Path of Exile Bladestorm Build Guide

June 7, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Path of Exile Best Bladestorm Build Guide 3.7 PoE Legion Viable Hardcore Softcore SSF

Bladestorm is one of the new melee skills that were introduced as of the Legion 3.7 League expansion. It's a skill somewhat similar to Blade Vortex because it performs a spinning attack, damaging enemies around you. It also leaves a spinning storm that hits nearby enemies for a portion of your weapon damage. The new aura "Blood and Sand" features a unique interaction with this skill because when you set yourself into Blood Stance your Bladestorm will cause enemies to bleed and boosts your attack speed whilst the Sand Stance blinds enemies and grants you movement speed. In this article you'll find a full PoE Legion Bladestorm Build Guide viable for 3.7 expansion.

Bladestorm Build Pros & Cons


  • A lot of Leech
  • High Damage
  • Stun Immunity
  • High Mobility/Attack Speed
  • Cheap - League starter viable
  • Tanky


  • Can't do certain map mods
  • Can get one-shot in high level content
  • Might be expensive to min-max

Bladestorm Build Guide Playstyle

The playstyle with Bladestorm as we mentioned earlier is a lot similar to Blade Vortex. Every time you cast Bladestorm it will perform a spinning attack so you'll have to run around your enemies and dodge them until they die from the Bladestorm. This build works really well for all types of content as it does good single target and area damage, if you ever feel like you're missing something then swapping to another gem for certain content is an option as well.

Bladestorm Build Passive Tree

This is the Path of Building link for this passive tree.

If you're looking for a Gladiator version, here's the PoB link.

Import the above link into Path of Building.

Bladestorm Build Ascendancy


The best Ascendancy for this build is going to be the Berserker.

Aspect of Carnage>Crave The Slaughter>Rite of Ruin>Pain Reaver.

In case you pick the Gladiator version

Arena Challenger>Painforged>Versatile Combatant>Violent Retaliation.

Bladestorm Build Pantheon

Soul of the Lunaris will provide you with more survivability while you're surrounded by enemies.
Soul of Ryslatha grants you higher life recovery from lasks while on low life and life flask charge generation which comes in useful for a Vaal Pact build.

Bladestorm Build Bandits


Bladestorm Build Gems

Bladestorm - Brutality - Close Combat - Multistrike - Fortify - Impale Support

or if you go with Gladiator tree

Bladestorm - maim - ruthless - chance to bleed - pulverise

Blood and Sand -Herald of Purity and Flesh and Stone -Maim

Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun - Blood Magic

Blood Rage - Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Berserk - Dread Banner

Cast When Damage Taken - Steelskin - Cold Snap

Bladestorm Build Equipment


The primary stats on the helmet you will want are at least 90 life and 50% total resistances. Additionally, try to acquire one with "Nearby enemies have take 9% increased physical damage" if you want to min-max the loadout.


For the Gloves slot you'll have three options: Tombfist, Haemophilia or rare gloves.

If you buy rare gloves, the stats you'll want are:

  • 70+ Life
  • 50%+ total elemental resistances
  • Attack speed


The stats on a rare pair of boots you need are:

  • 80+ Life
  • 60%+ Total elemental resistances
  • 25%+ Movement speed


As far as rings and amulets go, they're your main source of resistances, damage and accuracy.

If you're on a budget, get rare rings with 60+ life, 50%+ resistances, physical damage to attacks, accuracy. Additionally you can get a shaped ring with assassin's mark on hit.

Mark of the Elder and Thief's Torment are also solid options for unique rings.

Belts are a great source of life and flask recovery. On a rare belt you will want: 130+ Life, 80%+ resistances, increased life/flask recovery and additionally the fossil mod increased physical damage.

Body Armor

The body armor will be your most expensive piece of equipment in this Bladestorm build guide. If you're on a budget, feel free to run a 5 or 6 link rare chest piece and make sure it's strength based (armor). Ideally you'll want 100+ Life and a lot of elemental resistances on your chest piece.

If you'd like to invest a bit more, Daresso's Defiance and Loreweave are excellent choices.


Ideally, you'll want an iLvl 83 Jewelled Foil with high PDPs and crit.

The stats on it should look like:

  • % Increased Phys damage
  • Adds # to # Physical damage
  • Increased Attack Speed
  • Increased Critical Strike Chance
  • Crit multi or chance to impale enemies on attack


A mix of offensive and defensive flasks is going to work great for this build.

  • Life Flask of Staunching - getting bleed removal and bleed immunity is crucial for high level content where you might degen from bleed faster than you can blink.
  • Diamond Flask - for getting crits more often.
  • Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline - a quicksilver with additional movement speed is BiS on most builds.
  • Lion's Roar - the strongest offensive unique flask that synergizes well with this build because it gives you physical damage.
  • Basalt Flask (preferably warding) - basalt flask will give you physical mitigation which is crucial for this build as you'll often find yourself next to opponents. Additionally, warding is a great mod to have as you will be immune to curses.
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