Teamfight Tactics Best Blademaster Build

The Blademaster Class is a very strong choice for a TFT team composition that can transition smoothly throughout the early, all the way to the late game. Blademaster 9.22 builds are a popular pick because they’re interesting to set up as you can combine multiple Origins/Classes to produce a very unique team setup that can counter a plethora of builds. In this Teamfight Tactics guide we’ll show you the best 9.22 Blademaster build comp and how to efficiently set up your team synergies to get easy TFT wins.

Blademaster Class Synergy Bonus

Blademaster Basic Attacks have a 40% chance to trigger additional attacks against their target. These additional attacks deal damage like Basic Attacks and trigger on-hit effects.

(2) → 1 Extra Attack
(4) → 2 Extra Attacks
(6) → 3 Extra Attacks

Best Blademaster Team Comp

Best Teamfight Tactics Blademaster Build Set 2 TFT Team Comp
  • Sivir
    • For the next 5 seconds, Sivir’s attacks bounce up to 10 times, dealing physical damage to enemies hit and applying On Hit effects.
  • Aatrox
    • Aatrox cleaves the area in front of him, dealing magic damage to all enemies within.
  • Yasuo
    • Yasuo blinks to the enemy with the most items and knocks them up, holding them airborne for 1 second and hitting them 3 times, dealing basic attack damage and applying On Hit effects.
  • Master Yi
    • Master Yi meditates, becoming untargetable for 1 second, healing 30% of his max health over the duration. For 6 seconds after he finishes meditating, Master Yi gains 100% attack speed and deals bonus magic damage on hit.
  • Kindred
    • Wolf mauls Kindred’s target, dealing magic damage and reducing healing by 80% to her target for 5 seconds., while Lamb leaps away from Kindred’s target.
  • Sion
    • Sion winds up for a moment, then smashes his axe down in a direction, dealing damage to and knocking up all enemies hit.
  • Malzahar
    • Malzahar creates a shadow portal, summoning 2 Shadow Spawn. The Shadow Spawn hit for magic damage each attack. Shadow Spawn benefit from active Shadow trait bonuses.
  • Janna
    • Janna summons a Monsoon, healing all allies in the area for % of their max health over 3 seconds. Nearby enemies are knocked back and stunned for 1 second.
  • Kha’Zix
    • Kha’zix goes invisible and attacks the lowest health enemy, critically striking and gaining 5 mana.

In case you get 2 Spatulas, you can two of the items that turn a non-blademaster unit into one, allowing you to get the (6) Blademaster bonus!

Final Blademaster Team Bonuses

This Blademaster Team Comp has: (4 or 6) Blademaster, (4) Shadow, (2) Desert, (2) Mystic and (2) Cloud.

Blademaster Team Comp Guide

Early Game

It’s close to impossible to get a strong Blademaster team going in the early game, therefore you’ll have to play a different composition and switch to Blademasters once you have at least two. Another great strategy that works wonders in Blademaster teams in set 2 is to go on a lose streak in order to acquire a gold advantage over other players, then later rolling and leveling up with that extra gold. Doing so will maximize your chances of obtaining the four Blademasters that you need, which will skyrocket your team’s overall power.

Mid Game

Once you’ve obtained at least 40 Gold you can start looking to transition into the Blademaster build. Having at least two Blademaster units will be enough damage as you’ll also accompany them with at least two Shadows: Malzahar and Kindred/Sion preferably. This team will be able to carry you through the middle game– or at least maximize the loss of life from lost rounds. The main strategy still applies, bank up gold and keep collecting all the Shadows and Blademasters so you can run the (4) Shadow (4) Blademaster comp when you enter the late game rounds.

Another thing to note is that you should always run for the Spatula in Carousel rounds as turning two other Shadow units into Blademaster will skyrocket your team’s damage output which is already very high.

Late Game

During late game is when Blademaster team comps start to shine as you acquire (4) Blademaster and (4) Shadows. At this point in the game the main goal is to keep improving the team composition by upgrading units and leveling up so you can put in a Janna and Kha’Zix. These will grant you the (2) Mystic, (2) Desert and (2) Cloud buffs which synergize well with this team. Currently this Blademaster team composition is the best Blademaster build on official 9.22 Tier Lists for season 2.

Another thing that is key with this type of a build is positioning, as well as good itemization and you can read about these below.

Recommended Items

Sivir → Hush, Runaan’s Hurricane and Sword Breaker
Aatrox → Dragon’s Claw, Hextech Gunblade, Phantom Dancer
Yasuo → Dragon’s Claw, Frozen Gauntlet, Phantom Dancer
Master Yi → Deathblade, Guinsoo’s Gunblade and Hand of Justice
Kindred → Phantom Dancer, Seraph’s Embrace and Rabadon’s Deathcap
Sion → Dragon’s Claw, Warmog’s Armor, Phantom Dancer
Janna → Redemption, Dragon’s Claw and Hush
Malzahar → Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Morellonomicon and Spear Sho’Jin
Kha’Zix → The Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge and Seraph’s Embrace


Blademaster team comp requires great positioning skills and below is the illustration of how your units should be placed in order for you to maximize the round win rate. Sion, Yasuo and Aatrox are the main front line which peels for the hard carries such as Master Yi and Kindred so they can deal damage without getting one-shot at the round start. Janna, Kindred and Sivir will be unlikely to die early on which makes Sivir incredibly useful if you’ve got the Hush and Sword Breaker on her for the huge debuff capabilities.

Best Blademaster TFT Set 2 Positioning
We hope that you’ve found our Teamfight Tactics (TFT) 9.22 Blademaster Build Guide useful as these are currently the strongest meta blademaster team comps for both beginners and experts alike.



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