Multiple Steam games are reaching all-time peak players amid the Coronavirus outbreak

March 14, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Coronavirus outbreak and quarantines causing massive increases to various game playerbases and active player count

COVID-19 (most commonly known as the Coronavirus) has been infecting people all around the world for quite some time now. With the Coronavirus outbreak just starting in a lot of countries world leaders have decided to quarantine people to limit the spread of this incredibly contagious disease. Most countries have closed schools, universities and set a limit on public events for at least 2 weeks. This has resulted with a boom of active players in many online games.

The most popular Steam game-- CS:GO has just reached a whopping 1 million players. This makes it the most popular game of 2020 on Steam so far, with Dota 2 and PUBG just around the corner. As we can see from the data shown below, CS:GO has had a steady rise of players each month since the COVID-19 outbreak began in China during mid-January when the first quarantine happened, in Wuhan.

Coronavirus outbreak effect on CS:Go active player count

Chris Wilson from Grinding Gear Games has also reported Path of Exile peaking at 237,160 players (with non-Steam players included) which broke its playerbase record for a league launch.

Additionally, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Ark: Survival Evolved have also reached all-time peaks on Steam with R6S - 186,949 & Ark: Survival Evolved - 157,355 players online at a set time.

Football Manager 2020, NBA 2420, Rust and many more are also very close to breaking record amounts of players and we're sure that this is just the start. Do you think it is likely that CS:GO will break the current record of peak players again?

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