Remnant: from the Ashes Mod Tier List

August 19, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Weapon Mod Tier List Remnant From The Ashes Best Strongest Gun Mods Abilities And Top Spells Skills

Weapon mods are special skills and modifications to the firearms you can find in Remnant: from the Ashes. There's a plethora of different gun mods that the player can use for both offensive and defensive purposes. If you've ever played games that have character skills and abilities, weapon mods are like them. You'll have to fill up a special "mana" gauge in order to use a weapon mod's ability. Mods can be changed on most weapons, unless a mod is built-in on a boss weapon. Additionally, mods can be acquired from crafting, boss drops and purchased from merchants. In this Remnant: from the Ashes Mod Tier List you'll find the full compilation of Gun Mods and which are the best and strongest Weapon abilities.

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Weapon Mod Tier List Descriptors

A Tier - Powerful. Remnant: from the Ashes Weapon Mods which are very popular in the most recent patch of the game. These special abilities are really strong and you won't be disappointed by any of them.

B Tier - Balanced. Remnant: from the Ashes Weapon Mods which are currently balanced. Any of these will be fine for casual players, but if you're trying to speed-run or don't like dying a lot, you'll want to pick a stronger mod.

C Tier - Underpowered. Remnant: from the Ashes Gun Mods which are currently not that useful as they lack damage or defensive usability.

Gun Mod Tier List

Note - all Weapon Mods should be fine for casual players but if you want to maximize your build and make it better, follow the tiers below.

A Tier

Flicker Cloak surrounds the caster with a shield that absorbs 200% of their HP as incoming damage. A great survivability spell that works versus both melee and ranged damage which is great for solo sustain.

Breath of the Desert is a great mid range skill that spawns 7 particles which auto-aim enemies, dealing 80 on-hit Radiation damage each. This skill is incredible and absolutely melts bosses.

Mender's Aura is another awesome support skill that 10 health per second for 10 seconds. It heals within a big aoe so it's perfect for co-op games where you play with allies.

Hot Shot, an absolute beast weapon mod that imbues ammo with fire for up to 30 seconds. Hits dealt with Hot Shot active will do 20% bonus damage and have a chance to light the enemy up, dealing 100 damage over 10 seconds.

Hunter's Mark is an absolutely overpowered gun mod that increases critical strike chance by 15% on all enemies within a 40M radius. It also boosts the critical strike chance of allies, being a BiS mod for crit builds in both solo and party play.

Skewer deals a lot of damage. 125 Damage on hit, along with 300% additional stagger damage and 150 bleed damage over 15 seconds makes it a solid choice for these types of builds.

Song of Swords is a ridiculously strong damage increasing aura. It can buff all the allies' damage by up to 30% and lasts for half a minute. Excellent skill for support builds in party play.

Blink Token is a great skill for quick re-positioning as it allows you to teleport up to 13 meters away while also dealing a bit of damage.

Undying is probably one of the best solo player weapon mods out there. It revives the caster with 33% health when he dies. On top of that, it also reduces all incoming damage by 25% and grants immunity to status effects for a whopping 10 seconds.

Howler's Immunity is also a very strong aura because it reduces all incoming damages of the caster and his allies by 30% for 30 seconds. It's a great aura to have on support builds for co-op playthroughs.

B Tier

Rattle Weed spawns a plant which can take up to 224 damage and draws aggro from enemies. It can be used as a distraction for long ranged builds, but that's about it.

Mantle of Thorns is a powerful defensive close combat mod that reduces melee damage taken by 50% and reflect 200% of the damage back to the attacker. It has a long uptime of 60 seconds which is great versus melee enemies. In most cases you won't find yourself getting hit by melee so its use is limited.

Seed Caller summons a Root Hollow ally with 150 HP that deals 56 damage per hit on enemies and lasts 30 seconds. It is an okay skill for solo play.

Radioactive Volley is an interesting ability because of it's "shotgun" mechanics. The skill fires 6 projectiles that can bounce off of walls and deal damage to enemies multiple times.

Veil of the Black Tear makes an energy field that shields you and your allies for 300 Damages while you're inside it. Useful for party play, but it's tricky to use because you can get knocked out of the force field.

Storm Caller makes an electrical storm that deals 40 Shock damage to nearby enemies for 12 seconds. It's a good skill but not exactly top-tier.

Beckon spawns a Wasteland Skull that shoots projectiles which deal 15 damage on each enemy. It lasts for 60 seconds which is quite a long up time, good sidekick.

Hive Shot fires a projectile that deals 20 on hit damage and also spawns a cloud of deadly insects. Comes equipped on the Hive Cannon when you craft one.

Iron Sentinel summons a fully automatic Turret which shoots 5 times per second and deals 3 damage per shot and it lasts 20 seconds. The low uptime makes it not worth it in some cases.

Flame Thrower is not all that good because it relies heavily on DoT (damage over time). It deals 150 Fire Damage to enemies for 10 seconds and well. Though, it comes built-in into the Spitfire which is a solid weapon.

C Tier

Swarm unleashes insects that deal 5 Corrosive damage per hit for 20 seconds. As it's radius is only 20M, you'll have to get very close to enemies. Aditionally, there's much better skills for doing damage than this one.

Corrosive Aura projects a 10m field that reduces enemies' armor by 20% for 30 seconds. It's an alright skill, but mostly aimed at close combat which is not really worth it in Remnant.

Static Field Shot has interesting mechanics, you do 40 Shock Damage with a projectile and apply a debuff. The enemy will then explode when they get close to you, dealing 200 damage within a radius. Although it sounds great, it's not really all that usable.

We hope you've found our Remnant: from the Ashes Weapon Mod tier list useful and found the best gun mods for your character. If you're just starting out in Remnant go check our other guides!
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