Monster Train review - an incredible mix of deck building and tower defense mechanics.

May 26, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Monster Train Review

Monster Train offers a unique playstyle that involves strategic roguelike deck building and tactical strategies similar to those of tower defense games. In the game you'll be set on a train which is heading to hell. On the path you'll encounter angelic creatures that will be attacking you in order to stop that from happening.

The train you are on will have four floors, three of which allow you to set up defenses via cards (there are over 200 cards in the game, you unlock more as you level up). In the event monsters reach the fourth --final floor, your Pyre will get hit and if it reaches 0 health it's game over. This will force you to play your turns very smart and strategize depending on the clan you choose to play, as each offers a different set of cards and playstyles.

Initially you'll start your adventure with a set of cards which you will expand or decrease via in-game choices and rewards. Units and spells can be upgraded via shops and you will also encounter Artifacts on the journey to hell. There are about 90 artifacts in Monster Train, each with a powerful and unique effect that will allow you to make incredibly powerful decks. As you continue progress to hell, the monsters become much stronger and fights will have powerful bosses which you will have to fight carefully.

After playing Slay The Spire and Monster Train, it's fair to say that many share the same opinion-- that Monster Train is a spiritual successor that many STS players waited for. The game features a lot more content than STS and it also has a multiplayer mode that lets you compete with friends and random players in an online setting.

Along with that, the game also has "Covenant" levels, which are basically Ascensions (harder runs that offer new cards and better loot) which allows this game to be replayed pretty much infinitely. If you're into Slay the Spire and similar games, you won't be bored with this game as it'll take at least a few hundred hours to discover everything and try all the strategies.

Big thanks to Monster Train developers for providing me with a key to test the game as it has huge potential to turn into one of the best roguelike deckbuilders we have ever seen. The developers are quite responsive on their Discord server-- working on fixing all the bugs and glitches they can find. I hope that future updates will contain more maps we will be able to choose from (or different bosses and monsters) as that is currently the only thing for me that makes runs a bit boring after a while.

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