Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide

October 19, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide

This Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide is gonna give you all the knowledge you need to be one of the strongest Wizards on the server because it was written very thoroughly by a Mage main “Bear_Tek” who is also a Twitch streamer so make sure you check him out on his Twitch Channel if you have any more questions or enjoy watching Maplestory 2 content.
Check the video below for a brief intro into the Wizard character.

Table of contents

  1. Wizard Pros and Cons
  2. Wizard Skill Builds
  3. Gear and Stat Priority

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Wizard Pros and Cons


  • Very Strong MS2 DPS class (only slightly inferior to Assassin in single target damage).
  • The best AOE damage class currently in the game (Heavy Gunner is second).
  • Hits from range, making it a relatively easy Class to play (objectively better for DPSing in raids).
  • High mobility - the best teleport skill in the game at the moment.
  • Elemental skills are really strong in the end game (can bypass some dungeon mechanics in Chaos raids).
  • Remains quite strong DPS even after second job skills come out.


  • Incredibly squishy--you have to play careful
  • Very low self-sustain potential, therefore making it really mobility based.
  • Big damage skills are extremely hard to hit on moving targets (this gets even worse after 2nd job skills).
  • Balanced but not GG OP strong MS2 PvP class.

Wizard Skill Builds

Wizard PvE lvl 60 Build Guide

This is my go-to PvE build at level 60 (max skill points - 68)
Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide PvE lvl 60
I tried several different builds, including adding Thunderbolt at the cost of both Claw and Arcane Blast points, as well as an Ice Storm build.
You can test your overall damage done, per second and so on inside your guild house on the dummies. I tested my DPS (aiming to hit all 3 of them with every attack) and I found the most consistent and highest damaging combination was the build you see in the picture above.
Alternatively, since Thunderbolt is an awesome skill, you could consider taking points out of Arcane Blast and putting them into Thunderbolt. This didn’t achieve quite as consistent results, maybe due to the fact that you now have two 40-spirit-cost skills requiring more claw casts at the expense of Flame Wave spam. You also need to keep in mind you add more cooldown management for every skill you add to your artillery. However, it may prove better against bosses that you need to burst.
Ultimately, it boils down to personal play style because a lot of these builds are very close in total damage output, with some better against mobile bosses, and some better when you can stand still without interruption - so pick the build that is the most EPS (enjoyments per second) for you, mate!

Wizard PvE lvl 50 Build Guide

These are the best MS2 PvE (versus monsters) Wizard Builds for lvl 50 PvE content.

Claw-Flame Wave-Flame Tornado-Focus Seal

Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide pve build 1

Claw 1-Flame Wave-Flame Tornado-Focus Seal-Arcane Blast

Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide pve build 2
While you are level 50, you should add points into Elemental Master to max.
Side note: there’s really no reason to rush to 60 cap from a damage point of view.
See more discussion on the damage formula in the stat priority section.
These are some of the Wizard Builds that I’ve tested for damage per minute (DPM) at level 50, with 3260 attack stat on a raid dummy. Keep in mind that this is a theoretical maximum because you won’t always be standing still against bosses! Therefore actual mobility will change these numbers and these numbers do not reflect the impact of player skill.
Wizard Build Ranking by DPM (Damage per minute):
1. Claw-Flame Wave-Tornado-Focus Seal (2.4M average damage per minute).
2. Claw-Flame Wave-Tornado-Ice Storm (2.38M average damage per minute).
3.Claw-Flame Wave-Tornado-Thunderbolt (2.38M average damage per minute).
4. Claw-Flame Wave-Tornado-Arcane Blast (2.36M average damage per minute).
These are tried and true builds based upon the optimal builds in KMS2 before 2nd job skills. I haven’t included other non-Flame Wave/Tornado builds because they don’t compare!
This is where we are going to talk about some naughty Wizard strategies that OG KMS2 players use.

Important Wizard Mechanics

There are a few important Wizard mechanics to understand in order to completely maximize your damage done.
Because of macros, Wizards are one of the easiest classes to play.
This is my go to Wizard Build Guide macro setup:
Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide Macro Setup 1
(Don’t put AB on your macro unless you have leveled it up!)
Alternatively, you can put every single damage skill you need on the one button if you’re really lazy (and don’t like doing maximum damage), like this:
Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide Macro Setup 2
See the section “Full Macro vs. Partial Macro” for explanation of the above.

The spell priority for the macro is Arcane Blast > Flame Tornado > Phantom Claw > Flame Wave > Phantom Claw > Flame Wave.
(Claw and Flame Wave alternate until Flame Tornado or Arcane Blast comes off cooldown so you can blast your enemies even more.)

Macros can also animation cancel some skills. Therefore faster skill casts = more damage output. Neat!
This Wizard Build can cast Flame Wave about 14 times in 10 seconds and If I put Flame Wave on a macro by itself, you will be able to cast the skill about 2x faster if you hold down macro + arrow key.
Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide Macro Setup 3
It gets even stronger, this Wizard Build works for the Ice Spear spell as well. Fast attack speed = faster freezing – this is why Ice Spear is the best PvP spam ability if you can use it well.
Full Macro vs. Partial Macro
For maximum damage output (provided you play perfectly), you should cast Phantom Claw on its own, Flame Wave (+Arcane Blast) on another macro, and Flame Tornado separately on cooldown.

Jump Clawing/Arcane Blasting

Jump Clawing/Arcane Blasting is a very simple thing to do and it will maintain your damage per minute versus moving enemies. You will attack them as you move in their direction. The problem is that you’re unable to fire skills midair and you can get around this by using having Claw on a separate key from your macro and smashing it as you jump towards your enemy, and then swap back to your macro when you are in position.
Arcane Blast can be cast from the macro though, because of its skill priority!
Why make a Focus Seal?
The Focus Seal Wizard builds provide a significant damage boost to your entire party, not just you. More party damage is better, but if you’re significantly stronger than other members of your party (PUG maybe) then maybe consider dropping this skill.
In a raid group you should always be running this on one wizard only (duh!).
Hard/Chaos Dungeon Strategies for Wizards

  • Learn safe spots for ranged characters (e.g. Fire Dragon has at least 3 of these!).
  • Allocate all your attribute points into HP if you’re struggling to survive.
  • Allocate your points from damage skills into max Mage Armour if you’re struggling to survive.

Wizard PvP Build Guide

After testing out a few different builds based with the aim of:

  1. Crowd control in PvP
  2. Hitting mobile targets
  3. Dealing damage
  4. Good sustain

The best MS2 PvP Wizard build guide that I could come up with was:
Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide Pvp Build
“But this doesn’t have Ice Spear!” I hear you say.
I tried many different builds to see how good Ice Spear could be, and the only time it seemed to be effective when trying to kite. If you can learn to jump strafe attack consistently then putting points into Ice Spear can potentially turn you into a godly PvP player.
I found, however, that it lacked damage output against better geared enemies, and that straight damage was often much better than CC.
Use Thunderbolt as your burst damage/finisher because of its quick animation, and Flame Wave as your main source of damage (it’s surprisingly hard to dodge, but can be jumped over). Flame Tornado is more used as an area denial skill given how hard it is to hit. I elected to put points into Flame Tornado here instead of more into Phantom Claw because it was often more useful to stop your enemies coming at you with a giant wall of fire, than getting free damage on them at range.
Consider putting points in Elemental Master instead, to have Level 6 Flame Tornado and Level 4 Elemental Master.
I don’t think there is any question about Mage Armour - this is such an important part of your kit that it needs to be maxed! It’s basically an extra 24% HP for 10 seconds.
It’s particularly useful for sustaining through enemy damage bursts or baiting your enemies into over-committing so that you can punish them.
Also note, Phantom Claw is an extremely useful skill for de-cloaking Assassins who are stealthed if you spam in the vague direction you think they are. This is the easiest way to tilt assassins in PvP!

Gear and Stat Priority

You should definitely aim for level 50 legendary gear for better base stats, but the most important thing is to reach the Gear Score (GS) requirement for the late game dungeons and raids because they will open you to so much more options.
Once you reach the Gear Score requirements for the dungeon or raid you want to grind you should be thinking about your overall attacking power, much more than the Gear Score of your character. You have to keep in mind this is not well represented by the “Attack” number on your character window.
Generally speaking, the most important part of your Wizard Gear Set to enchant first is your weapon – you make large Gear Score gains from upgrading your weapon to +10 and beyond as explained in our Gear Guide, and the other benefit of clearing dungeons faster. Always keep duplicates of the weapon you are enchanting so that you can continue to enhance it beyond +10.
Accessories are the next most important part of becoming the world’s strongest wizard and if you aren’t lucky with drops to get the stats you want on your accessories, make sure you check the Black Market (BM) regularly to buy the gear that has the stats you need.
Armour is actually a little bit important for your damage here, because you can get one offensive line and one defensive line per piece of armour. Therefore pick carefully!
Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide Gear

Wizard Build Guide Stat Priority

Wizard Build Guide Stat Priority - MATHS HEAVY SECTION
Piercing (30% max) > Magical Piercing (15% max)/%Fire Damage/%magical attack/%ranged damage > Accuracy/Crit Damage > Attack Speed (in PvP move attack speed to second place)
Armour (excluding uniques):
%Boss damage/Accuracy > +Magical attack > Health
Before we go on, keep in mind the damage formula looks something like this:
Damage = Weapon Damage * Physical/magical attack * (1 / (1 - %piercing)) * (1 + %damage bonus) * weapon multiplier

Wizard Build Guide Piercing

Piercing is arguably the best stat in the game. The impact of this stat isn’t easily demonstrated on dummies as their defense is low compared to bosses, but versus bosses pierce does a whole world of a difference. Don’t confuse this with physical or magical piercing because they are not the same thing!
Piercing helps to bypass enemy defenses, thereby increasing the effectiveness of all other stats you have. The cap for piercing is 30%, aim to max it out.
You can obtain piercing on all accessories therefore try to get a good second line stat as well.
Piercing is used in an equation to define a damage multiplier, and is often quoted as:
Damage multiplier = 1/(1-%piercing)
To a maximum of 30% piercing (0.3)
This means that you actually exponentially increase your damage multiplier the closer you get to the cap of 30%.

  • At 1% pierce you achieve a multiplier of 1.010
  • At 30% pierce you achieve a multiplier of 1.429

You should also aim for a magical piercing stat of 15% at most.
Don’t forget to place and use the Scion of Light souvenir in your player house. It can be found under Furnishing > Souvenirs. It gives a free 60 minute buff for 4% piercing
Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide Scion of Light

Wizard Build Guide %Fire Damage and %Magic Attack

Both these %damage bonuses are applied as final multipliers in the damage formula, making them a multiplicative increase to your damage. These don’t show up well in your ‘attack’ stat on the gear window, so to actually see them you need to click ‘Advanced View’.
Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide Stats
Here, %magic attack is actually slightly stronger than %fire damage. The reason is simple - because not all your attacks use the fire element! (If you’re wondering why there’s no %magic attack, it’s just factored into the Magic Attack number)
There is one problem with %magic attack though - you almost exclusively get %magic attack from skills alone, but not from equips.
“But mate, why can’t I just stack +magical attack on my armour and equips then?” you ask.
The reason you shouldn’t is because you get diminishing returns from flat +magic attack bonuses.
This is a little tricky to explain, but read on if you want the full explanation using the proposed damage formula. (The mathematics is simple, but getting your head around the idea may not be - but you’re a smart cookie so you’ll be fine)

Wizard Build Guide Magic Attack

To understand why %magic attack is good, and why +magic attack is not as great, we need to look at the damage formula again:
Damage = Weapon Damage * Physical/magic attack * (1 / (1 - %piercing)) * (1 + %damage bonus) * weapon multiplier
By scaling the physical/magic attack part of the equation up, we scale our total damage output. A percentage increase in this will always result in the equivalent percentage increase in our total damage output (if this is in fact the correct formula).
A flat bonus to this number, however, may represent only a small percentage of our character’s magic attack. Because the +magic attack bonuses are additive, rather than multiplicative, they do not scale well into the late game.
For example,
My wizard has a base of 274 magic attack.
If you use Focus Seal, you gain 6.9% magic attack - now my wizard’s buffed magic attack is 293.
If you add 15 magic attack from gear instead, this brings the magic attack to 289, which is clearly less than the extra 6.9% magic attack bonus from Focus Seal.
As your wizard’s magic attack gets higher, these flat bonuses make up an even smaller and smaller % of your magic attack.
This means that pieces of gear that you put +magic attack bonuses on will fall behind other percentage-based bonuses (such as %boss damage) in the long run. You need to also consider the opportunity cost of not having these other lines on your gear (e.g. +magic attack on your staff at the expense of ~10% magic piercing).
Regarding %magic attack and scaling, I have also tested the damage output on a raid dummy several times with and without Focus Seal, and found that the proposed damage formula holds true - at least for this example!

Wizard Build Guide - Accuracy, Melee/Ranged Damage vs Crit Damage

Following the release of second job skills in Korean Maplestory 2, the game meta shifted away from Critical Damage as the best secondary stat due to bosses having high critical resistance. In the latest patch this stat was overtaken by the Accuracy and Melee/Ranged Damage stats. 
A very important thing to note about Accuracy - if you’re missing your hits, you’re losing damage per minute! Get more Accuracy if that happens and it may sound obvious, but you'd be surprised that a lot of people forget this!

Wizard Build Guide Attack Speed

This used to be more useful in early KMS2 when your basic skill actually regenerated spirit per cast (this mechanic has since been removed with some exceptions).
The downside to attack speed is the converse of this for spirit-consuming attacks therefore you dump your spirit faster. This is not a great way to scale your total damage output, especially because many of your skills are cooldown based (so you should try to increase the damage of single hits)!

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