Path of Exile Betrayal League Syndicate Mechanics Guide

December 11, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Path of Exile PoE Betrayal League Immortal Syndicate Mechanics Guide Tips Tricks And Strategies

In this Path of Exile Betrayal League Syndicate Mechanics Guide we will be explaining everything about the PoE Betrayal league Immortal Syndicate mechanics. There will be useful information for everyone in this PoE guide, even if you’re a beginner or an older player, this guide will teach you all of the Syndicate mechanics and how they work, what you can do with them and how to manipulate them in order to increase your rewards because things like “Tiny’s crafting bench” can net you a huge currency gain in no time.

Table of contents

  1. Immortal Syndicate Introduction
  2. Syndicate Rewards
  3. Reading the Board
  4. Syndicate Member Rank System
  5. Best Strategy
  6. Veiled Items

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Immortal Syndicate Introduction

Path of Exile PoE Betrayal League Immortal Syndicate Mechanics Guide Introduction

Let's go through the basics of what is on this screenshot first and what all of these little square pictures mean.
So the first thing to know is that there are four branches of the PoE Immortal Syndicate organization, as you can see: the transportation, fortification, research and intervention. Each one of these shapes and members here represents a safe house which is kind of like the headquarters of those specific branches and the question mark one at the top is the leader of the Immortal Syndicate and the actual Syndicate headquarters. The basic idea here is that you're trying to get information or intelligence to progress the bar to fill it up and that will allow you to raid one of the safe houses and when you raid one of the safe houses you'll capture the safe house leader -- the person that's currently in there and they'll be able to give you intelligence that will lead you to the location of the headquarters itself.

Syndicate Rewards

There's three types of rewards in the Betrayal league Syndicate mechanic, the first is what you drop from the actual Syndicate members when you just encounter them out in the areas when you’re progressing or doing maps. The drop rewards vary depending on what you do and then there is the rewards you get from raiding safe houses themselves and that depends entirely on who will be in the safe house, their rank and what they happen to be carrying at the time when you raid them. The third tier of Immortal Syndicate rewards are the boss headquarters.

Path of Exile PoE Betrayal League Immortal Syndicate Mechanics Guide Member Rewards

Reading the Board

Path of Exile PoE Betrayal League Immortal Syndicate Mechanics Guide Tips Tricks And Strategies Board Janus
Path of Exile PoE Betrayal League Immortal Syndicate Mechanics Guide Tips Tricks And Strategies Vorici Board
Path of Exile PoE Betrayal League Immortal Syndicate Mechanics Guide Tips Tricks And Strategies Riker Board

Learning on how to effectively read the Syndicate board information is really important because it’s crucial for making the best possible decisions you can in order to maximize your headquarters pathing efficiency. If you mouse over any of the people on the board you can see who they are, what they are transporting in terms items (this one has modifying currency as the reward). 
So for this one quality modifying currency means you'll get things like armored scraps, blacksmith whetstones and GCPs.

Vorici here has socket modifying orbs which basically means jewelers, fusings and chromatics. Some rewards are easy to find out just by looking at the name, but some are more mysterious. For example BoobyTrapping stashes on Riker.
In this mechanic you are going to have to select a reward and there will be a timer and you can only take one item during that time so choose carefully. The best one for profit IMO is the one that lets you spend a limited amount of currency during a set time limit (around 20 seconds). By crafting items with this Syndicate reward mechanic you can make some sick profits really fast, check ZiggyD’s video if you’re interested in more information about that exact mechanic and how to gain currency with it by flipping items.

Path of Exile PoE Betrayal League Immortal Syndicate Mechanics Guide Tips Tricks And Strategies Items

The other things to note on the board pictures is that when you hover over a person some of them might have an item icon on their left side.
This item means that the Syndicate member is more dangerous than he usually is and you should be extra careful with those – especially if you’re playing on the Hardcore Betrayal League! The NPC that has the item will in this case create unholy relics but there are many other item effects which affect the Syndicate member. For now it would seem that higher the rank the Syndicate member is, higher the chance that they will get a certain item (usually after they are executed).

Syndicate member rank system

Syndicate members start at rank (no star) and they will start getting stars (ranks) as time goes. Maximum rank for underlings at the moment seems to be 3 stars. The various colored pieces of rope look a little bit confusing at first but once you get a lot of relationships forming you’ll start to understand them -- yellow means that they are a direct underling of the person that they're connected to, the green lines are friendship (positive connections between the people) so those people are essentially allies and what that means in terms of gameplay is that they will appear to help each other when you encounter them so if you're for example raiding transportation and there’s a Syndicate boss which is connected by a green line it means that his friend may appear to help him in that fight. This particular PoE Syndicate mechanic can be a bad thing for you as it makes it more dangerous because all of a sudden you’ll have to fight three extra people instead of just one. Although it being very dangerous, it can be a good thing for you because it gives you more chances to with the board, making you reach the Syndicate boss headquarters faster. Lastly, the red rope means that the Syndicate members are enemies which means they will not be working together.
The basic strategy of interacting with Syndicate members is gaining intelligence to try and work your way up to the hit the safe houses and then to the headquarters itself and that's the very top level thing that you're always trying to do but besides that you're trying to get certain people into these headquarters and then make sure that their rewards will be as good as possible. Whenever you can, try to work on positioning Syndicate members so they'll move up and gain ranks and also really influence the rewards that you will get.

Best Immortal Syndicate Strategy

The best possible Syndicate rewards are from someone being the leader of a safe house available because there will be guaranteed rewards and them being a higher rank will net you a bonus, especially if they're the leader of the safe house. Try and get the intelligence bar mostly filled up and then make sure that the people when you're going to actually raid have a safe house or they are the highest rank possible. The easiest way to get a safe house for the Syndicate members that don’t have one seems to be via ranks. Letting them rank up (for example by killing them) will increase their rank and make them find a location if they don’t already have one. The reason why execution grants them ranks is because as an immortal Syndicate member they'd be brought back from the dead so for them being executed is the best possible outcome. Because of their loyalty they are rewarded with the rank and you'll notice that executing a Syndicate member without a location will move them to a random spot on the board.
The best way of gaining Syndicate member intelligence is to interrogate someone which puts them in prison and it takes them off the board for three turns (they won’t appear anywhere for that time). Turns are counted after every encounter so through three Syndicate member encounters the one in prison will get released and you'll gain intelligence based on their rank. Do note that when you do interrogate them they'll lose a rank so that's a very big trade-off and a good strategy is to try and get them a couple ranks to see if the reward that they have is good and if it isn’t then you will not mind losing their rank.
The other way that you can get people to move around on the board (instead of execution) is usually through making bargains with people, sometimes their betrayal will do it as well but mostly making bargains. If there's two Syndicate members usually you'll get an option to make a bargain and they might say “I'm going to swap places with someone” or “I'm going to convince someone to be my friend and move them over to me”.

Veiled Items

Path of Exile PoE Betrayal League Immortal Syndicate Mechanics Guide Tips Tricks And Strategies Veiled Items

A very crucial thing to know is that the Syndicate members will sometimes drop veiled items and you are probably already familiar with this because they start dropping from level two. What you do when you acquire a veiled item is you’ll want to talk to Jun and place your veiled item in the interface. Pressing unveil will let you pick between one of the three options which will add the stat to the item but also unlock it for crafting. If you already have it unlocked for crafting it'll gain experience towards a level where it'll get stronger meaning you will be able to reach higher stat values with that certain craft.

If you have found this Path of Exile (PoE) Betrayal League Syndicate Mechanics Guide useful don't hesitate to share it around and if you know any other additional information leave us a comment below!

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