Mordhau Best Beginner Build Loadout

June 5, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best And Strongest Mordhau Beginner Build Loadouts For New Players And Starter Setups Offensive Defensive

Mordhau features a lot of choices when it comes to builds and character loadouts for your class. For those of you that might not have the best Mordhau beginner loadout, we'll help you get better with a character that focuses your skillset down so that you can learn the game slowly but surely whilst performing well and winning. In this article we're going to showcase two of the strongest Mordhau beginner builds.

Strongest Defensive Shield Beginner Build

This Mordhau loadout is great for new players because it uses a shield and tough armor which will make your mistakes more forgivable as you'll be tankier and take less damage from hits. There are so many things in Mordhau that require good timing from the player that it can get really overwhelming once you're fighting your opponents. Now that you're going to be tanky, your defense will no longer require perfect timing and you can simply hold down the button to hold your shield up and block attacks which is perfect for once you start out. The Short Spear is despite it's name, one of the longest weapons available in Mordhau so you can focus on footwork and distance for maximizing attack efficiency since you'll mostly be out of harm due to the long range.

The basic playstyle of this build is that you use your Short Spear range to your advantage. Once in range, stab the enemy and quickly move out to not take any damage or simply block with your shield. Gain some distance and charge at them again with a stab, keep poking until the enemy is dead. In the event more than one player attacks you, make sure to utilize the shield as its excellent for blocking attacks.


As mentioned previously, use the Short Spear.


Heater Shield is best suited for this Mordhau beginner loadout.


This build features the heavy armor (Point Armet & Footsoldier Cuirass) and medium armor (Calf Guard Hosen) boots.


The only Perk this loadout uses is Second Wind. Second Wind is a great Perk that gives you bonus stamina every time you land a shot which synergizes incredibly with the Short Spear. Since the Shield spends a lot of stamina on block, you'll definitely need Second Wind if you plan on holding your Shield up for more than a couple of blocks.

Best Offensive Axe Beginner Build

The Offensive new player loadout is a pretty standard build that most players tend to use as it's also a great setup for Duels. This build excels in situations where you might find yourself on the frontline a lot such as Skirmish. Since this one has no leg armor, your attack and block timing is going to have to be perfect in order to make this loadout work. As such, it's best to first play the defensive variant we mentioned earlier and then swap to this one once you get the feel of the game. The awesome thing about this build is that you can one-shot most players.

The playstyle of this build is rather simple, all you've got to do is run up to flank your enemy while they fight others and aim for the head so that you can easily oneshot them.


War Axe is most commonly used in this loadout because it's a really strong beginner's weapon.


For the helmet and body piece you'll want to take the heavy gear (Point Armet and Footsoldier Cuirass). As for the boot slot, you need to leave it empty if you intend to use a Perk (which you definitely should).


The offensive Mordhau beginner build uses Bloodlust as the main Perk. Bloodlust is excellent for this loadout because once you do run up to an enemy and start hitting them, even if you take damage it will be okay because once you've killed them you will be on full health in no time.

We hope that you liked our Best Mordhau Beginner Build Loadouts. If you have, remember to share them with your friends! In case you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment below.

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