Spellbreak Upcoming Battle Royale Game Has Great Potential

October 21, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Spellbreak Upcoming Wizard Battle Royale Game Has Great Potential

As mentioned in the title, Spellbreak is a very unique Battle Royale game that features huge Battle Royale styled maps and wizards that fight each other for survival.

As you can see from the footage above, Spellbreak seems really promising. It has stunning graphics, interesting character and spell designs.
The developers of Spellbreak (Proletariat) said: “Early in Spellbreak’s development, we decided to incorporate RPG elements, which led us to develop a system of ‘classes’ that add a significant degree of depth to how players build out their characters". “In each match, you are given the chance to select and play up to two classes. Each class contains a passive skill and three abilities that you choose and level up in a certain match.
There are currently 11 Classes in the game, each with their own unique passive and active abilities. Every class is based on an element, currently there is: fire, stone, lightning, ice, wind, and poison. The main RPG element of Spellbreak is that you can combo the skills and different elements, for example casting a poison cloud and then setting it on fire to create a giant poisonous fire ball. Each gauntlet has a primary and secondary spell variant. For instance, the poison gauntlet's primary fire is a spray, whilst clicking the secondary key will shoot out a poisonous bomb, this opens the gameplay to a lot of interesting builds and combos. Spellbreak Spell Combos Fire Poison Revealed

Spellbreak Conduit Class Revealed

Spellbreak Conduit Class Revealed Skills, Passives
The Conduit is based around the lightning gauntlet, Conduit fires three burst shots of
lightning, these shots will apply a stun if you land six of them within a short period of time. The gauntlet also provides your spell caster with a lightning storm ultimate, this is an area
of effect ability which does damage over time. If you're stuck inside of the storm keep in mind stuns are more like silences your movement speed is slightly lowered and you can't cast your attack or use your ultimate but you can still move and jump around and try to dodge abilities. The Conduit specializes in high burst damage from attacking with a lightning gauntlet, using your rune will also supply auto locked burst damage and the starting passive also grants slight mobility and elusiveness.
The Conduit's passive ability increases your spell casts or sprint speed by 20% but it'll break for a short period of time if you attack or take damage. This really helps out at quickly looting early game, creating gaps or closing them to finish off your enemy.
The first perk which Spellbreak is calling scrolls is called arc flash, depending on how many points you put into this scroll it'll cause your lightning bolt from your gauntlet to have a 25, 50 or 75 percent chance to leave behind a ball of lightning that'll strike nearby players. These balls of lightning have a chance to spawn even if you don't hit your target so that kind of helps out with those of you who may have difficulty landing your shots on an agile player. One may even consider attacking the ground around them and setting up an electric minefield that your enemies will be foolish to be near.
The second scroll is charged rune, after using your rune this scroll will fire arcs of lightning towards the nearest two three or four targets for 30 45 or 60 damage. The scroll has a three second internal cooldown preventing people from spamming. This scroll packs a powerful punch and when paired with a lightning auto attack can be extremely fatal. T
The final scroll is called lightning rod, this ability allows you to become immune to lightning storms (includes enemy lightning storms too) and every time the lightning storm strikes someone you gain 5 10 or 15 mana. This grants players the ability to heal up within their storm while also regenerating mana.


We really like this game, the art style and skills somehow remind me of Avatar, we would definitely love to write upcoming guides and news for Spellbreak if we can get our hands on a key because the gameplay looks very unique, something that has not been seen before in the Battle Royale genre.
Spellbreak is currently in Pre-Alpha without a set date for the official launch and only a selection of people have access to it. It is currently unknown whether the official game will be Free to Play or not. If you would like to test Spellbreak head over to Spellbreak's website and buy a Founder's Pack to receive a key and a bunch of goodies or apply to join the Spellbreak Free Pre-Alpha program and hope that you get selected!

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