Teamfight Tactics Best Hextech Build

August 17, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best Teamfight Tactics Hextech Build Guide TFT Team Composition

The Hextech Origin is the latest addition to Teamfight Tactics that's currently available on the live TFT servers as of patch 9.17. Hextech units offer an unique buff-- they disable enemy items. As such, they're very powerful during late game when everyone has a couple of finished items though they are quite bad in the early stages of the game. At the moment, there are four different Hextech units: Camille, Jayce, Vi and Jinx. If you're looking to test Hextech team comps we've got you covered as our Teamfight Tactics Hextech Build guide covers the best Hextech team comps for each stage of the game, along some variations.

The 9.17 Hextech Team Comp in this article is viable for both Ranked and Casual TFT games!


Hextech Team Buffs

The Hextech Origin synergy may still be a subject to rework.

When combat begins, Hextech units launch a pulse bomb that deactivates enemy items in a 1/2 hex radius for 8 seconds.

Early Game

The TFT Hextech build is very weak early on in the game because enemies don't have enough items for the Hextech buff to actually be useful. On top of that, most players (especially in low elo leagues) don't even place items on their units until after Krugs. With that considered, my preferred choice is to either go Nobles or Blademasters early on. There's actually a few variants and feel free to try each of them:

Jayce, Vi, Lucian, Garen, Vayne (if you're going Gunslingers)
Jayce, Vi, Fiora, Garen, Vayne (if you're going to transition into Blademasters)
Camille, Vi, Fiora, Aatrox and Gangplank (if you want Blademasters this early)

The early game Hextech team comp you choose solely depends on which units you're going to be getting and whether you're on a win or lose streak.

Best Teamfight Tactics Hextech Build Guide TFT Team Composition Early Game

Mid Game

The middle game is when Hextech builds start being strong as everyone will place items on their units at this point. Along with that, you'll definitely have Jinx which will allow you to have 4 Hextech units. As mentioned previously, the (4) Hextech bonus is that the enemies will be unable to use any items in a bigger radius which is quite strong considering Cursed Blade and Statikk Shiv are currently very meta. Stuff like Warmog's Armor and Thornmail also get disabled-- meaning no undying Poppy, Volibear or Darius!

The core units of the mid game Hextech team comp are obviously: Jayce, Vi, Camille and Jinx. After those, you can pick any Gunslinger for Gunslinger (2) buff-- though Gangplank is preferred as once you add Draven you'll get both (2) Gunslinger and (3) Blademaster.

Make sure to keep your economy up as rushing levels will soon be a priority in order to obtain (6) Gunslinger.

Best Teamfight Tactics Hextech Build Guide TFT Team Composition Middle Game

Late Game

Sell the Draven once you reach level 7 as you'll be able to have (4) Gunslinger bonus instead. Any Gunslingers will work fine, though Miss Fortune is obviously the best one. Keep leveling up and upgrading your units as levels are very important in this build due to the playstyle of this team comp. Since Hextech disable items this means that enemies will be mostly useless for the first 8 seconds of each fight. Your goal is obviously to then kill most of the enemy units as fast as possible before they regain items.

Ideally, at level 8 you'll want: Camille, Jayce, Vi, Jinx, Gangplank, Graves, Miss Fortune and Lucian. At level 9 you're placing Tristana in as the 6th Gunslinger (more damage/utility from items as Cursed Blade is good on her).

This Hextech build will grant you: (4) Hextech, (6) Gunslinger and (3) Pirate Bonuses.

Best Teamfight Tactics Hextech Build Guide TFT Team Composition Late Game

Recommended Items

Itemization on the Hextech Teamfight Tactics build is important because all these units heavily rely on damage & utility items in order to shred opponents as quickly as possible while their items are deactivated. Jinx or Tristana are great with Runaan's Hurricane, Cursed Blade and Red Buff. Miss Fortune's best in slot items are Rabadon's Deathcap, Spear of Shojin and Morellonomicon. Tank items on Vi, Camille and Gangplank. Graves can have Infinity Edge, Red Buff and Phantom Dancer. In case you acquire The Bloodthirster, Guinsoo's Rageblade and Statikk Shiv then those are great on Lucian. Completing at least two champions with these item sets will be enough to win most games relatively easy.

Strongest Hextech Team Composition

Using the 9 unit Hextech team comp as the core, in case you get lucky and obtain Force of Nature (which is crafted from two Spatulas) which will increase your Team Size to 10, add Yasuo as he will grant you (1) Exile and (3) Blademaster synergy bonuses. Yasuo is a great, powerful unit and he can also tank quite a few hits due to Exile shields which makes him the prime choice.

In this Teamfight Tactics (TFT) 9.17 Hextech Build guide you learnt how to play the Hextech team composition and what are the best synergies for this TFT Origin. If you have any additional questions, please leave us a comment below!
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