Path of Exile Synthesis Memory Nexus Detailed Guide

March 10, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Path of Exile Memory Nexus Synthesis PoE Detailed Guide Tips And Tricks Strategies Memory Fragments And Nodes

Path of Exile Synthesis (3.6) launched two days ago, and it introduced a whole lot of new puzzle-like mechanics to the game. The Synthesis league mechanics are very unique and quite rewarding but when you start fiddling with the Memory Nexus you'll be surprised how complex some things can be. In this Path of Exile Synthesis Memory Nexus Detailed Guide we'll go over the key points on what we currently know about the Memory Nexus and Zone modifiers, along with some general tips and tricks for those that are doing Fragmented Memory zones. Information in this Memory Nexus guide is a subject to change as there's still a lot that we are yet to discover within the latest Synthesis league.

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The information in this PoE Memory Nexus guide article applies to Path of Exile on PC, Xbox and PS4.

Fragmented Memories

The Fragmented Memories are Synthesis specific zones that you'll be able to encounter once you reach a certain zone in Act 1. They are similar to Alva's Incursion portals, where you go to a portal and you've got a set amount of time to complete it before it throws you out. Your goal is to help Cavas explore his lost memories by going through these portals and activating the memory stabilizers within them. Mapping memories involves activating several stabilizers within these portals and don't worry about loot because it works like the Delve Cart and Incursion mechanic, once you're out of the portal it will throw out all the loot that dropped from that zone.
Memory runs will of course contain a variety of new enemies which are far more powerful, especially considering their density. A very dangerous Synthesis Memory mechanic is the blue edge on the zones you run, standing in there will cause massive degeneration to your health or ES (works like the Delve darkness) so be extremely careful as they're much deadlier than their Delve counterpart. The dark blue "darkness" acts as a time-limit on memory runs as the edge of the memory will “chase” you throughout your runs so be careful if you're playing on the Hardcore Synthesis league.

Tips for collecting the memories

  • Stabilizers always spawn in a certain pattern - top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. Depending on how many stabilizers spawn in a memory zone, one of each will be found at each of those locations.
  • Once you've stabilized the memory, you can fast forward the destabilization of it by clicking the button above your spell bar which will speed up the collapse.
  • If you've collapsed the memory zone, you can leave quickly by going into the blue collapsing area which will teleport you out and spawn loot.

Graphical Summary of Synthesis Memory mechanics

Path of Exile Synthesis League Guide Graphical Detailed Explanations Of Synthesis Mechanics Summary
This picture was posted by Spidermari on Reddit.

Memory Nexus

Path of Exile Memory Nexus Synthesis PoE Detailed Guide Tips And Tricks Strategies Memory Fragments And Nodes Memory Map
Path of Exile Memory Nexus Synthesis PoE Detailed Guide Tips And Tricks Strategies Memory Fragments And Nodes Memory Map Zone Mods

After you've helped Cavas recover some of his memories, he'll take you to the Memory Nexus. From here you'll be able to use the memories you've gathered in order to create connections to the memories within the Memory Nexus-- which can contain Synthesis Bosses and extra rewards. With the said fragments you'll be able to connect various reward memories which are scattered around the map. Note that memory nodes can only be connected if the bridge is either not connecting anywhere or it's connecting to another bridge.
For example, the path leading left cannot be connected with the shown node simply because even though the one side would be connected, the top side would go onto the wall which can't be connected via a bridge and therefore it would not work. 
With the Memory Nexus being your starting point, the main goal is to connect these Memory nodes on the Memory map in order to claim various rewards such as: Synthesised chests with Jewelry, Synthesised chests with valuable prophecy items, Synthesised chests with currency items and many more. Branching out and connecting various
Each memory fragment has it's own set of modifiers-- similar to the way maps work. Unlike maps though, these memory fragment mods will combine into a global bonus across all memories so you've gotta plan ahead if you intend to create high rarity, quantity and density zones.
For example, check out this zone's mods:

The light blue modifiers are all which were added to the zone via activities on other memory zones. When you combine even more zones, imagine the loot you will be able to get.
Some mods that can appear are: More monster life, Synthesised magic monsters give increased experience, Synthesised monsters have a % increased chance to drop currency, % Increased rarity of items dropped by Synthesised monsters, Synthesised rare monsters have a % chance to drop Jewels, Divination Cards and Elder Items...There are many more Synthesis mods to be discovered, so be careful exile!

So how do we expand the amount of modifiers on memory zones in the nexus?

There are two main things you'll be looking for:

Memory Modifier nodes Path of Exile Memory Nexus Synthesis PoE Detailed Guide Tips And Tricks Strategies Memory Fragments And Nodes Memory Modifier

 Memory node Amplifiers

Path of Exile Memory Nexus Synthesis PoE Detailed Guide Tips And Tricks Strategies Memory Fragments And Nodes Memory Node Amplifier
Path of Exile Memory Nexus Synthesis PoE Detailed Guide Tips And Tricks Strategies Memory Fragments And Nodes Memory Node Replacements
Path of Exile Memory Nexus Synthesis PoE Detailed Guide Tips And Tricks Strategies Memory Fragments And Nodes Memory Node Replacing Decayed Area
Path of Exile Memory Nexus Synthesis PoE Detailed Guide Tips And Tricks Strategies Memory Fragments And Nodes Memory Modifier Device

As you can see, the Memory Amplifier shown above has the "Grants an additional global mod to memories connected in a sequence to the memory placed on this location" mod, which means that one modifier will apply to ALL memories that are currently connected to it (goes through the Memory Nexus too).
The key to getting as many global mods as possible is to plan your Memory zones ahead, which means that you should look at the number below the nodes which indicates how many runs you've got before the node crumbles. Having replacement nodes ready will mean that you'll rarely be losing out on any of the mods because you'll always have them connected (see example picture).

Replacing Nodes will be essential because as you can see, the node next to number 3 is not turned on yet, which means that any global modifiers on the connected path will not be global until all of the paths are turned on. In order to do so, you'll have to turn on the stabilizers at said nodes. There is no teleportation, which means you'll have to run from the start, through all of the connected nodes, until you get to the desired node you want to turn on. This will cause the "crumble number" to be reduced by 1 each time. In this case, if we want to turn on the node next to number 3, we'll collapse 1, 2 and 3, which will then need replacements we circled on the Memory node inventory.
By running through a collapsing memory (with 1 uses left) you won't have time to loot as they'll be decaying like the Fragmented memories you started running after Act 1, but don't worry, they'll drop loot at the end once you stabilized the area at the stabilizer.

After finishing an Area that has 1 uses and stabilizing it, you'll see it turned into a "Decayed Area". This Memory zone node will stay on the map until you go to the next zone through the Memory Void, opening the Memory map, right clicking the Decayed Area and pressing "Remove this memory". By doing so, you'll remove it from the map (since it has zero uses, it's useless anyway) and you can continue to replace it with a memory zone that can fit there. To do so you must click the Memory Stabiliser device twice from the zone after it, clicking once will start the zone you're in (be careful, Synthesis monsters will instantly swarm onto you, kill them and then continue safely) and then clicking for a second time will stabilise the zone before and make a bridge.
Finally, reaching a Memory Zone node that has a Memory modifier, you'll have to run the zone quickly and find the Memory modifier area within that zone.

Clicking the Memory Modifier will apply the "Modifier Pulse" to the Memory Map, and it will add a certain mod to all the zones connected to it.

Synthesis Memory Fragment Area List

Note that the table is not fully mobile responsive at the moment.

Abandoned Shaft Memory1750Small
Abandoned Shaft Memory45100Medium
Aftermath Memory3950Small
Aftermath Memory45100Medium
Bleak Halls Memory45100Medium
Bloodbath Memory3150Small
Bloodbath Memory45100Medium
Bloodsoaked Arena Memory4050Small
Bloodsoaked Arena Memory45100Medium
Burial Grounds Memory45100Medium
City Park Memory45100Medium
Cliffside Path Memory4850Small
Cliffside Path Memory48100Medium
Collection Memory4650Small
Collection Memory46100Medium
Deep Dig Memory3650Small
Deep Dig Memory45100Medium
Detention Centre Memory45100Medium
Effluvia Memory45100Medium
Eroded Chamber Memory650Small
Eroded Chamber Memory45100Medium
Eternal Residence Memory3450Small
Eternal Residence Memory45100Medium
Exchange Memory2850Small
Exchange Memory45100Medium
Glacial Cavern Memory35Small
Glacial Cavern Memory650Small
Glacial Cavern Memory45100Medium
Grim Sepulchre Memory4650Small
Grim Sepulchre Memory46100Medium
Grim Woods Memory45100Medium
Infested Temple Memory1950Small
Infested Temple Memory45100Medium
Infested Tomb Memory56100Medium
Labour Camp Memory45100Medium
Limestone Hollow Memory650Small
Limestone Hollow Memory45100Medium
Lush Wetlands Memory2150Small
Lush Wetlands Memory45100Medium
Moonlight Temple Memory60100Medium
Mushroom Grotto Memory650Small
Mushroom Grotto Memory45100Medium
Overgrowth Memory45100Medium
Palace Grounds Memory45100Medium
Pristine Palace Memory2950Small
Pristine Palace Memory45100Medium
Reading Chambers Memory3250Small
Reading Chambers Memory45100Medium
Reclaimed Temple Memory1750Small
Reclaimed Temple Memory45100Medium
Ritual Memory4550Small
Ritual Memory45100Medium
River Crossing Memory56100Medium
Rockpools Memory52100Medium
Rocky Mesa Memory35Small
Rocky Mesa Memory650Small
Rocky Mesa Memory45100Medium
Salted Earth Memory3650Small
Salted Earth Memory45100Medium
Sandbar Memory12Small
Sandbar Memory650Small
Sandbar Memory45100Medium
Shanty Town Memory2650Small
Shanty Town Memory45100Medium
Slave Blocks Memory4350Small
Slave Blocks Memory45100Medium
Sprawling Caverns Memory1750Small
Sprawling Caverns Memory45100Medium
State Palace Memory59100Medium
Temple Ruins Memory45100Medium
Undercroft Memory45100Medium
Volcanic Plateau Memory3950Small
Volcanic Plateau Memory45100Medium
Waterfront Memory51100Medium
Woods Memory1550Small
Woods Memory45100Medium
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