Teamfight Tactics Best Noble Build

August 14, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best Teamfight Tactics 9.17 Noble Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition

9.17 Noble builds in Teamfight Tactics are a favorite among the playerbase because of their simplicity and viability in the current meta. The 9.17 Noble build is by far THE BEST beginner build because it is straightforward and will let you to learn the game on your pace. Since Teamfight Tactics is a very in-depth and complex game, having a team composition you can rely on to effectively end in top 3 is going to be crucial if you intend on completing the weekly battle-pass challenges quickly and ranking up once ranked mode arrives. Noble builds often dominate the early game, then fall off in power mid-game but start to become crazy powerful once you get six Noble champions. In this Teamfight Tactics 9.17 Noble Build guide we'll be teaching you how to build the best 9.17 TFT Noble team composition and dominate your opponents.

The 9.17 Noble Team Comp in this article is viable for both Ranked and Casual TFT queues!


Noble Team Buffs

The Noble ally gets 70 Armor & Magic Resist and 35 Health every hit with a basic attack. This Noble synergy affects one random ally when you've got 3 Nobles. At 6 Noble units on the field, the effect works on all allies-- which makes all your units very tanky.

Early Game

Noble builds work exceptionally well in the early game (especially below level 4) because you can get the 3 Noble bonus easily (since the first three champions are all Tier 1 with 1 Gold cost). Acquiring the Noble bonus this early will make one of your units unkillable in a 1v1. Add Fiora, Garen and Vayne to your team and try to upgrade them as soon as possible. If you get Lucian in the upcoming rounds, replace him for Fiora (Fiora is not that good at the moment, but keep her at least level 2 you'll need her later). Lucian is really strong for Noble early-game because he has high APS and gets the double attack on Dash, which procs the heal and Armor bonus from Noble twice.

Continue by adding Tristana and Darius to your team-- these will provide you with Knight 2 and Gunslinger 2 and are very common units so you should have no problem getting them level 2 quickly. If your Garen is tanky enough, you can also replace Darius for Varus/Ashe since they'll do more damage and grant you Ranger 2. Your early game setup will mainly depend on what champions you're getting and which of those you can get to level 2.

Best Teamfight Tactics 9.15 Noble Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Early Game

Recommended Items

Morellonomicon and any tank items on Garen; Statikk Shiv/Guinsoo's Rageblade/Infinity Edge/Spear of Shojin/Bloodthirster on Lucian or Vayne.

Mid Game

If all goes well, you should have 6 Noble Champions at this point (4th draft has Kayle very often and not many players take her). The mid game Noble team composition consists of: Fiora, Vayne, Garen, Kayle, Lucian and Leona. Having each of these units on your board will grant all of them the +100 Armor +35 HP on hit bonus and make them near unkillable at that point in the game. Most times though, you will end up missing one or two Nobles. In that case, add Aurelion Sol or Brand to your team because they will be able to carry you for a few more rounds until you found your last Noble unit.

Note - if you don't get Aurelion Sol either, then run 3 Noble + 3 Elementalist and you'll be fine.

Best Teamfight Tactics 9.15 Noble Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Mid Game

Recommended Items

Same item loadout as before, though if you have another Morellonomicon or Rabadon's Deathcap then place it on Aurelion Sol/Brand (I prefer Brand because he's more consistent damage).

Late Game

The Late game is when 9.17 Noble builds start to shine once again. At this point you absolutely need to have six Nobles up and running (otherwise you're dead within a few rounds). The core of the team are: Vayne, Garen, Fiora, Lucian, Leona and Kayle. Additionally, for a level 8 build you'll be fine by adding Braum and Ashe which will grant you Guardian 2, Glacial 2 and Ranger 2. Additionally, you can also add Miss Fortune for another source of high damage and the Gunslinger 2 synergy buff.

Best Teamfight Tactics 9.15 Noble Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Late Game

In case you prefer Elementalists 3-- and why shouldn't you? They're awesome! Then go with 6 Noble + Anivia, Brand and Lissandra. These will grant you Glacial 2 and Elementalist 3 which is the best build if you can get two more Force of Natures (for a total of 11 units). See the build below for the min-maxed version.

Best Teamfight Tactics 9.15 Noble Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Late Variant

Recommended Items

Itemization remains the same, if you go with the Elementalist variant then add as much spell damage items on Brand as you can. Otherwise, boost Ashe's Attack speed so she can freeze more often and stunlock opponents.

Full Noble Team Composition Setup

As mentioned before, you can reach the absolutely best possible build by adding two more Force of Natures (more than two is really uncommon). Adding Ashe and Braum as the last two units on the Elementalist variant (second build) will grant you Glacial 4, Guardian 2 and Ranger 2. If you get Guardian 2 make sure to position your units around Braum and Leona so that they all gain the buff!

We hope you've found this Teamfight Tactics 9.17 Noble Build guide useful as it is the perfect Noble team comp to play if you're looking to have a high win rate and finish your TFT Battle pass quickly.
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