Teamfight Tactics Best Chrono Build

March 19, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Teamfight Tactics Best Chrono Build For TFT Mobile PC Team Comp

The Chrono origin bonus is similar to the "Rangers" that were played during SET 2 of TFT. Chrono units gain team-wide attack speed bonuses at 2/4/6 acquired and they're quite powerful as it's a simple yet effective team comp to build in 10.7 patch. If you're looking for a solid team comp that can easily land you in top 3 every game be it on mobile or pc (and isn't rng dependent as many other teams) then make sure to try out this TFT Chrono Build.


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Chrono Synergy Bonus

All allies gain attack speed every 4 seconds

2 → 15% attack speed
4 → 35% attack speed
6 → 75% attack speed

Best Chrono Team Comp

Teamfight Tactics Best Chrono Sniper Build Team Comp TFT
  • Jhin
    • Jhin's passive ability converts each 1% of bonus attack speed he has into .8 attack damage. Every fourth shot, Jhin deals bonus % attack damage.
  • Caitlyn
    • Caitlyn takes aim at the furthest enemy, firing a deadly bullet towards them that deals magic damage to the first enemy it hits.
  • Ezreal
    • Ezreal fires an electromagnetic pulse at a random enemy that explodes on impact, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies and increases the cost of their next spell cast by 40%.
  • Shen
    • Shen creates a zone around himself for a few seconds, granting all narby allies 100% chance to dodge incoming basic attacks. While active, Shen gains Magic Resist.
  • Blitzcrank
    • Blitzcrank pulls the furthest enemy to him, dealing magic damage and stunning them for 2.5 seconds. The next attack after pulling knocks up for 1 second. Allies within range will prioritize attacking Blitzcrank's target.
  • Wukong
    • Wukong spins rapidly around, dealing magic damage to nearby units over 3 seconds. The first time Wukong hits each enemy, he knocks them into the air and stuns them.
  • Twisted Fate
    • Twisted Fate throws three cards in a cone that deal magic damage to each enemy they pass through.

Chrono Team Build Guide

Early Game

Chrono units have a very strong early game as you can acquire a (4) Chrono team relatively early, along with all of the units having good ultimates. Caitlyn and Twisted Fate can carry you while you build up an economy that can support the re-rolls and leveling up to 7.

Mid Game

At level five you'll want to have Ashe, Caitlyn, Blitzcrank, Twisted Fate and Shen/Ezreal/Wukong. This will provide your team with 4 Chrono buffs as well as the 2 Sniper buff which makes Caitlyn and Ashe hyper carries during mid game, even with no items on them.

Late Game

When you've reached level 7 ideally you'll want to have the full Chrono team and 2 Snipers, always switch Ashe for Jhin as he's going to deal tremendous amounts of damage due to his attack damage scaling from attack speed conversion. Additionally, you can swap out Twisted Fate for Thresh if you get him.

Recommended Items

Ashe is a great item holder for Jhin as she will be your 2nd Sniper until you acquire him. After your Jhin is full build then you can make Shen/Wukong tankier or add ability damage items onto Ezreal for more AoE clear.

Jhin - Infinity Edge, Runaan's Hurricane, The Bloodthirster/Guardian Angel.

Wukong - Warmog's Armor, Zeyphr/Bramble West/Frozen Heart, Dragon's Claw.

Ezreal - Morellonomicon, Rabadon's Deathcap, Luden's Echo/Spear of Shojin.


Chrono Team Build Positioning Guide

Proper unit positioning in a team like this one is key because Sniper units gain damage each hex away from the enemy they're hitting. This means that ideally you'll want to have a strong front line that can tank units and keep them far away.

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