Teamfight Tactics Best Shapeshifter Build

The TFT Shapeshifter Build features several unique units that will turn into bigger and stronger versions of themselves. Shapeshifter team composition is really easy to get going– which makes it the perfect choice for new players. Overall, a very low cost and strong build that is often overlooked by most players because they don’t know how powerful a Shapeshifter team can be. In this Teamfight Tactics Shapeshifter Build Guide we’ll be showcasing the best possible variations of TFT team comps for Shapeshifter champions.

The Shapeshifter Build in this article is viable for both Ranked and Casual TFT queues!


Shapeshifter Team Buffs

Once you’ve acquired at least three Shapeshifters on your board, they will gain 100% bonus health upon activation of their ultimate, as well as healing for the same amount.

Early Game

The most common starter units for Shapeshifter builds are Nidalee and Warwick because these two will benefit from the (2) Wild units bonus. Additionally, you can fill the last two/three spots with Knights or Nobles if you haven’t gotten three Shapeshifters yet (Nidalee, Elise and Shyvana). Nidalee, Warwick, Garen and Darius/Mordekaiser with an additional fifth unit will work just fine for the early phase of the game as you accumulate Shapeshifters and get good Gold Economy which is important as you’ll need it to push levels and get Gnar faster.

Best Teamfight Tactics Shapeshifter Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Early Game

Recommended Items

Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Infinity Edge, Statikk Shiv, Bloodthirster, Titanic Hidra and Rapid Firecannon are excellent item choices for Nidalee. Rapid Firecannon in particular, since it does work with Nidalee’s transformed form (even though she’s melee, she’ll have range all the way to about half of the board which is just ridiculously strong on her). Additionally, save any other DPS/TANK items for Gnar or Shyvana.

Mid Game

Mid Game (around level 5-6) you should be transitioning to Shapeshifters. Even level one Shapeshifters will be really strong if you’ve got the 3 SS bonus so don’t worry if your previous units were higher level (though don’t swap out a level 3 of course). The strongest level 6 Shapeshifter team you could possibly get will include: Nidalee, Shyvana, Elise (swap for Gnar if you have him this early), Warwick, Ahri and Rengar. This six champion team will result in 3 Shapeshifter and 4 Wild bonus which is overpowered at that point in the game because four Wild units will drastically increase the attack speed of your whole team.

Best Teamfight Tactics Shapeshifter Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Mid Game

If the RNG is not on your side– and let’s be real, it often isn’t, then you’re going to want to run the variant below which includes the three Shapeshifters, Varus and Vayne or Ashe. This will be a very tanky build with enough frontline, whilst also having really strong back line damage dealers. Overall, much easier to acquire but not as strong as the setup we mentioned above and you’ll still have to transition into it eventually.

Best Teamfight Tactics Shapeshifter Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Variant

Recommended Items

Same item loadout as before, nothing really changes, you’ll want Nidalee and Shyvana to be the best geared since they’re the best hyper-carries in this build.

Late Game

The late game build improves on the base Shapeshifter + Wild one as by adding in Aurelion Sol, Karthus, Kindred and Ashe you’ll gain Dragon 2, Phantom 2, Sorcerer 3 and Ranger 2 buffs. This is a very min-maxed 9 unit build that has high cost units, if you don’t have Karthus and Kindred, you can also run Yordles 3 instead (replace Karthus, Kindred and Ashe for Veigar and Kennen– which will work on level 8, making it much easier to get).

Best Teamfight Tactics Shapeshifter Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Late Game Variant

Running a 6 Yordle 3 Shapeshifter 3 Sorcerer version is also going to be incredibly strong (I personally love this Shapeshifter team comp, although it’s harder to pull off). If you intend on making a team like this, you’ll need to plan in advance and also have incredible luck (as hitting 6 Yordles is not always easy, and only having three will make you too weak in this setup). Also worth mentioning is that you need AT LEAST level 8 to make this TFT Shapeshifter comp work, so it’s only really viable if you’re in a huge advantage over other players.

Best Teamfight Tactics Shapeshifter Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Late Low Budget

Recommended Items

Add AP (Spell) items on Aurelion Sol (Rabadon, Luden’s Echo, Morellonomicon) and the damage items on Nidalee/Shyvana/Gnar depending on which one is the highest level.

Strongest Shapeshifter Team Composition Setup

In case you manage to acquire 2 Forces of Nature (you’ll need a total of four Spatulas) then you can improve the Shapeshifter Phantom Wild build by adding two more Rangers (Vayne and Varus) for the four Ranger bonus.

We hope that you’ve found our Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Shapeshifter Build Guide useful as these are currently the strongest meta Shapeshifter team comps for both beginners and expert players that are looking to win games with the Shapeshifter squad.


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