Teamfight Tactics Best Rebel Build

March 20, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Teamfight Tactics Best Rebel Build TFT Team Comp Mobile PC

Rebels are an excellent team comp for beginners because they have really easy transitioning through all stages of the game. Yasuo, Master Yi and Aurelion Sol are great hyper-carries and you can't go wrong with any of them. Overall, the Rebel comp can be forced nicely as the champions are easy to find and itemization is flexible due to the array of carries you can choose to put items on.


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Rebel Synergy Bonus

At the start of combat, Rebels gain a Health Shield for 8 seconds and increased damage for each adjacent Rebel.

3 → 150 Health Shield and 10% increased damage dealt.
6 → 225 Health Shield and 12% increased damage dealt.

Best Rebel Team Comp

Best Rebel Team Comp TFT
  • Master Yi
    • For 5 seconds, Master Yi gains massively increased movement speed, heals for a percentage of his maximum health each second, and deals bonus true damage with his Basic Attacks.
  • Yasuo
    • Yasuo blinks to the enemy with the most items and knocks them up, holding them airborne for 1 second and hitting them multiple times, dealing Basic Attack damage and applying on-hit effects.
  • Sona
    • Sona heals injured allies and cleanses them of all negative effects.
  • Aurelion Sol
    • Aurelion Sol launches fighters, which fly out to random enemies, deal magic damage, and then return. Aurelion Sol launches all ready fighters plus 3 additional when he casts. Fighters prefer to target nearby enemies.
  • Ziggs
    • Ziggs throws a bomb at an enemy, dealing magic damage.
  • Jinx
    • Passive: Jinx gets excited as she helps take down enemies.After her first takedown, Jinx gains bonus attack speed.
  • Lulu
    • Lulu polymorphs the nearest enemies for 4 / 4 / 8 seconds, rendering them unable to attack or cast, and causing them to hop around aimlessly. Polymorphed enemies take additional damage
  • Gangplank
    • Gangplank calls down a large orbital strike around his target, dealing magic damage to all enemies in that area for 2 seconds.

Rebel Team Comp Guide

Early Game

Rebels have an easy time during early game because Malphite and Ziggs are 1 Gold, Yasuo 2 Gold and Rumble 3 Gold. This particular Rebel comp is incredible as Ziggs and Rumble are going to stun enemies with their ultimates. Additionally, 3 Rebel buff will grant your Rebels the much needed Health Shield and increased damage.

Mid Game

Middle game is considered around level 6/7 and you've got two choices at this point in the game (depending on your rng for units and economy). If you've acquired Master Yi, Jinx and Sona then run 6 Rebels as this team composition is great at this point in the game if you've put good items on either Master Yi or Yasuo.

The second choice is to run 4-5 Rebels and an additional Blademaster which will give your Master Yi and Yasuo the chance to hit two more times.

Late Game

Having a strong economy will prove useful during late game as you must upgrade to level 8 and find Aurelion Sol as well as upgrading old units. If you've previously geared Master Yi, you can replace him for Aurelion Sol and put those items onto Yasuo instead. Last additions to the team are Jinx, Lulu and Gangplank (instead of Rumble) which are much better choices to min-max the TFT Rebels team comp.

Recommended Items

Aurelion Sol -- Seraph's Embrace, Hextech Gunblade and Ionic Spark.

Yasuo -- Guardian Angel, Hand of Justice and The Bloodthirster.

Master Yi -- Rapid Firecannon, Hand of Justice and Guinsoo's Rageblade.


Best Rebel Build Team Comp Positioning

It's quite simple to position the Rebel team composition. All you need to do is place them next to each other to gain the Rebel bonuses. Lulu and Gangplank don't have to be near as they can't gain the mentioned bonuses.

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