Teamfight Tactics Best Light Build

November 5, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best Teamfight Tactics Light Build Guide TFT Light Team Composition Set 2 Season Two Comp

The Light Origin is one of the strongest synergies in the game as it offers your team composition high sustain along with huge offensive boosts so they can kill enemies quicker and win you the round. The maximum Light bonus consists of 9 units, while only 7 are actually available for you in the game. In order to reach 9 you'll have to make two other units Light by utilizing the Spatula recipe. If you want one of the top synergies in the game then Light units are the strongest choice as many pro players already play them in tournaments. In our Teamfight Tactics 9.22 Light Build Guide we're showcasing the best Light team comp for both ranked and normal TFT games.

Light Origin Synergy Bonus

When a Light champion dies, all other Light champions gain Attack Speed and are healed for 25% of their Maximum Health.

(3) Light → +10% Attack Speed
(6) Light → +20% Attack Speed
(9) Light → +35% Attack Speed

Best Light Team Comp

Best And Strongest S2 Meta Teamfight Tactics Light Build TFT Team Comp
  • Aatrox
    • Aatrox cleaves the area in front of him, dealing magic damage to all enemies within.
  • Jax
    • Jax dodges all incoming attacks for 2 seconds, then strikes all nearby units, dealing damage and stunning them for 1.5 second.
  • Nasus
    • Nasus surrounds himself in light for 7 seconds, gaining maximum health and dealing damage to adjacent enemies every second.
  • Soraka
    • Soraka calms the area around a random enemy, dealing damage to all enemies standing in the area and preventing them from gaining mana. After a while the area dissipates.
  • Vayne
    • Whenever Vayne Basic Attacks the same target 3 times, she deals % of her target's Maximum Health as true damage.
  • Yorick
    • Yorick blesses his lowest health allies except Minions of Light. When they die they are resurrected as a Minion of Light with several health and attack damage.
  • Lux
    • Lux fires an elemental blast dealing magic damage to all enemies in a line. If Final Spark kills a unit, Lux is refunded 50 mana.
  • Master Yi
    • Master Yi meditates, becoming untargetable for 1 second, healing 30% of his max health over the duration. For 6 seconds after he finishes meditating, Master Yi gains 100% attack speed and deals bonus magic damage on hit.
  • Kindred
    • Wolf mauls Kindred's target, dealing magic damage and reducing healing by 80% to her target for 5 seconds., while Lamb leaps away from Kindred's target.

A thing to note is that Master Yi and Kindred are naturally not "Light" units so you'll need to place a Talisman of Light onto at least one of them to get the 9 Light bonus.

Final Light Team Synergies

By making a Light Team Comp like the one above you'll acquire: (9) Light, (2) Shadow, (2) Blademaster, (1) Avatar, (2) Mystic and (2) Ranger.

Light Team Comp Guide

Early Game

Light units are arguably one of the strongest early game units in the game as of 9.22 meta because when you get 3-4 Light units you effectively have 75% additional life from the heals, along with a 10% attack speed boost for all champions. The main goal early on is to acquire Vayne, Nasus and Jax to get the synergy bonus and then keep building the team by adding Soraka or Aatrox and working on your economy as it's crucial if you want to search for Lux later on.

Since Light units scale the way they do, having more of them even if you can't reach a synergy bonus threshold will still prove incredibly powerful as each Light unit that dies will heal your all Light units for 25% health.

Mid Game

The Mid-game is an important stage of the game for Light Builds because you have to do a few things: a) Upgrade Units, b) Have a stable economy (50+ Gold), c) Minimize loss of life. Even though Light builds remain very powerful in the middle game you'll still want to place proper items on your champions and position them very carefully which you can read more about in the latter sections of this Light Team Guide.

Getting the (6) Light bonus is a must-have at this point and upgrade all units to level two, along with trying to search for Vayne and Nasus level 3. Master Yi and/or Kindred are not priorities yet, unless you managed to get your hands on a Spatula and Negatron Cloak to craft the much needed Talisman of Light.

Late Game

Late game is the dicey part for the Light Build. Even though having 6+ Light Units on the board is still incredibly powerful you'll eventually want to roll for Light Lux to reach (9) Light synergy because acquiring it will in most cases grant you a win afterwards. Another part that should not be overlooked is the importance of upgrading your units as the heal from Light synergy scales with champion health, meaning the more health your champion has the more it will heal once its ally dies. If itemization and positioning are done right, Master Yi will prove to be your most valuable hyper-carry in this Light lineup.

Recommended Items

Nasus → Morellonomicon, Warmog's Armor, Redemption
Vayne → Giant Slayer, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Runaan's Hurricane
Jax → Dragon's Claw, Phantom's Dancer, Iceborn Gauntlet
Aatrox → Dragon's Claw, Guardian Angel, Hextech Gunblade
Kindred → Hand of Justice, Luden's Echo x2
Soraka → Dragon's Claw, Guardian Angel, Redemption
Yorick → Dragon's Claw, Guardian Angel, Redemption
Master Yi → The Bloodthirster, Hand of Justice, Trap Claw
Lux → Rabadon's Deathcap, Seraph's Embrace x2


Proper positioning is key in a Light team comp like this one because your main hyper-carries must remain protected so they dish out as much damage as possible before they die. The basic idea is to place higher life and tanky units up front with melee hyper carries on the sides so that they don't get targeted instantly. Lastly, place the ranged/low life units in the back so they are protected against many of the threats.

Teamfight Tactics Light Team Comp Positioning
We hope this Teamfight Tactics Light Team Comp Guide has helped you out with ranking up in the latest Season 2 of TFT. If you have any other questions about the Teamfight Tactics Set 2 Light Build make sure to leave us a comment below!
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