Maplestory 2 Soul Binder Build Guide

December 4, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Maplestory 2 Soul Binder Build Guide

Soul Binder is the 11th class added to the game (10th on CMS2 and GMS2). It was originally released in KMS2 August 11th 2016 and CMS2 December 7th 2017. It will release in NA/EU on December 6/7th 2018. Soul Binder is a hybrid DPS+Support that focuses on heavy burst and debuffing mobs, with shields and some healing as support. This MS2 Soul Binder Build Guide will teach you how to build your Soul Binder character and play efficiently to clear through all the content Maplestory 2 has to offer. Big thanks to Tabi for writing this guide and making it available to the whole MS2 community!

Table of contents

  1. Intro
  2. Skills
  3. Attribute Points
  4. Gear
  5. Builds

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Soul Binder Intro

The MS2 Soul Binder class is a Martial Artist that shares gear with Striker. SB is a burst heavy class that is heavily starved for Skill Points at early levels. It’s damage can be considered B Tier early on, with A+ after Awakening.
Soul Binder uses unique animation cancelling as well as a Skill Boost system similar to Dark Arts from Dark Knight FFXIV to empower skills. With animation locks, reliant on boss positioning and facing, I would rate SB difficulty 4/5. Note the only class I find harder is Thief (also 4/5) and Striker (the only 5/5). **my personal opinions**
While SB can heal and support, it functions better as offensive with some optional support. It is not as strong as priest overall as a pure support, but in 4 mans and other content it performs fine.
In PvP situations Soul Binders are pretty nasty to fight against. Shields that scale off HP%, high mobility and burst. A good Soul Binder will tear you to shreds.

Soul Binder Skills

Mantra Cores

Mantra Cores are the bread and butter mechanic that is exclusive to SB.  They function as a buff for several of our skills. You can hold a maximum of 4 orbs at any given time and they are generated through only the following 2 methods.

Mantra ArrayCharges up orbs, 1 at a time.  Restores 12SP
Narubashan Unleashed60 Sec CD
Creates a Mantra Core every 4 (0.5) seconds for 20 (22) seconds.  Cannot exceed 4 total orbs. Orbs generated by this skill do NOT restore SP

Empowered Abilities
By using Mantra Cores, we are able to greatly enhance many of the skills at our disposal, changing the raw damage, adding additional effects or attacks, or even making our support skills more party oriented.  They are listed below (values are taken from KMS2 Client and will be updated for GMS2.

Expansion Blast4 SP // 8 Sec CD
625% (1031%) Damage
Hits 8 Mobs
Travels 7.5m
+20%/sec Elec Damage 3s
4 SP // 16 Sec CD
1286% Damage
Hits 8 Mobs
Travels 7.5m
+20%/sec Elec Damage 3s
Additional Explosion at end of path, 1191% Damage
1.5m Radius of Explosion
Shooting Star4 SP // 8 Sec CD
242% (403%) Damage
3 x Stars
(726% -> 1209%)
Hits 5 Mobs
2.25m Radius of hit
4 SP // 12 Sec CD
403% Damage
Upto 7 Stars (+1 per orb)
(2821% Damage)
Hits 5 Mobs
2.25m Radius of Hit
Energy Surge5 SP // 16 Sec CD
298% (528%) Damage
0.3 (1.2) Sec Stun
Travels 8m
5 SP // 16 Sec CD
528% Damage
1.2 Sec Stun
Travels 8m
Hits 5 times (2640%)
Electric Energy
15 SP // 10 Sec CD
44% (77%) Damage
7.5m Radius
1% (10%) Defense Debuff*
~10 Sec Duration
1% (10%) MvSpeed Debuff
~10 Sec Duration
15 SP // 30 Sec CD
44% (77%) Damage
7.5m Radius
1% (10%) Defense Debuff*
~30 Sec Duration
1% (10%) MvSpeed Debuff
~30 Sec Duration
Light Barrier12 SP // 1 Sec CD
10% (37%) HP Shield
4 Second Duration
Self Only
12 SP // 1 Sec CD
10% (37%) HP Shield
4 Second Duration
6 Allies
3m Radius
Healing Bond12 SP //
85% (130%) Healing4 allies3m Radius
236% Healing10 Allies

Soul Binder Attribute Points

ACC (Up to Content) > Piercing (30%) > Magic Piercing (upto 16.6%) > Bonus Damage (up to 36.6%) > Magic Attack > Bonus Damage (>36.6%) > Intelligence
Attack Speed = 110% or Greater (see below)
Health > All other Secondary Stats
NOTE: I will not be going into math of all stats. Most of it is known in other guides, i.e. how much accuracy do you need, why is Piercing good. What I will include is how it is relevant to SB and SB only.
Soul Binder follows the standard stat priority for ranged damage dealers with notes below.
Bonus Damage - You should prioritize RANGED damage over BOSS damage as all of our abilities are LONG RANGE. Ranged > Boss. The only element that we deal is ELECTRICITY, however the damage is on 1 skill and is minimal increase.
The actual breakpoint for Bonus Damage > or < Magic Attack will depend on your current stats. At 36.6%, each 1 point of Boss damage is a 0.64% (3.84% if max roll of +6%) Damage gain, whereas at standard Magic Attack, +1 gives 0.317 (3.80% if max roll of +12 with 315 Magic Attack).
Attack speed is a stat you want to hit specific breakpoints on Soul Binder, and you should plan for those breakpoints.
110% Attack Speed breakpoint - This is because Mantra core charging has an animation lock cast. This negates that cast which allows you to more fluidly cast your rotation with minimal interruption. Every SB should aim for this stat regardless of build.
Depending on your primary damage filler, attack speed varies as well for your breakpoints based off the animation of the skill. SB attacks fast, so the rate at which you gain an extra attack in a rotation is exceptionally high similar to HG. These breakpoints change based off your ping and are an approximation. All breakpoints start at 0% additional ASPD.
If using Ray Storm - Breakpoints are every 15% past 0%
If using Chain Explosion - Breakpoints are every 25% past 0% (approx. will need more testing to confirm)
SB utilizes 2 separate stats for support: Magic Attack and Health.
Since the Shield is based off the SB’s HP pool (10%-37%), it is recommended to stack health. For Armor, if you have the extra meso’s to reroll, consider locking your primary damage and going for Health.

Soul Binder Gear

Gearing a Soul Binder is similar to other ranged classes.

The most common thing we will see in chat is “Which Weapon should I use?” I am going to simplify it for you.
MSL > Murpagoth **update coming**
Stats also seem to be thrown around. To simplify this one you have to decide 1 thing, are you going to use Magic Pierce on Pet?
YES - Pierce 3.2% (MAX) + Bonus Damage (Total 3.0%/Boss 3.2%) (MAX)
NO - Pierce 3.2% (MAX) + Magic Piercing (8.4% - 11.2%) (Any %)
If you do not want math, skip however it will be simplified.
MSL provides 18% magic damage increase over 20 seconds with a 24 second CD. This is roughly 83.3% up time. Using that info alone we can deduce that the damage gain is roughly 15% damage.
Murpagoth provides a 36% Magic Attack increase over 11 seconds with a 24 second CD. This is roughly 45.8% up time. Using that info with no other buffs, we can deduce that the damage gain is roughly 16.5% damage.
So why do we choose MSL over Murp? This is simply because Soul Binder has 2 burst windows happening every 8-9 seconds. With Murp you cannot fit more than 1 burst window properly before your other bursts are not affected. MSL allows us to maintain higher rate of return on the buff with our burst windows with minimal buff management, and because it has a higher up time, it benefits our attack speed more by allowing even more attacks in the window.
**I had wrong CDs of skills due to me not being able to read foreign languages properly. When you use certain abilities with mantra cores, it updates the CD as well as the damage. When I get the accurate information, I will adjust this to share about the complicated Murpa vs MSL. Even if the above is adjusted from CD being easier to choose, I still believe MSL is a far less strict window for those that do not want to min max, but we are talking about trying to be the best SB. Will update prior to launch!**
Kandura’s > 5% APSD / 4% Pierce Absolute*
With Caveats
4%+ Boss Damage Helm > Varrekant’s Horns > All other helms
5% APSD / 4% Pierce Absolute > Varrekant’s Wings > All other Absolute

Soul Binder Builds

Offensive cookie-cutter Soul Binder build

This build should be fine for all the content in the game, it's a straightforward build that should be fine for Soul Binder beginners but please note that the class itself is hard to play and you won't have an easy time leveling it.
Maplestory 2 Soul Binder Offensive Cookie Cutter Build Guide
This build should be used in solo play and 4 man content.  It can also be used in Chaos Raid environment should your damage be significantly higher than your allies (AKA #1 Damage).  
Rotation is based off the 1 minute Liberation Cooldown.
Pre pull 4Mantra Core - Liberation - Shooting Star - Ray Storm - Energy Stream - Flash Strike - Ray Storm - Expansion Ball - Ray Storm (continued on next page)
Priority is going to be based on utilizing your 4Mantra Core charge.
Damage Priority:
Energy Stream* > Shooting Star* > Expansion Ball* > Flash Strike
*Mantra Empowered Skills.


Maplestory 2 Soul Binder Support Chaos Raid Build Guide
There is a lot going on in this build but allow me to explain. The reason why this build could be considered is the same reason why SB suffers so much from lower level: Limited Skill Points. In choosing to do an EED Build, you are trying to sacrifice personal Damage for the overall Damage of the raid.
Static Flash - Deals 44% (71%) damage upto 8 enemies. Reduces Defense of mobs by 1% (10%). This skill DOES STACK with Knight’s Shield Toss on GMS2!
As we can see, you are providing a 10% defense reduction that is stacking with the Knights. Because of this the damage you are providing is significant, in fact, more than 10%. This is because the established multiplier for Defense is 1/Defense.
The following example will use the established Chaos Devorak Defense (although you can use any value)
Base Defense 681 - Total Defense Multiplier = 1/681 = 0.00146
KN Defense 637.4 (681*0.936) - 1/637 = 0.00157 = ~7.53% increase from base
SB Defense 612.9 (681*0.9) - 1/620 = 0.00163 = ~11.64% increase from base
KN + SB Defense 573.6 (681*0.9*0.936) - 1/574 = 0.00174 ~19.18% increase from base
What these numbers mean is it will take your damage and multiply it by those values as a multiplier to determine your final output. Keep in mind this is part of a very complex and long formula to determine your final result.
Unfortunately with our limited skill points our personal damage will drop quite significantly, resulting in a loss that I estimate to be upwards of 25%. However without extensive testing, I cannot confirm the exact amount you will lose, but in time I will find that number.
So is it worth it to increase damage that much? Assuming you lose 25% damage, your output will be 75%. Adding in the 19% increase, your personal damage should sit comfortably at about 89.25% of the previous spec. Even if we lowball to 66%, you would still have 78.54% of your primary damage. But the rest of your party is gaining upwards of 19% damage, 11.65% of it specifically from you.
My overall suggestion is unless you are drastically above the 7~8 other Damage Dealers in your Chaos raids, this spec is optimal.
Rotation is based off the 1 minute Narubashan Unleashed Cooldown.
Prepull 4Mantra Core - Narubashan Unleashed - Shooting Star - Radiant Salvo - Energy Surge - Flash Strike - Radiant Salvo - Expansion Blast - Radiant Salvo
Non Narubashan Unleashed Cooldown.
Priority is going to be based on utilizing your 4Mantra Core charge.
Damage Priority:
Energy Surge* > Shooting Star* > Expansion Blast* > Flash Strike
*Mantra Empowered Skills.
ANIMATION CANCELLING on Soul Binder is slightly different than other classes. The main skill to Animation Cancel is Shooting Star. When you cast it, as soon as the first star is born, simply use Illusion to dodge and begin Ray Storm spamming. This can also be used carefully with other long skills such as Flash Strike and Energy Stream to reduce the animation lock, but those skills, similar to Wizard’s Flame Tornado, must complete the damage before you cancel or you will lose the CD.
**ARROWVULCAN SITE - I have decided to add that there are some discrepancies involving this and potentially other sites which display some tooltip errors. Those include Energy Stream needing 3 points into Split Barrier and the tooltip itself for Energy Stream. Please see the following for the accurate tooltip for ES.**
Energy Stream - SP Cost 10 // CD 16 Sec // Deals 298% (445%) damage upto 8 enemies. Stuns enemies for 0.3 (1.0) seconds. Empowered by Mantra Cores. **Requires 3 points into Cyclone Bomber, not Split Barrier**
Electric Energy Discharge - Deals 44% (68%) damage up to 8 enemies. Reduces Defense of mobs by 1% (10%). This skill DOES STACK with Knight’s Shield Throw on KMS2. Will find out about CMS2. Is it worth putting points into? Will update asap!
Split Barrier - Places a shield equal to 10% (37%) of your maximum health. Does not stack with similar effects. CONSUMES ALL MANTRA CORES!
Liberation - Just an FYI for this skill, the orbs generated by this skill do NOT restore SP. It is very easy to become SP starved during this CD.

Hopefully you have found this Maplestory 2 Soul Binder build guide useful. If you have any questions feel free to leave them down below or contact Tabi on NA West!

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