Maplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide

October 21, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Maplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide

This Maplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide is focused on fast, painless trophy gathering, and general trophy knowledge. Many people need help with reaching 500 trophies for the skill point reward. For this Maplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide we are going to assume you are level 50, have completed the epic quest line, and have access to rotors taxi service (if you don’t, regular taxis are fine too). Some things such as mainline story quest trophies may not be included. The general amount of MS2 trophies you should have from playing casually without active trophy hunting should be around 200-250. The information for this Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide was compiled by Doom and Odee with the goal of helping players reach 300 and 500 Personal Trophies as fast as possible.
*Note: if you're searching for something specific, try CTRL+F to find it.

Table of contents

  1. Home Trophies
  2. Thrown Item Trophies
  3. Book Trophies
  4. Life Skill Trophies
  5. Boss Trophies
  6. Dungeon Trophies
  7. Quest Trophies
  8. Consumable Item Trophies
  9. Miscellaneous Trophies

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Home Trophies

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide Rankings
Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide Treadmil

There are trophies for interacting with certain items inside homes. Each of these items net one trophy, and there are (at the time of writing this) 40+ attainable trophies. 
The best way of acquiring these would be to go to the rankings in-game, going to the star architect section and visiting a trophy house.
When you look for which items are interactable, they’ll usually be in rows. All you need to do is go through all the items and press space to operate them, and the trophy for that item will be yours.

Don’t forget to nominate the person you’ve visited!

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide nominate

People also set up AFK systems for the various moving trophies (walking, swimming, climbing). They’re really helpful if you want a few extra trophies while you sleep or AFK. If you aren’t looking to be an avid trophy hunter and just care about getting the skill point, then I wouldn’t bother messing with those things. Since they aren’t the fastest way of getting trophies, I won’t include anything else on them.

Thrown Item Trophies

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide thrown items

All around the maple world, there are Items that can be interacted with, and can be used to attack. There are more than 30 that each give an achievement, all you need to do is attack with them once. You do not need to hit a monster for this to count.
Here, I’ll list all of the items that can be used, and where to find them, along with a screenshot of what they look like.
Note: I’ll only be including one map in which they can be found. There are multiple places where you can find many of these, but for convenience’s sake, I’ll only include one.
In no particular order, I tried to make it so you visit the least maps possible.

ItemFound InPicture
Rainbow TreeRevoldic DamMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Rainbow Tree
Kerning Phone BoothRevoldic DamMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Kerning Phone Booth
StoplightKerning InterchangeMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Stoplight
TiresKerning InterchangeMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Tires
Toxic Waste DrumGolden Tower 8F
(Located in Kerning Interchange)
PipeGolden Tower 8F
(Located in Kerning Interchange)
Maplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Pipe
Fire DrumKerning JunkyardMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Fire Drum
Gas TankKerning JunkyardMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Gas Tank
SignKerning Techno ValleyMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Sign
Telephone PoleKerning Techno ValleyMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Telephone Pole
Ruined Rainbow TreeFlora AvenueMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Ruined Rainbow Tree
Trash CanFlora AvenueMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Trash Can
Kerning TruckKernel Energy ResearchMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Kerning Truck
Oak BarrelStone QuarryMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Oak Barrel
Shower StallStone QuarryMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Shower Stall
Dynamite CartStone QuarryMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Dynamite Cart
Mine CartAnt Tunnel PlazaMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Mine Cart
BombsAnt Tunnel PlazaMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Bombs
TorchFrostpeak MountainMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Torch
IglooFrostpeak MountainMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Igloo
Bottle CrateCellimental Test BunkerMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Bottle Crate
EMP BombCellimental Test BunkerMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Emp Bomb
Wind-Up BombLudi Arcade
 Maplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Giftwrapped TerrorsWhile you’re here, kill 10 Giftwrapped Terrors for 2 achievements.
Maplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Wind Up Bomb
SnakesNazkar Main HallMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Snakes
Fire JarNazkar Main HallMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Fire Jar
TentRedsand HillsMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Tent
Bundle of ThornsRedsand HillsMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Bundle Of Thorns
Poison BagRedsand HillsMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Poison Bag
TotemKarnif’s FangMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Totem
Perion AbodeKarnif’s FangMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Perion Abode
TotemHotottot RiverMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Totem 2
Chicken CoopEllua RiversideMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Chicken Coop
EggsEllua RiversideMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Eggs
Kerning BusMuros Media ParkMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Kerning Bus
ToiletThe Deck SkateparkMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Toilet
StreetlightThe Deck SkateparkMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Streetlight

Book Trophies

In libraries and other places, you can pick up books that will give you trophies. Some books are more rare than others, but generally you’ll find all of them within 5-10 minutes. If you don’t feel like spending the time to do this, you can also buy the books from the black market and get the trophies. Some (2) of the trophies are set trophies, so you’ll get a trophy for collecting all of the ones in the set. 

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide book trophies
Note: The trophies are only obtained through getting the books yourself, or the mailbox. The trophies cannot be obtained from acquiring the books through storage or picking them up when dropped by another player.
Obtained InBook(s)
Tria LibraryInterior Vol .1
Interior Vol. 2
Interior Vol. 3
MS Decor: Bed Collection
BEAUTY / Drs. Zenko & Dixon, PhD
A Griffin’s Adventure
Besherel Magic LibraryHephaestus Travel Guide Vol. 69
Punky Pig’s Big Day
Ellinia’s Monster
Beauty Salon
(Talk to Jane on the left)
Hairstyle Vol. 1
Crooked Canyon
(Chance drop from Urza, or Wooden Chest behind Urza)
Urza’s Diary
Kerning Interchange
(Chance drop from Masked Enemies)
Observer’s Account
(Talk to the first Prison Guard you see)
Alikar Prison Brochure
Flora Avenue
(Chance drop from Madonette)
The Vanishing Girl
Poison Cave Dungeon
(Set Trophy)
Nelph’s Diary
Nelph’s Crime Journal
Raymon’s Diary
Ibelin’s Baby Book
Trinian Crossing
Flight Of The Pig

Life Skill Trophies

Life Skills, aside from crafting things, also give trophies for each level up you get. Since there are 10 categories of life skills, you’ll get an achievement for every time one of these levels up. Ignore pet taming mastery if you’re solely going for the trophies here.
Since they’re pretty fast on leveling up early on, you can get a big amount of trophies from this for a few minutes of your time. This isn’t a MS2 Life Skills guide, so I won’t really go into detail. Life skills are pretty simple anyway. Keep up the life skills daily, and you’ll find yourself sitting on a stack of life skill level trophies.
Make sure you’re getting the 1100 points for your interior design level, you can just put down furniture for the 1100 points and take them away after claiming the box if you have an A E S T H E T I C you’re going for.

Boss Trophies

Elite Bosses and World Bosses all give trophies for being defeated. World bosses in particular give trophies for being last hit. Elite bosses can be soloed, world bosses will have to be done with other players. Together, these account for about 40+ Trophies.
*Make sure you stick around after killing Lo and Moomoo or Toh and Googoo, Lo and Toh spawn after the big guy is killed.
*Some MS2 bosses give trophies for being hit by specific attacks.
I’ll list the Elite bosses here (not including dungeon ones), and where they can be found. You can find MS2 World Boss spawn locations and schedule on our Leveling Guide.
World Bosses can be found on the main map by their icon Maplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide World Boss Icon.
Elite Bosses can be found on the minimap by their icon Maplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide World Boss Minimap.

Elite BossFound In


Royal Road PlazaMaplestory 2 Trophy Guide turtcoli

Guard Boss ChawKerning Interchange
Nyxie and EpiFairy Tree Lake
MadonetteFlora Avenue
UrzaCrooked Canyon
VarahaAndrea Barony

Neuron DNA Research Center Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide frankenette

King Slime
*Special trophies:
Get shrunk, Get trapped in water prison
LertaFrostember Void
*Special trophy: Get spat on (x1, x100, x1000)
Greenia Falls
Molten KnightBerrysweet Castle
Monty de CarroLudition Carnival

Henesys (Stranger’s House) Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide mushmom

Zombie MushmomAnt Tunnel Entrance
TraurosKolopua Krag
StumpySweet Tooth Valley
Revenant ZombieLogger’s Hill (Abandoned Charnel House) Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide revenant zombie
Dark GirantTorhara Spring
Giant Lava Eye

Hotottot River (Lava Eye Nest) Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide giant lava eye

UrskaKernel Energy Research
UrpandaRainbow Mountain
Summoner LatunRose Castle
Ninecap CopperChronoff Train Station

Dungeon Trophies

Most of the dungeons in this game have trophies for clearing them. Some dungeons have extra trophies for clearing other objectives in them. I won’t go through clearing the other objectives, since some aren’t the fastest trophies to get here. You can use the trophy search for more details on the dungeon you’re looking for (be sure to do this before starting any dungeon, so you don’t miss out on any potential trophies). In total these will amount to 50+ Trophies.
Since we currently have a daily and weekly dungeon cap, you’ll want to do these after you’ve capped for the day or week, or else you’ll take up a potential good reward from a useful dungeon. Or just use your runs regardless of cap. I’m not your boss.
Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide dungeon trophies

Quest Trophies

There are quests that have trophies tied to them. To easily see where you have to go, in your trophies menu search up “quest” and complete all the quests that have a clickable link. These links will open up the quest log with the appropriate quest selected. Use this to guide you to where you need to go. 

Consumable Item Trophies

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide minigame seller
Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide consumable trophies
Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide consumables

There are many consumable things that you can use to gain trophies. Some of these can be obtained from fishing boxes. Some can be obtained from Cooking and Beverage assistant crafting, which I have no experience in (because I don’t have the merets for it). I’ll list the ones that can be obtained without merets.
The reason this is down here is because the most efficient way of gaining them is through mesos, and if you’re not willing to put down around 2-3 mil to get all of them, you can reliably just skip this part.
There is an exception for some of the items, because some of them are cheaper than others. Mostly depends on method of acquisition or the current black market price going for them.
Punch in Lith Harbor sells 3 juices that give 1 achievement each.
Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide juice
Charoo, found on the left side of the Trap Master or Sole Survivor minigames sells 4 consumables that can be used for 1 trophy each.Unfortunately, you’ll have to have lost the minigames to access him. 

The craft shop found in most main cities sells 3 berries that give 1 achievement for consuming each, and 1 for consuming all 3 (Increments of x1, x50, x100, x500, x1000). Totals up to 20 Trophies. 

Black Market/Fishing Box Items
If you’re free on the mesos side, and want a decent amount of trophies, this is for you. Just purchase the cheapest ones you can find from the black market and use them. (Increments of x1, x50, x100, x500, x1000) I wouldn’t recommend buying more than one though.
A few of these can also be obtained from the current Mapleopoly event if you land on Treasure Trove.

Total 20 Trophies

Attention GrabberMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Attention Grabber
Guard WhistleMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Guard Whistle
Volatile Mixture
Terry’s Sailing ChartMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Terrys Sailing Chart
Barbecue SpitMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Barbecue Spit
Big Sweep BroomMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Big Sweep Broom
Spring VineMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Spring Vine
Solvay Hacking KitMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Solvay Hacking Kit
Kitty Smoke BombMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Kitty Smoke Bomb
Erryday Rest-o-maticMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Erryday Rest o matic
Flowing Water ScrollMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Flowing Water Scroll
Growth EnhancerMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Growth Enchancer
SpotlightMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Spotlight
Fairy DustMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Fairy Dust
Campfire KitMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Campfire Kit
FireworksMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Fireworks
Mika FanartMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Mika Fanart
Tea Leaf JarMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Tea Leaf Jar
Eka’s Flute WhistleMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Ekas Flute Whistle
Mystery Cucumber CocktailMaplestory 2 Ultimate Trophy Guide Mystery Cucumber Cocktail
Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide adventurer food box

At some point during the leveling process, you get an adventurer food box that gives these 4 consumables that give 1 trophy each.

Miscellaneous Trophies

Trophy Hunting Tips

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide tips

Turn on friendly NPCs on the minimap to make things easier for yourself. You can mouse over the icons on the minimap to see what they are.

Pressing on the + sign will show you all the prerequisite trophies you need to get the set trophies. You can hover over the trophy icons to see what tiers the trophies go up to, and click on the prerequisites to see what you need to do in order to gain that trophy.
Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide questMaplestory 2 Trophy Guide strategy
You can also favorite trophies and filter them by favorite in the dropdown menu in order to keep up with specific trophies  you’re trying to do. Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide tricks

For trophies I couldn’t fit into the other misc categories.

Crawl 100m (Press . to crawl)
Open a Wooden Chest (x1, x100, x500, x1000, x10000)
Open a Golden Chest (x1, x10, x50, x100, x500)

Speaking to NPCs

Just talk to them and you’ll get a trophy.
Chee the Caterpillar - Trinket Woods
Rainsong Fairy - Ellosylva
DJ Madeng - Ludari Rail Club
Sunny - Paradise Circuit
Numero - Starflow Cave
Krata - Minar
Nine - Ludari Promenade
Geno - Lith Harbor

Examine things in the World

The Sea Siren - Rizab Island
Blooming Burgundia - Redsand Hills
Moonlight Wolf Statue - Wolfclaw Canyon
Chocolate Waffle Waterfall - Macaroon Acres
Small Pond - Tiares Desert
Chalk Graffiti - Tria
Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide examine


Mini GameTrophiesNotes
Trap Master• Participate 1/10/100 times
• Win 1/10/100 times
• Use greet or bow 100 times
Spam the hello emote like crazy
Sole Survivor• Participate 1/10/100 times
• Win 1/10/100 times
Dance Dance Stop• Participate 1/10/100 times
• Win 1/10/100 times
• Complete each round 1/50/100 times
• Stand on a red square 1/10/50 times *
• Dance on stage 1/50/100 times
• Dance on the cheering area 1/50/100 times ^
* The red squares appear in round 4(?) and require more than 5 people.
^ The cheering area is where you go to when you fall down and lose. There are interactable lights that make you dance.
Spring Beach• Participate 1/10/100 times
• Win 1/10/100 times
Ludibrium Espace• Win 1/10/100 timesProbably the hardest one to get a trophy for unless you’re pro.
Maple OX Quiz• Participate 1/10/100 times
• Win 1/10/100 times
• Get the right answer 1/100/500 times
Crazy Runners• Finish 1/10/100 etc times 

Monster Elimination

Defeat enemies at, Ludari Mall, Karkar Island and Nazkar Central Chamber. (x10, x50, x100, x500, x1000)


  • 100 enemies at Spectrumwood
  • 50 Friller Hatchlings (Trinket Woods), 50 Frillum Hatchlings (Corona Lake) and 50 Cerbes (Fairy Tree Lake)

Defeating enemies of every type nets a decent amount of trophies. (x100, x300, x500, x1000 and so forth).
Opening up the map and searching up the enemy type will give you a list of places where that type of enemy spawns, including bosses and dungeon bosses.

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide monster kill trophies
Note: Holy, Fairy, and Demon enemies show up as ‘Divine’, ‘Fairfolk’ and ‘Devil’ on the map search

Dark Descent

Each round of Dark Descent completed gives you one trophy. It’s a challenge dungeon with different challenges every round, so either find a guide somehow or go through it strategically.


Look through the Perion binoculars
Look through the Ellinia binoculars

Complete Exploration Goals in:

  • Ludari Mall
  • Redsand Hills
  • Lavender Island
  • Henesys
  • Spectrumwood
  • Sandstar Ruins
  • Minar
  • Ludari City
  • Nazkar Hall
Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide hat of misdirection

Every unique place entered through the Hat of Misdirection gives you one trophy, so be on the lookout and make sure you go in when you see one. 


Buy every MS2 mount from the vendors in Henesys, Perion, and Kerning City. Some mounts are cheap (100k) some are expensive (1mil). If you’re a super trophy hunter and a big spender, there are also mounts in Tria (locked behind some difficult trophies). The mounts in Perion are locked behind hunting achievements.


Add Pets to your Pet Album (x1, x5, x10, x50)
Adding certain pets to your pet album (summoning them, not just catching them) net one trophy.
Birk and Cerbe
Twingo, Twingoo
Stump, Woodi and Homegrown Mushroom
Red Snail
A good place to farm potion solvent is MSL electronic institute. An alternative is Prism Falls which have Ponglets that drop Ceremonial Bull mask. This mask is used to summon Orreos which you have to kill for an attribute point.

Change Your Appearance

Some of these (*2) cost merets. The rest can be done with mesos, using the trophy unlocked hairstyles and eyes. 

Change gear color (1x, x3, x10)

Change your hair (x1, x3, x10)

Save a hair


  • your hair color without changing anything else (x1, x3, x10)
  • face (x1, x3, x10)
  • eye color
  • cosmetics (x1, x3, x10)
  • the color of your cosmetics
  • hair to a saved hair
  • hair to a special hair

Home Related

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide interior

You can place down some things for achievements. They’re assistant related things.
PLEASE make sure you’re only placing these three. I made the mistake of placing some other ones, and using up merets accidentally. Don’t be stupid like I was. 

Do all your interior design quests

Use the My House button to go home (x1, x10, x100)

Nominate someone’s home (x1, x10, x30, x100, x300)

Use your house bank (x1, x10, x50)

Use the house doctor (x1, x10, x50)

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide furnishing

Inventory Related

Spend money on shops
Spend money on taxis -Can easily be done by taking a taxi from Lith Harbor to Igloo Hill repeatedly
Dismantle Gear
Pick up Mesos


Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide arcade
Do a couple rounds of Teraspring Farm and Simian Sea

Simian Sea
-Participate (x1, x10, x50, x100, x500, x1000, x10000)
-Survive 1, 3 ,5 ,10 Minutes
- Get hit by a wave
-Get hit by a cannon
Teraspring Farm
-Participate (x1, x10, x50, x100, x500, x1000, x10000)
-Complete Rounds (up to 10)
-Get attacked by a sprout you planted (x1, x10, x50, x100, x1000)


Every instrument has its own trophy tied to it where you have to gain 300/6,000/30,000/etc performance experience. There are 5 MS2 instruments you can obtain with mesos or through events:

  • Piano
  • Timpani
  • Harp
  • Clarinet
  • Acoustic guitar

Gain performance mastery experience for these instruments for some ez (AFK) trophies.
There are also two trophies for playing a specific premade song:

  • Play MapleStory OST (Maplestory 1, not Maplestory 2)
  • Play Mabinogi OST

TIPS for gaining performance mastery experience:

  • You will gain 1 mastery experience per second played (so 1 minute of performance is 60 exp)
  • Premade songs that you buy from the vendor in Tria will give you exactly 1 exp per second performed.
  • Custom songs have a cap that varies depending on what tier of music score you used. It does not matter if you make a 5 minute song, the performance exp will cap.
  • I recommend auto-playing the premade songs rather than custom songs to be time efficient.
  • The song I recommend is Debussy - Clair de Lune (brought in Tria from the music man)
  • Play it three times on each instrument and you’ll get the first tier of the trophy.
  • But you can play whatever you want man, Mabinogi OST #1 is the bomb.


Just do fishing related things and you’ll get a few nice trophies. Not exactly the fastest trophies though.

Shadow World PvP Zones

Kill Elite mobs and enter into the portals, and complete the objective. Generally this is something for a party or a more geared player to do. Buy Life Drain Lapentiers from the Red Star shop to make your life easier. This will give like 5 trophies right off the bat.
Killing a player and being killed by a player both give a trophy.

AFK Trophies

Trophies you can complete while you afk or when your menu navigating (e.g. crafting).

  • Stay in Tria for 10 hours
  • Stay in Nerman’s Forge for 10 hours
  • Stay in the Black Market for 10 hours
  • Hang on a ladder for 10 minutes/1hr 40mins/16hr 40mins
  • Hang on a rope for 10 minutes/1hr 40mins/16hr 40mins (You can do this on the vines in Ellinia)
  • Sit for 1hr 40mins

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