Teamfight Tactics Best Brawler Blaster Build

March 20, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Teamfight Tactics Best Brawler Blaster Build TFT Team Comp Mobile PC Guide

Both Brawlers and Blasters synergize incredibly well together because each of them lacks something that the other has. Brawlers are the tanky front-line that are desperate for damage dealers and Blasters lack the much needed front-line that the Brawlers can offer them. Overall, the Brawler Blaster build can be a hard team comp to pull of but once you do it correctly this is easily an S tier 10.7. build that will fly you through ranks on ranked play. In this Brawler & Blaster build guide you'll learn about the best ways to transition into this team comp, how to itemize your champions and position them properly.


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Brawler Synergy Bonus

Brawlers gain bonus Health points.

2 → 300 Health.
4 → 700 Health.

Blaster Synergy Bonus

Every fourth Blaster attack fires additional attacks which apply on-hit effects to enemies.

2 → 3 Additional Attacks
4 → 6 Additional Attacks

Best Brawler Blaster Team Comp

Best Brawler And Blaster Team Comp Build Champion Setup
  • Jinx
    • Passive: Jinx gets excited as she helps take down enemies.After her first takedown, Jinx gains bonus attack speed.
  • Malphite
    • Passive: Malphite starts combat with a shield equal to a percent of his maximum health.
  • Blitzcrank
    • Blitzcrank pulls the furthest enemy to him, dealing magic damage and stunning them for 2.5 seconds. The next attack after pulling knocks up for 1 second. Allies within range will prioritize attacking Blitzcrank's target.
  • Cho'Gath
    • Cho'Gath ruptures a large area, dealing magic damage and knocking up all enemies within.
  • Vi
    • Vi charges at the furthest enemy, knocking and dealing magic damage to all enemies along the way. When she reaches her target, she deals magic damage and knocks them up.
  • Lucian
    • Lucian dashes away from his current target, then Basic Attacks them and fires a second shot which deals magic damage.
  • Miss Fortune
    • Miss Fortune channels and fires waves of bullets in a cone for 2.25 seconds, dealing a percentage of enemies' maximum health in magic damage over the duration.
  • Ezreal
    • Ezreal fires an electromagnetic pulse at a random enemy that explodes on impact, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies and increases the cost of their next spell cast by 40%.

Brawler & Blaster Team Comp Guide

Early Game

This particular setup has a very strong early game as you can get (2) Brawler and (2) Blaster relatively quick with Malphite, Blitzcrank, Lucian and Ezreal. The main thing to do at this point is to keep working on your economy (saving up Gold) and trying to stay on a win/lose streak. Doing so will allow you to roll for the rest of the Brawlers much quicker than others as it's a very popular build.

Mid Game

As mentioned previously, the goal now is to roll for Cho'Gath and Vi to complete the (4) Brawler setup and make your front-line literally unkillable at this stage in the game (unless the enemy has Giant Slayer, though that's unlikely to happen). This Brawler team comp performs well even with just the 2 Blasters but keep adding more Blaster as you level up to 7 and finally 8.

Late Game

At level 8 you can finally finish your Blaster & Brawler team comp and min-max it to your needs. Add Miss Fortune and Jinx in for the (4) Blaster bonus and make sure to keep leveling your units-- level 9 is not a priority right now! It's best to go for tier 3 units as this team composition doesn't really benefit much from a 9th unit. Make sure to correctly itemize and position your champion, doing so will net you a win in most cases.

Recommended Items

Jinx -- Giant Slayer, Last Whisper and Guardian Angel.

Lucian -- Red Buff and Hand of Justice.

Miss Fortune -- Seraph's Embrace and Hand of Justice.


Best Brawler Blaster Team Comp Positioning

Cho'Gath is the primary front line as you'll want him to tank as much damage as possible when the round starts. Doing so will allow him to cast his ultimate quicker than others which will stun in a huge aoe. Additionally, Vi will also disrupt enemies with her ultimate while also pulling them away. Blitzcrank is in the back line so he pulls the furthest enemy (usually the carry) to be deleted by your blaster units. Jinx, Lucian, Miss Fortune and Ezreal in the back-line for maximum DPS without getting interrupted.

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