Teamfight Tactics Best Mech Build

March 20, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Teamfight Tactics Mech Pilot Build TFT Team Comp Mobile PC

Mech-Pilot builds are very popular among new players because they're easy to set up while also being quite strong due to various choices you can make in regards to other units. In this particular TFT Mech Build guide we'll be showing you how to make Mech team comps work with mages. The Super Mech is great at tanking damage until the mage back-line can deal enough damage to decimate opponent boards.


Chrono Cybernetic Dark StarSorcerer Blademaster Infiltrator Vanguard ValkyrieRebel Star GuardianBrawler Blasters Space PiratesCelestialMana ReaverMystic

Mech-Pilot Synergy Bonus

At the start of combat, three random Mech-Pilots are merged into a Super-Mech until it dies. The Super-Mech has dombined HP, Attack and Traits. Once it dies, the Mech-Pilots are ejected out and granted 25 mana to continue the fight.

3 → Bonus Active

Best Mech-Pilot Team Comp

Best Mech Pilot Team Comp Build For TFT
  • Rumble
    • Rumble torches his enemies, dealing magic damage in a cone over 3 seconds, and reducing healing on them by 80% for 5 seconds.
  • Annie
    • Annie shields herself and blasts a cone of fire, dealing magic damage to enemies hit.
  • Fizz
    • Fizz throws a lure that attracts a shark, causing it to emerge after a brief delay. It deals magic damage to enemies caught, knocking them back and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.
  • Ziggs
    • Ziggs throws a bomb at an enemy, dealing magic damage.
  • Syndra
    • Syndra pulls in all orbs on the battlefield and creates 3 new ones, then fires them all at the enemy with the highest health, dealing magic damage per orb.
  • Ahri
    • Ahri fires an orb in a line dealing magic damage to enemies it passes through. It then returns to her, dealing true damage to all enemies it passes through.
  • Zoe
    • Zoe kicks a bubble at the enemy with the highest health, dealing magic damage and stunning them.

Mech Team Comp Guide

Early Game

Two Sorcerers and Ziggs is the standard early game team comp that can carry you for a while, until you start lacking front-line units. Keep upgrading your units and working on economy as Fizz is crucial for the Mech team comp to work and he's a 4 Gold unit.

An early upgraded Rumble can make a huge difference when he's paired with Ziggs so always prioritize these two.

Mid Game

You'll want to assemble the full (3) Mech-pilot buff at this point in the game by having Fizz, Rumble and Annie. The super mech is incredibly tanky and powerful so win streaking will not be a problem with a comp like this one. The super mech actually has synergies of all the units it combines from so demolitionist from Ziggs will be great for the extra stun on enemies.

Late Game

Acquiring (4) Sorcerer and (3) Star Guardian by adding Syndra, Zoe and Ahri to the base team will make this Mech-pilot build insanely strong as you have: AoE damage, huge tank in front and strong back-line. Additionally, Ziggs and super mech can stun the enemies hit with spells.

Recommended Items

Rumble -- Guardian Angel, Quicksilver, Jeweled Gauntlet.

Ahri/Syndra -- Seraph's Embrace, Jeweled Gauntlet and Rabadon's Deathcap.

Note - super mech will only use 3 items from the units it is combined from.


TFT Mech Team Comp Positioning

Super mechs are positioned on the front-line so they soak up as much damage as they can while Ahri, Zoe and Ziggs dish out damage on the back line.

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