Teamfight Tactics Best Ranger Build

August 17, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best Teamfight Tactics 9.17 Ranger Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition

9.17 Ranger builds in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) are extremely high risk, high reward sort of a playstyle. Since Rangers 4 require Kindred which is a Tier 4 Unit, you won't be able to run four Ranger up until mid to late game so you have to carefully plan your team composition ahead to not take too much damage in the meantime. At the end, this build achieves high damage numbers whilst also being tanky due to Kindred ultimate, 3 Tanks, Glacial freezes and Elementalist Golem as well as Demon mana burn. In this Teamfight Tactics 9.17 Ranger Build guide we're showcasing the best 9.17 TFT Ranger team comp that is very fun to play whilst being incredibly strong later on.

The 9.17 Ranger Build in this article is viable for both Ranked and Casual TFT games!


Ranger Team Buffs

Rangers have a chance to double their attack speed (APS) every three seconds for the next three seconds which doesn't stack.

At 2 Rangers, the chance to double APS is 25% and at 4 Rangers the chance to double APS is a whopping 65% which makes Ranger units pretty much have constant double attack speed uptime.

Early Game

The Ranger team doesn't work really well in the early game since you need Kindred which is a Tier 4 unit. Therefore, your best bet is to use 2 Rangers and fill with 3 Noble and Gunslinger 2. You can achieve this with: Vayne, Varus, Garen, Lucian (or Fiora) and Graves (or Tristana). This team is going to be relatively strong in the early game simply because Noble 3 is a great buff, and Ranger + Gunslinger buffs give a good overall DPS boost to the early game Ranger TFT team composition. As soon as you get Ashe, replace Varus with her and place DPS items on her (preferably attack speed increases).

Alternatively, Vayne and Varus + 3 Pirates is also a viable choice if you manage to get Gangplank early on (though this is mostly RNG, as it's a Tier 3 unit).

Best Teamfight Tactics 9.15 Ranger Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Early Game

Recommended Items

Since we plan on using Glacial in this build, you'll have to be careful with item placements on your DPS champions. Save Runaan's Hurricane, Statikk Shiv and Guinsoo's Rageblade for Ashe, or place them Lucian since you'll sell him at level 6 or once you get Ashe. Warmog's Armor and Thornmail will work great on Garen, which you'll later on replace for more valuable units.

Mid Game

The middle game is when 9.17 Ranger builds start being fun! At this point you'll have a chance to obtain Kindred which will allow you to gain the 4 Ranger synergy which this build is all about. Additionally, the goal now is to expand onto Phantoms and Glacials for a nice overall synergy at around level 6-7. The Ranger team you'll want to build is: Vayne, Varus, Ashe, Kindred, Mordekaiser and Sejuani (or Volibear). The seventh unit you add should be either Sejuani or Volibear, depending on which one you are missing.

With this team composition you should have no problems winning rounds and grabbing that sweet bonus win streak Gold, as well as improving your economy after rolling for all these units. Continue by leveling up and ranking up your units as high as possible.

Best Teamfight Tactics 9.15 Ranger Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Mid Game

Recommended Items

Item placements remain the same, though as we mentioned previously, sell Garen and place his items on either Sejuani or Volibear, both are great choices. I'd personally go for Sejuani just because her ultimate is much more useful if she can survive to use two within a round.

Late Game

As you reach the end-game, start min-maxing the build and adding the last few synergies that you can. Adding Lissandra will provide your team with Glacial 4 and Brand will add Demon 2 to the synergies. Additionally, you will be at 2/3 on Elementalists.

Best Teamfight Tactics Ranger Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Late Game

Recommended Items

Same item build as before, the only new thing is to try and get Rabadon's Deathcap & Morellonomicon on Brand so he can start carrying your team even harder, especially useful against Noble and Knight enemies.

Strongest Ranger Team Composition Setup

In the event you managed to craft a Force of Nature from two Spatulas, add an additional Elementalist to the Ranger 9.17 build comp-- either Anivia or Kennen, it doesn't really matter much at this point. Getting the additional Golem out to tank hits for your Rangers will be very useful against many teams.

We sincerely hope you've found our Teamfight Tactics 9.17 Ranger build guide useful and that you've found the top meta Ranger team comp of your choice. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.
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