Murderous Pursuits Free On Steam

October 27, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Murderous Pursuits Free To Play On Steam

Murderous Pursuits is a chase or be chased down type of a game where your goal is to find and kill your Quarry (enemy) before a Hunter whose Quarry you are hunts you down. Murderous Pursuits came out on 26 Apr, 2018. and have been popular ever since. The game is currently Free to Play (claim) on Steam and if you do so before Monday, October 29th 10AM PDT you will be able to keep it forever. This is a great deal for such a good game so hurry up and snatch it before it's too late!

Below is a Murderous Pursuits gameplay video if you're interested in checking out the game.

This game has a level of complexity because you have to strategically plan your moves and avoid an enemy while catching one. I really like it and being able to grab Murderous Pursuits for Free is just great. The game deserves more active players and this way it will receive them. Single player is a lot of fun, but multiplayer is even better so if you haven't yet, claim the game, download it and try it out!

If you ever feel lost while playing it and require additional information, feel free to check out our detailed Murderous Pursuits Guide.


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