Storm Rain Build Guide for Path of Exile

October 14, 2021
by GamerDiscovery
Storm Rain Build Guide Crit Deadeye Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge PoE

Storm Rain is a bow skill that has been added in the 3.15 League, and so far it's incredibly fun to play with! I theory crafted and league started with this build so zero currency is required for the Crit Deadeye Storm Rain Build to go through all the campaign acts and do white maps with ease. The skill gameplay is very similar to Toxic Rain's because you shoot out projectiles which do damage as they hit the ground, and then they proceed to do AoE damage as well. One of the benefits with Storm Rain is that it can shock enemies to increase its damage even further as well as zone them due to the King of the Hill node on the skill tree because this build invests heavily into critical hits. In this Storm Rain Build Guide we'll be going over the good and bad sides of the build, leveling phase, passive skill tree (PoB link), gem links, equipment and a lot more.

Table of contents

  1. Pros and Cons
  2. Passive Skill Tree (PoB link)
  3. Leveling Guide
  4. Ascendancy
  5. Pantheon
  6. Bandit choice
  7. Gems
  8. Equipment

Pros & Cons

✔ Incredible league starter
✔ Insane map clear speed
✔ Great for Expeditions, Delves and Blight
✔ Doesn't require any specific gear
✔ It's a meta skill right now, good bows may become expensive
✖ Single target is mediocre
✖ Prone to oneshots (like any evasion build)

Storm Rain Build PoB

Here's the current up to date level 91 PoB skill tree for the Storm Rain Build -
The Storm Rain Deadeye build has 174% increased life without going into the Scion life cluster. The tree picks up as much damage as possible while going crit without using any Jewels/Cluster Jewels as this is more aimed towards a league start/budget build.
If you're playing on Hardcore Scourge and prefer to get more life, simply go path into the Scion area and pick up all the life nodes instead of pathing into the Duelist area and this will get you to about 200% increased life.
All of the items found in the PoB would cost around 20 Chaos to get which makes this very budget friendly.

To use the PoB link you'll have to install Path of Building Community fork (the most popular build planning software) and import the PoB link into it.


Storm Rain is acquired at level 28 (reward for killing General Gravicious in the middle of Act 3) so you will have to use different skills to get there.
At level one grab Galvanic Arrow, Ice Shot or Split Arrow and go through the act, link one of these with Onslaught and also pick up Dash/Blink Arrow along the way.
Level 12 you can get Lightning Arrow, which will be a lot stronger than the skills you were using before. For a four link with Lightning Arrow you can use Added Cold Damage, Lesser Multiple Projectiles and Added Lightning Damage (you'll have to buy this one from another player, as Ranger doesn't get it on Nessa).
Getting to level 28 and killing General Gravicious will get you Storm Rain, the support gems for it are: LMP, Added Cold Damage and Mirage Archer. Added Cold Damage can also be swapped out for Added Lightning Damage, it is mainly preference and the one you don't use should still be leveled in another socket as it will be used eventually when LMP is swapped out.
Note - get Essence Sap as soon as possible, this skill tree node will effectively solve all mana issues this build has early on.


Deadeye is the best Storm Rain build Ascendancy at the moment because it allows you to get additional projectiles, increasing the speed at which you can ramp up the 100 Storm Rain arrows. Gale Force increases the character's survivability and speed even more, which synergizes well with the whole setup of this build.

Occupying Force (Or Ricochet) > Endless Munition > Gathering Winds > Wind Ward


Soul of Lunaris increases physical damage reduction and movement speed for each nearby enemy, making it perfect for the Storm Rain Build because monsters don't instantly die.
Soul of Tukohama adds an additional layer of physical reduction while you're stationary— very useful for boss fights because you'll be spamming Storm Rain and most often not moving a lot.


Helping Alira grants the Storm Rain build much needed resistances, mana regeneration and critical hit multiplier. All of these stats scale the character very well and the resistances + mana regeneration come in handy for SSF and league starts in particular.


Note: use Lesser Multiple Projectiles (LMP) instead of Trinity or Added Lightning Damage until you've gotten the Endless Munitions Ascendancy node.

Main Skill
Storm Rain - Mirage Archer - Added Lightning Damage - Trinity - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Faster Attacks

Herald of Ice, Herald of Thunder, Precision

Blink Arrow - Second Wind - Faster Attacks

Support Skill
Ensnaring Arrow - Ballista Totem - Faster Attacks - Multiple Totems

Additional Gems
Blood Rage - Increased Duration, Summon Ice Golem


The Bow should have +1 Arrows fired, 250+ Elemental DPS and Increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills (they're pretty cheap, I got mine for 3 Chaos Orbs).

Rare Helmet with life, resistances and high evasion.

Body Armor slot should be a five/six link evasion rare chest piece with life and resistances. A Tabula Rasa will be sufficient for the most part, and the six link makes it incredible.

Jewelry - rare rings and amulet with high life, resistances, increased elemental damage with attacks, added elemental damage to attacks (lightning/cold/fire), increased global critical strike chance.

Rare Gloves with life, attack speed, added elemental damage to attacks and high resistances.

Rare Boots with 30% movement speed, high life and resistances will suffice.

Quiver should ideally have +1 to arrows fired by bow skills but even just a Quiver with increased global critical strike chance, added elemental damage to attacks, life and resistances will be fine.

Flasks: Divine Life Flask, Diamond Flask, Sulphur Flask, Jade Flask and Quicksilver Flask (or Silver Flask for more attack speed).

Check the path of building link for the exact items I was running on day two of the last league if you're interested in seeing real item examples.

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