Overwatch Wrecking Ball Hero guide

Overwatch’s latest hero a little hamster named Hammon actually goes by the name Wrecking Ball, the enormous mech equipped with miniguns that Hammond controls. It’s quite similar to D.Va’s mech at first sight. As the Wrecking Ball you can go from a minigun-wielding, towering menace, to a sphere that rolls around the battlefield at a blistering pace.

Wrecking Ball’s got a grappling claw you can attach to objects to drift around corners with and his Ultimate throws a load of lethal mines at the ground. Wrecking Ball’s Abilities are really fun and unique, below is everything you need to know about Wrecking Ball, including a breakdown of his abilities and gameplay tips.

Wrecking Ball Abilities

Here is a quick overview of all Wrecking Ball’s abilities.

  • Quad Cannons [LMB]– These are a pair of automatic Assault Weapons, your main damage dealers.
  • Roll [L.Shift]– Transforms your mech into a ball and buffs your movement speed.
  • Grappling Claw [RMB]– Launches a grappling hook to rapidly swing around the area. With the help of Grappling Claw you can do collisions that damage and knockback your enemies.
  • Adaptive Shield [E]– Creates a temporary personal shield. Amount of armor increases with more enemies that are present in the radius.
  • Minefield [Q]– Deploys a massive field of proximity mines that do damage.
  • Piledriver [L.Ctrl]– Slams into the ground below Wrecking Ball to damage and launches enemies upward.

Wrecking Ball: Tips and Tricks

  • You can’t use Adaptive Shield while you’re in Roll form.
  • Always use Roll to escape a fight if the fight is gonna end up with you being dead. Grappling Hook’s is a great way of getting a head start.
  • Minefield is Wrecking Ball’s Ultimate and should be used primarily as a zoning tool.
  • Remember that the mines take a second to activate therefore be careful when setting them up.
  • Piledriver is the hardest Ability to make the most of as it can only be activated when you’ve gained some air time. The best way to make this work is to enter Roll form, aim your Grappling Hook up a wall and as you’re in the air, press Piledriver.
  • You are very vulnerable in Roll form, so don’t go barreling into the enemy team without backup.
  • Combine your Roll, Grappling Hook and Minefield for a pure deadly hamster combo.
  • Aim your Piledriver at any low health targets to pop them in the air making them an easy target for your allied DPS.
  • Grappling Hook and Roll don’t do any damage.
  • Use your Adaptive Shield when surrounded by the most amount of enemies possible to get the highest armor bonus.
  • Combining Grappling Claw and Piledrivers makes you do a powerful slam.
  • Your primary source of damage is the Quad Cannon.
  • Roll packs a good knockback, use it to your advantage in order to force the enemy supports to change positions.


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