Adss
    5. Center pool adds.
      1. Use Knight to bring them in. Drag adds to boss platform for less travel time and more DPS uptime.
      2. Wizard or Runeblade. MUST HAVE ICE AND FIRE SKILLED. (Archers lose a lot if spec’d for this)
      3. Adds will either be Fire or Ice based as mentioned earlier.
      4. Adds have big AOE damage thing.Maplestory 2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Phase 2 Devorak Adds AoE

Phase 3

  • 75-55% (HP)
    1. TP to left platform.
    2. More adds on top left. (Deal with same way.)Maplestory 2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Phase 3 Devorak guide
    3. Potion debuff.
      1. Priest has to heal now. Better to have 2. Otherwise a lot of people are going to die and/or stress one priest out.Maplestory 2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Devorak Debuffs
    4. Still lasers and ground debuffs.
      1. Laser is much faster in rotation.
      2. Devorak will change directions randomly.

Phase 4

  • 55-40%
      1. TPs to center.
      2. Will suck everyone in. DODGE GROUND DEBUFFS. THEY ARE STILL THERE.
      3. Laser in CCW motion. Targets one person to start at. This person must separate from group.
      4. Recommended to start bottom left in-between stairs and make your way right.Maplestory 2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Devorak Phase 4 Recommended Strategy
      5. Then Devorak teleports to Bottom platform
      1. Keep DPSing.
      2. Will TP to sides to laser. It is just a straight forward line that will turn left or right.Maplestory 2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Devorak Phase 4 TpMaplestory 2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Devorak Phase 4 Tp laser

Phase 5

  • 40-15%
    1. Devorak will TP to the right OR the left platform.
    2. RARE chance for laser.
    3. Keep DPSing and dealing with mobs.
    4. Switches platforms around 40sec mark.

Phase 6

  • 15-Win
    1. TPs to bottom.
    2. At ~10% will TP to center to suck you in. Deal same way.
    3. Rinse and repeat.

Shadow Altar Tips and Tricks

  • Shadows is a thing entire fight. Just be aware. MUST DODGE. you will have a red mark under you (99% hp hit)Maplestory 2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Devorak Tips and Tricks Shadow
  • When the Devorak is teleporting he will jump, on way down, GRAB to tp with him. or receive a dps debuff.
  • Purple pool will give you a huge DPS Debuff so avoid standing in it. Make sure to grab boss when TPing. Will ruin maximized DPS and it is a timed run. So pay attention!Maplestory 2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Devorak Tips and Tricks guide

What was your first Chaos Raid like? If you haven't had luck beating one yet, I'm sure that after reading our Ms2 Shadow Altar Chaos Raid Guide you will have better knowledge of Chaos Devorak mechanics and how to beat him. If you have any other questions leave them in the comments below!

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