Teamfight Tactics Best Sorcerer Build

9.17 Sorcerer TFT Builds are really fun and interesting to play because there’s often many outcomes of the fight. In most cases, you’ll end up destroying the whole enemy team as soon as your units reach 100 mana and let’s be real…who doesn’t enjoy that? Sorcerers currently gain double mana from basic attacking enemies, as well as bonus spell damage depending on the two thresholds for Sorcerer synergies. In this Teamfight Tactics 9.17 Sorcerer build guide we’re featuring our TFT Sorcerer team composition that will easily annihilate your opponents if you set it up correctly.

The 9.17 Sorcerer Build in this article is viable for both Ranked and Casual TFT games!


Sorcerer Team Buffs

As mentioned previously, all Sorcerers have a passive which allows them to gain double mana from basic attacks. On top of that, Sorcerers gain a % increased spell damage at two thresholds: 3 Sorcerers results in a 40% spell damage increase and 6 Sorcerers results in a 100% spell damage increase (doubles their damage).

Early Game

Starting out with the TFT Sorcerer 9.17 build is very easy because most of the early Sorcerers are available right away. When you start out, try to get Kassadin, Warwick and Mordekaiser. Once those are level two you can start working on the Ahri and Lulu. Once you have these at level two, rush level five and use the Sorcerer 3 team composition shown below. Warwick and Mordekaiser offer enough front line while the Sorcerers do damage and burst the enemy units down.

Once you’ve got the setup we mentioned, start working towards Veigar and Morgana as this will result in 5 Sorcerers– which means you’re just missing one! Aurelion Sol is the preferred choice but you won’t be able to get him until mid game.

Best Teamfight Tactics 9.15 Sorcerer Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Early Game

Recommended Items

Spear of Shojin, Guinsoo’s Gunblade, Seraph’s Embrace, Rabadon’s Deathcap and Luden’s Echo all work really well on Ahri so you can pick your items in whatever order you’d like. In case you get tank items, use them on Mordekaiser because you’ll still use him in the late game roster.

Mid Game

As you reach level 6-7, there is a high chance you’re going to get Aurelion Sol if you still haven’t. This part is a bit rough because if you do transition into full Sorcerers (6) at level 6 then you’re left with no front line until level 7. Of course this won’t be a problem if your Sorcerers are properly positioned and have good items, but be prepared to lose a couple of rounds until you can place some front line units.

The level 7 Sorcerer unit build goes as follows: Kassadin, Ahri, Lulu, Veigar, Aurelion Sol, Morgana and lastly Gnar. The Gnar is an excellent choice in this mid game Sorcerer team comp because he will grant you Wild 2 and Yordle 3 and on top of that he’s a great front liner due to his ultimate which grants him even more health. At this point, winning rounds shouldn’t be a problem and you should focus on economy or upgrading units.

Best Teamfight Tactics Sorcerer Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Mid Game

Recommended Items

If you’ve got another Ahri, sell her at this point in order to retrieve her items and move them to Aurelion Sol because he’s an excellent carry in this Sorcerer TFT team and as long as he uses his ult he’ll delete the half of the enemy team in one go. If you’re not going to be getting level 8 soon for Mordekaiser (+ Karthus instead of Lulu) then sell him and move the tank items onto Gnar to maximize his defenses and ability to be a damage sponge.

Late Game

At the point of late game your 9.17 Sorcerer build should be maxed out and you’ll be required to tweak a couple of champions depending on the enemies you fight. The core of the build are now: Kassadin, Ahri, Aurelion Sol, Veigar, Morgana, Gnar, Karthus (sell Lulu) and Mordekaiser. This build will provide you with 6 Sorcerer, 2 Wild and 2 Phantom at level 8. Once you reach level 9 (or have a Force of Nature) you can pick between Poppy for Yordle 3 Knight 2 or Shyvana for Dragon 2 (depending on what you need).

Best Teamfight Tactics 9.15 Sorcerer Build Guide Strongest TFT Team Composition Late Game 2

Recommended Items

Absolute best item build on Aurelion Sol is going to be Spear of Shojin, Seraph’s Embrace and Rabadon’s Deathcap. Any additional AP items should be placed onto Karthus to maximize the damage output of his ultimate. Tank items remain on Gnar in this case, unless your Mordekaiser is rank 3.

Strongest Sorcerer Team Composition Setup

If you manage to get Team Size 10 remove Poppy, add Shyvana and Nidalee for Dragon 2 and Shapeshifter 3. In rare occasions where you might have Team Size 11 (2 Force of Natures) add the Poppy back for Yordle 3 as well, for the ultimate Sorcerer 6 team.

We hope you’ve found our Teamfight Tactics TFT 9.17 Sorcerer Team Build guide useful and will try this composition out. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments section below!


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