Overwatch Sombra detailed Hero guide

Sombra is categorized as an offensive Hero (DPS), she is somewhat similar to the Tracer because of the speed at which she can travel around the map. Even though her SMG deals solid damage, her main function is to be a disruptor and an assassin for squishy targets. This Sombra guide will run you through her Abilities and give you a lot of tips that will make you play a lot smarter next time you pick the Sombra Hero.

Sombra’s best disruptive Ability is the Hack, which allows her to block an enemy Hero from casting any Abilities or hack a Health Pack which will then only be claimable by your allies and will recharge MUCH faster. What makes her a solid assassin is the fact that she has an Ability that can make her invisible and run faster, and another Ability that can let her teleport to a little beacon on any position she throws it at. This lets Sombra get behind the enemy lines with ease, hack the Supports and DPS them down without their team even knowing it, or finding out too late.

Sombra is a high risk high reward type of a Hero, she can work extremely well in some teams but in others she may be completely useless. It all boils down to the fact whether your team can play as a 5, because you will always be behind the enemy lines doing your own things. In low ELO she is often considered as a troll Hero, but in the Grandmaster are and higher she is a very good Hero because every player knows how to play their role.

Sombra Abilities and short info

Here is a breakdown of all Sombra’s Abilities and their respective tips to help you improve on their usage.

Machine Pistol [LMB] – A short-range automatic weapon that has really high bullet spread.

Machine Pistol feels very similar to Tracer’s weapon because it shoots really fast and has high bullet spread so any long range hits won’t do much. It’s best to unload the whole mag in close combat at your target, doing so can even one shot Tanks easily if you aim for the head.

Hack [RMB] – Holding down the Right Mouse Button will start the Hacking process. If you’re Hacking a Health Pack it will be locked for use only by your team and will respawn significantly faster. You can also Hack enemies, suppressing their use of Abilities for a very long period of time. Hacking can interrupt an enemy Ana’s Nano Boost, Orisa’s Supercharger, Mei’s Blizzard, Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, and D.Va’s Call Mech making it a great way to make an enemy waste their Ultimate Ability.

You must have great map knowledge in order to make the most use of the Hack. Not hacking any Health Packs will automatically make you a useless Sombra because she relies on hacking a Health Pack, popping a beacon and poking the enemies.

Stealth [LSHIFT] – Sombra becomes invisible and gets a huge move speed boost.

The Stealth Ability is what makes Sombra awesome. You can pop the Stealth whenever you want to get inside the enemies lines to focus someone or simply run away with it. Be careful though, because if an enemy hits you while you’re invisible you will unstealth immediately.

Translocator [E] – Sombra throws a beacon which stays at that location, visible to the enemies. Reactivating the Ability teleports Sombra to the location of the beacon.

Translocator allows you to place a sort of recall point in a position you pick before diving into the battle. The Translocator actually has a lot of uses, you can set up the recall method mentioned above, run away to high ground in midst of a fight or initiate a fight by throwing it in the air and reactivating it which teleports you in the air, above your enemies. The latter method is excellent when doing a combo with your ultimate, the EMP to quickly disrupt all the enemies. 

EMP [Q] – Hacks all enemies, destroys Shields and Barriers in an Area of Effect.

The Ultimate Ability, EMP is used mainly to prevent your enemies from casting their Ultimate Abilities, providing your team easy targets. This Ultimate is excellent paired with a Zarya’s Graviton Surge because you can make sure none of your enemies in the Graviton cast a support spell that could potentially save their team.

Opportunistic [Passive] – Sombra can detect low health enemies through walls.

Sombra’s Passive Ability is great because it opens you to a lot of offensive options. If you can’t get to the enemy that’s low, you can tell your allies over voice chat so you can quickly set up a flank and make the team fight a much easier, 5 versus 6.

Sombra Tips and Tricks!


  • Sombra’s Passive shows enemies through walls if they are below 50% of their health.
  • Her gun spray maxes out very quickly making it a very bad gun for any medium-long range shootings.
  • Sombra’s Machine Pistol has 60 bullets.
  • Turrets don’t see Sombra while she’s under the effects of Stealth.


  • The beacon stays active for 20 seconds before deactivating and disappearing. This is the only way to ‘destroy’ the beacon, meaning enemies can’t physically damage it.
  • Translocator teleportation can be cast even under the effects of an enemy Sombra’s Hack.


  • Hacking takes about 1 second to finish and taking any damage cancels it.
  • Hacking an enemy allows you to see their health bar and Ultimate percentage.
  • Hack won’t work through an enemy Shield or Barrier.
  • Hacking someone under the effects of an Ultimate boost won’t cancel it.
  • Hacking some Heroes will now completely interrupt their Ultimate cast.

Health Packs

  • The hack duration on a Health Pack is 60 seconds.
  • The hacking icon will slowly drain, indicating how much of this is actually left on the clock.
  • When you Hack a Health Pack it will recharge in 20 seconds (three times faster than usual) for the whole duration of the Hack.
  • Hacking a Health Pack will spawn a purple Sombra skull above it. This Skull acts as a Timer for the Hack, Skull fades the less time the Hack lasts.
  • Health Packs are hacked for the duration of 60 seconds.
  • You cannot hack Health Packs during the setup phase of the round (on defender side).
  • Enemies know which Health Pack is hacked because they can’t use it.
  • You are not limited to hacking one Health Pack.
  • A Health Pack that was hacked by an enemy Sombra can’t be hacked by you until her hack disappears.

Ultimate Ability – EMP

  • The EMP Ultimate works in an Area of Effects as mentioned below, but it does work as a “projectile” meaning it won’t hack someone standing in a house behind a wall.
  • EMP destroys both physical shields, such as those cast by Reinhardt and Orisa, but also shields that appear in the Health Bar for example Symmetra’s.

Sombra Counters

While certain Heroes aren’t exactly countered such as in games like League of Legends, they do have a hard time against some. Sombra has excellent tools to mitigate a lot of damage sources but certain Heroes really have an easy time in a one versus one setting.

Sombra is strong against: Zarya, Reinhardt and Roadhog.

Sombra’s big mag size allows her to melt tanky Heroes and when paired with the Hack it just renders them completely useless, especially Roadhog because he can’t heal.

Sombra is weak against: Junkrat, Widowmaker and Winston.

Junkrat can become a real nuisance for the Sombra because he can just spam his Grenades and randomly hit you whilst invisible which breaks your Stealth and his pesky Steel Trap can also ruin your plans very often. Widowmaker counters Sombra with her Ultimate which also reveals an invisible Sombra to the Widowmaker’s team, and Winston just works as an AoE sweeper detector for Sombra.


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