Ring of Elysium Ultimate Winning Guide

December 8, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Ring of Elysium RoE Ultimate Winning Guide

This Ring of Elysium Ultimate Winning Guide is focused on giving you all the important information about strategies, tips and tricks on how to maximize your win rate. As a beginner you'll often be having a hard time winning a game unless you've already played similar battle-royale games. The guide is very beginner friendly and is a recommended read for anyone interested in improving their skill in Ring of Elysium. This guide was written by ^ ^1👌Ligma.

Table of contents

  1. Spawning
  2. Looting Phase
  3. Mid Game
  4. Late Game
  5. Tips and Tricks

Ring of Elysium Spawning Strategy

Ring of Elysium RoE Ultimate Winning Guide Best Pack

So, first of all, your kit/pack.
It defines your mobility and carry weight.
Ignore the bars that represent your carry weight as they are misleading. Gliders have a default 200 carry weight, Snowboarders have 250 and finally Climbers have 300, the difference isn't that big.
However, i will highly suggest you use the glider kit because:
-High Mobility
-That's pretty much it
No, really, that's all you really need, with some height you can travel great distances, this kit is specially good for hit n' run tactics and to quickly rush in by flying towards them (ie: You are fighting on buildings, you can just jump from your building to the enemies' building and surprise them).
Not to take importance from the other kits but, really, Snowboarding cant get you quite as far (and safely) as the glider. Climbing kit is basically suicide if you want to actually climb since its very slow, besides that, ziplining is actually cool and can get you up mountains pretty fast. HOWEVER, when you're on a zipline you can only go through a pre-defined path and can only go forwards or backwards, which means, you can be shot more easily by enemies camping the end of the zipline.
Now, on to deciding WHAT is the best ROE location to spawn.
Spawning close to the middle is your best bet since being in the middle means being generally closer if not inside the first couple of zones which means traveling less and being able to loot for longer.
Now, I have marked the areas where I usually spawn (do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT spawn at Sigel Castle if you want to survive. More on this later). Since I normally have the Gliding Kit, its better to spawn in the northern side of the map since is generally higher/has big mountains that work as jumping points to start gliding.

RoE Looting Phase

As soon as you spawn in, get into a house, and loot, pretty simple stuff even beginner's find easy.
However, since we're using a Glider kit, we need to be really picky about what we loot since we can't carry everything we'd want. Looting priority goes as follows:
1.- SMG for spraying at close range
2.- AR/DMR for mid range tapping
3.- Sniper/Origin12 (sniper takes priority here, you only want the shotgun for surprise rushes.)
Believe me, this exact set up has worked for me many more times than it should have.
Let me explain why:
First of all, the SMG for CQC, MPX is the best for this, decent spread and recoil, integrally silenced, tied for highest damage with the MP5, however, faster ROF which makes it (to me) the better option. The sole reason you'd want to get an SMG is for the faster strafing speed (the speed at which you move when you are aiming your weapon), which also works in aim mode (when you hold your Aim button instead of tapping it when are in TPP) which is masterful for quick shoulder peaking with any SMG.
People often say that an SMG with a compensator/flash hider is better because it lowers recoil. Lets be honest here, SMGs are for CQC only, and in cqc, recoil isn't as important as raw DPS. Recoil is only important when shooting at range and that's what our 2nd slot weapon is there for. Vector is decent as well... However it needs a stock to not be bad (also, -2 dmg compared to MPX/MP5) and its ammo is a little heavier which isn't convenient. Beware of the range and projectile speeds since they're quite low, this is another reason why we don't use SMGS outside ~10-15 meters. You will mostly use this with Ironsights or a holo/red-dot if available, I often use the 2nd slot to save an extra 2x/4x for my other weapons as i don't want to have it laying around in my inventory taking space.
Onto the AR/DMR. Often times filled by a fully decked out M4a1, MK12 or a G28 in my case (MK12 takes priority since it uses 5.56 ammo and has higher dmg than the M4). It can be basically any AR/DMR that is not the LVOA-C or FAMAS due to their sub-par damages and recoil (both have 34dmg vs M4 at 37). The focus on this is to have a weapon designated for Semi-auto fire, maybe controller bursts, but mainly semi-auto. Obviously thought for mid range, this is basically for anything past 10 meters, where your SMG needs you to lead too much to hit targets. Preferably with a 2x and a 4x swapping them as needed.
Finally, the Sniper. Not much to talk about here, it's a sniper. However, in the case you have this slot free, a shotgun is never a bad thing, specially if it's an Origin12 + Choke, you will be able to 1-2 hit-kill anything that you come across. If it's a non-Mosin sniper, make sure you got at least a 4x available for it, else, just stick with Mosin. Only used for headshots, yes, if you cant get a headshot, don't even bother, just use your DMR instead. The focus of the sniper is to be able to quickly kill someone, that's it, I have used snipers in CQC before when I know they cant rush an we're pretty much just peeking corners, those are perfect occasions for an easy snipe.
Also, of note, I normally carry 2-3 extra full reloads worth of ammo for each of my guns, for snipers I carry about 30 bullets. And talking about ammo, whenever possible, you want to your 2nd (and eventually will become your most used weapon as we're only gonna use our SMG for close range and in mid-late games, most gunfights happen at medium-long range so yeah) weapon¿s to be 5.56, this is because this is the weapon that most ammo is going to use and so, it is the one that will have the most reserve ammo. For TRUE snipers I mostly only reserve 30 bullets since I'm not gonna be shooting that much with it and I've never spent my sniper's full reserve, even when picking it up early
This is my most common set up right here:
Note the exaggerated amount of meds I have on me, this, while not being a necessity, it is recommended to stick to at least 6 first aids or more if you can for the late game

Mid Game

After looting, first area should have about 3-4 minutes left. Simply put, you got plenty of time to just find better loot and get into the safe-zone in case you're not already in it.
Now, this point is crucial, many games are won and lost at this stage. Now, remember, you can only win by staying alive, killing others is just a means to an end. THIS IS NOT DEATHMATCH, you don't have to kill everyone you see. This is a common mistake, you see someone and your brain goes ape and opens fire. I know it, and let me tell you, chief, that's not it...
Do not, and I repeat, do not open fire at first glance, you want to make sure you can actually kill whoever you're shooting, don't just open fire mindlessly. When you open fire, you are telling everyone where you're at. First think about what can happen if the people around you know where you are, even worse, you can tell your exact position if you need to fire too many followup shots.
So just don't open fire unless you can commit for the kill, if you're going to reveal your position, make it worth it.
Make sure you move from cover to cover, building to building, avoid using vehicles unless absolutely necessary (ie: inside danger zone and no high places to glide from) since they are just big machines of "hey, everyone, I'm here" and most importantly: Don't run out in the open unless absolutely obligatorily, incredibly necessary, always glide whenever possible to ensure maximum speed+stealth.
However, a lot of the game implies running out in the open, so, just try to not do it too often and always make sure to be stacking up on meds, you will need them... And to always be on the look out, if you hear shots, don't go there, specially when out in the open, often times, whoever is shooting is up a mountain/hill surrounded by cover most of the time, you will need to move where they are which I shouldn't mention is already loud as it is, but also, you're most likely only gonna have a few trees as cover and that is not convenient at all.
You want to always take engagements at the most advantageous times possible. Proper cover? Check. Escape route if needed? Check. Can actually get the kill? Check. Often times you can get away with just shooting at whoever you see but at the very least ensure you can get the kill not by spamming shots but by being able to place your shots on your target. A good idea is to get closer if you aren't confident on your aim at long ranges, I do that a lot and it works for me.
A trick I like to do is, if the safe zone is not too far (say, 500-1000 meters) I wait for it to be only 50 seconds left for the next zone on a high mountain and I glide over to the safe zone. The objective of this is to have as much air possible so the moment the next safe zone is revealed, you just glide over there and use the remaining time to loot for better items or kill players along the way.
Besides all of that, you want to play re-actively, that means, don't act on something unless you have to, remember that, again, you win this game by outlasting other players, killing comes second.
For me, I often go into very VERY boring portions in this phase of the game, since we're trying to stay safe, it means playing passively, sometimes even outright camping in houses. There's absolutely no shame to camp in a game where survival is the key to win, you WILL need to camp here and there ~when necessary~ to avoid death to increase your chance of winning a Ring of Elysium match.
NOT camping, or not doing "boring waiting" (as one of the randoms on a squad I carried to victory said) just because its "boring" or "only noobs" does it OR "I wanna kill people" is exactly why this phase is the one that weeds out the players. In fact in late game (last 2 zones) there is almost always about 10 people left, being NOT a "noob" and deciding never to camp for the sake of pride WILL get you killed.
However, I am not asking you to camp all match long, I'm pretty aggressive but only when I deem it necessary or convenient. A very good example of good aggressiveness is when I'm gliding and see a player running around in the open, not really paying attention, I land close to him and empty my SMG on his back, they can hear you land but sometimes the sound is muffled by their own footsteps which gives you a good chance to kill them, loot and move on.

Late Game

Ok, we're at the final zone, helicopter is about to arrive, what to do?
First of all, you should be stacked on meds, second of all you should be armed to the teeth and third but not least, you should be taking cover be it inside of a building or behind objects.
Now, helicopter spawns in, watch where it spawns. Do not run to it, rushing it doesn't work most of the time, just take your time, you want to close in on the helicopter using the border of the area, basically, reducing the chances of being shot in the back as the only thing on your back will be the icy wall separating your zone from the black zone.
You want to position yourself at ~50 meters from the helicopter in order to keep it in sight when the storm comes because believe me, it will come before you can board.
Now, I know this doesn't sound pretty but, yeah, its the only way to win, just watch ladder, you can decide whether or not to shoot anyone trying to board. you want to wait for your chance.
Now, this is not all, you want to keep an eye on the minimap as it will be pinging and revealing enemies (AND YOU FOR THEM) so stay on your toes.
Someone gets too close? Prepare to fight them.
Also, don't be afraid of rushing campers, they are campers for a reason, they will wait you out since the game has an adrenaline mechanic which, after killing an enemy on the last zone, you will be immune to ymir's DOT effect for ~6-7 seconds which is enough to climb the ladder so yeah, they will often times wait you until you either decide to go for the kill or risk getting shot while boarding which is usually what happens.
If waiting a chance isn't your thing, you can carefully close in on the helicopter but instead of going for a board, just rush whoever is closer (and with little cover, this will be easier the more you know the map, don't worry if rushing doesn't work).
I like to close in on the helicopter on increments, meaning, I don't slowly move in, I go from cover to cover, sprinting and quickly stopping, scanning the area, assessing the best next cover then moving on. Then kill anyone and everyone that comes into my sights, even the ones who aren't even paying attention to me.
However, many times, there's a guy far away, if the last guys are too far you can take the opportunity to sneak and board in.
Also, don't rely too much on the reveal mechanic, it will sometimes bug and not show everyone which can lead to some frustrating eventualities.

Ring of Elysium Tips and tricks

  • Grenades are important, use them. I usually carry 2 grenades and 1 smoke. Smokes are very versatile, either use them to deny vision OR use it to mask your footsteps for a rush.
  • Never open fire unless you can commit for the kill, else, just try not to shoot everything that moves. Wait for a better chance if you aren't sure you can make the shot.
  • Always be on the lookout, check every corner and look right/left every now and then to make sure you don't have enemies on your flanks.
  • Going barefoot will change footstep sounds, in result, SOME of the footstep sounds for barefoot are lower volume/not quite as loud as normal footsteps.
  • I mentioned NOT spawning in Sigel Castle, here's why: people often spawn in there because its right in the middle (which, as I said is a good thing). HOWEVER, it is also one of the most active spawning zones in the game. 99% of matches it will be infested with +7 players and if there's THAT many people in a city where you can't really get out off unless running out in the open or climbing a very open mountain often means you are probably gonna die right there. There's also the fact that, loot is randomized, you might sometimes only have a single house to loot, and if you don't get good stuff, you are as good as dead.
  • Generally, avoid spawning in over populated areas and/or too close to players until you get comfortable with the game. That being said, if you are aggressive by nature, there's no better way to learn than to putting yourself in the need to fight as often as possible, which implies spawning close to other players.

Like with any other shooter game, in order to win you'll have to play a lot to get used to the game mechanics and learn different strategies but this Ring of Elysium Ultimate Winning Guide should give you a rough estimate on how to play in order to win more games.

This guide was written by ^ ^1👌Ligma.

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