Remnant: from the Ashes Trait Tier List

August 19, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Trait Tier List Remnant From The Ashes Best Traits Strongest Character Perk Upgrades And Passive Skills

Traits are passive abilities that provide your character much needed offensive and defensive boosts. They are obtained through various ways: progressing the game, finishing quests and finding secret passages. Every Traits starts at level 1 and can be ranked up by spending Trait Points. Ranking up a Trait skill gives it higher bonuses so picking the best Traits to level up in Remnant: from the Ashes is an important part of the game. A thing to note is that you can respec the Traits later in the game, but you'll obviously want to know what are the best Traits in Remnant: from the Ashes once you start out. In this Remnant: from the Ashes Trait Tier List you'll find character Perks categorized within Tiers depending on their viability, how strong they are and whether they are worth leveling up.

Note - Remnant: from the Ashes just came out. As such, this list is a subject to change after patches which will buff and nerf certain traits. Additionally, this list may not contain all the traits at the moment because not all have been discovered but we'll keep it up to date.

After you kill the final boss Dreamer/Nightmare you'll get a consumable called "Orb of Undoing" which will respec ALL your traits, even the traits you unlock that start with 1. You can also buy it from Reggie for 2,500 scrap.

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Trait Tier List Descriptors

A Tier - Powerful. Remnant: from the Ashes Traits which are generally most picked among a variety of character builds and loadouts. These Perks are really strong and you won't be disappointed by any of them while you progress through the game.

B Tier - Balanced. Remnant: from the Ashes Traits which are currently balanced, which means that they're between the best and worst tiers. These Perks are useful in most situations but sub-optimal compared to the A tier Traits.

C Tier - Underpowered. Remnant: from the Ashes Traits which are currently not strong as they lack either damage, supportive stats or simple usefulness. Leveling any of these Traits will most of the time make you rethink your choices.

Perk Tier List

The position of a Trait within a set tier doesn't increase its importance.

A Tier

Vigor - the Vigor trait increases Health. It's a great trait for new players and beginners which find themselves dying and getting hit a lot. If you don't want to get one-shot it's always good to level it a bit.

Exploiter - the Exploiter trait increases Weak Spot damage. While it might not seem like a huge amount, it actually adds up to a huge damage boost when you're running a weak spot damage character loadout.

Quick Hands - reload speed matters a lot in a game with swarms of enemies like this one. When paired with Trigger Happy it becomes BiS Trait for fast paced Assault Rifle setups.

Mother's Blessing - the Mother's Blessing trait decreases damage taken from ranged attacks. This is a great all-round defense trait that most should have simply because it reduces ALL types of ranged damage.

Glutton - the Glutton trait increases the use time of Consumables. Glutton is a great perk to have during late game where you're forced to chug consumables all the time if you want to survive.

Executioner - the Executioner trait increases your critical strike chance. It's a MUST HAVE perk for critical hit builds (and why wouldn't you run one?)...

Kingslayer - the Kingslayer trait increases your critical strike damage. Kingslayer is ridiculously strong when paired with Executioner and its value per point is totally worth it.

Mind's Eye - the Mind's Eye trait increases ranged damage dealt. Yes, this increase works on all types of ranged damage with any weapon.

Bark Skin - the Bark Skin trait increases Armor. It's a strong trait that should definitely be used through early to mid game.

Guardian's Blessing - the Guardian's Blessing trait decreases damage taken from melee attacks. Again, a good all-round defense trait versus all melee damage. Pair this one with Mother's Blessing and your character will be good on defenses.

Trigger Happy - the Trigger Happy trait increases weapon fire rate. Use Trigger Happy with Quick Hands and you've got yourself a strong base for a build. Very popular trait for high attack speed guns with good stats.

B Tier

Endurance - the Endurance trait increases Stamina. While dodging enemy hits is very important, the use of Endurance is kind of limited when you compare it to other traits. It's a good to have, balanced trait.

Spirit - the Spirit trait increases mod power generation. It's best used as a support trait. If you're playing solo then this trait is not that useful compared to others.

World Walker - the World Walker trait decreases Stamina usage. Same as Endurance, it's alright at best.

Keeper's Blessing - the Keeper's Blessing trait increases your elemental resistance. Keeper's Blessing is a nice trait for players that get hit very often and don't know boss mechanics. Most skilled players won't have a use case for it.

Shadow Walker - the Shadow Walker trait decreases enemy awareness. It is a good perk for stealth builds but that's about it.

Elder Knowledge - the Elder Knowledge trait increases experience gain by your character.

Scavenger - the Scavenger trait increases the amount of Scrap you get. A very useful trait for those that are still going to craft gear. On the other hand, useless for those with full builds.

Recovery - the Recovery trait increases the value of Stamina regeneration and decreases its start delay. Like other Stamina perks, balanced but not really worth leveling a lot.

Handling - the Handling trait reduces gun spread and recoil. Useful for a handful of builds such as Shotgun loadouts.

Catalyst - the Catalyst trait increases the chance to proc Status effects when hitting an enemy. Good in some scenarios.

Triage - the Triage trait increases health regeneration effectiveness. It's good early-mid game when you've got the Twisted Set with a Blood Font ring on a tank character.

Will to Live - the Will to Live trait increases your overall health when you're wounded. This one may or may not be useful, it's certainly somewhere between the B and C tier. It can prevent fast one-shots in some scenarios but that's about it.

Cold as Ice - the Cold as Ice trait increases damage dealt to enemies from behind. Alright versus bosses, but when you fight packs of monsters you're rarely going to be able to get behind more than one.

C Tier

Teamwork - the Teamwork trait increases Teamwork Range by 1 meter per point. It's obviously only usable in co-op games with other players, but even then it's pretty much useless in comparison to other traits.

Warrior - the Warrior trait increases Melee damage of the character. Melee is not really a thing that's currently viable for all content.

Arcane Strike - the Arcane Strike trait increases mod power generation on melee hit. Again, Melee builds are not a thing right now.

Revivalist - the Revivalist trait increases revival speed. Only usable in co-op games, even then it's useless since a good team will rarely go down.

We hope you've found this Remnant: from the Ashes Trait Tier List useful, if we're missing any Traits in this collection, feel free to leave us a comment below.
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