Teamfight Tactics Best Space Pirate Build

March 22, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Teamfight Tactics Best Space Pirate Build TFT Team Comp Mobile PC

Space Pirates are very popular right now because Darius is among the S tier champions that can solo carry rounds with a bit of investment into his items and upgrades. A 3 Star Darius with a full build can absolutely obliterate all enemy units and cause massive damage to the enemy characters' health because most of your team will survive the rounds. In this Teamfight Tactics Space Pirates build guide we'll showcase the most popular Space Pirate team comp that makes Darius and Jayce the main hyper-carries.


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Space Pirate Synergy Bonus

Space Pirates have a 50% chance to drop Gold or Items whenever they kill a unit (land a killing blow).

2 → 1 Gold
4 → 1 Gold and 15% chance to drop an item

Best Space Pirate Team Comp

  • Graves
    • Graves launches a smoke grenade toward the highest attack speed enemy, which explodes on impact dealing magic damage to enemies in the area and causing their attacks to miss for 4 seconds.
  • Poppy
    • Poppy throws her buckler at the furthest enemy dealing damage. The buckler bounces back to Poppy, shielding her.
  • Gangplank
    • Gangplank calls down a large orbital strike around his target, dealing magic damage to all enemies in that area for 2 seconds.
  • Darius
    • Darius dunks an enemy, dealing magic damage. If this kills the target, Darius immediately casts again.
  • Kassadin
    • Kassadin releases a wave of energy in front of him, dealing [v1] magic damage and disarming all targets hit by [v2] seconds.
  • Jayce
    • Jayce jumps into the air and slams his hammer, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.
  • Wukong
    • Wukong spins rapidly around, dealing magic damage to nearby units over 3 seconds. The first time Wukong hits each enemy, he knocks them into the air and stuns them.
  • Mordekaiser
    • Mordekaiser gains a shield that absorbs damage. While the shield persists, Mordekaiser deals magic damage per second to all nearby enemies.
  • Lulu
    • Lulu polymorphs the nearest enemies for 4 / 4 / 8 seconds, rendering them unable to attack or cast, and causing them to hop around aimlessly. Polymorphed enemies take additional damage

Space Pirate Team Comp Guide

Early Game

A basic early game Space Pirate team comp would include Graves, Poppy, Darius and Mordekaiser. This team will grant you the (2) Space Pirate and (2) Vanguard buffs which are decent enough to minimize the impact on your overall health because this particular comp is not really early-game friendly. As the main champions scale really well from upgrades and items, be ready to be on a losing streak for a while. Being on a lose streak is good though-- you'll get a HUGE Gold advantage over most players due to the pirate buff and lose streak.

Mid Game

During middle game your main goal is to prepare for the transition into four Space Pirates at level 6/7 as you'll want to run them as soon as possible. In case you don't get Gangplank then something along the lines of: Jayce, Darius, Kassadin, Poppy, Wukong and Mordekaiser will suffice. Adding Graves to this lineup can be additional source of Gold but if he doesn't have items it won't make a huge difference overall.

Late Game

Late game is when the fun begins for this build. As we mentioned previously, Darius and Jayce with proper items can single-handedly delete the enemy team and earn you more items & Gold. The Space Pirate build can be complete at level 7, but adding Lulu and Kassadin to the team can give you even more sustain and utility.

Recommended Items

Darius -- Infinity Edge, Rabadon's Deathcap and Jeweled Gauntlet.

Jayce -- Seraph's Embrace, Dragon's Claw and Warmog's Armor.

Mordekaiser -- Bramble Vest and Warmog's Armor.

Lulu -- Guinsoo's Rageblade and Rapid Firecannon.


Teamfight Tactics Best Space Pirate Team Comp And Build Positioning Tips

There's not much thought put into positioning of this team because most of the champions are melee. Graves and Lulu in the backline with Poppy protecting either of them is fine. All other champions should be on the front with Darius and Jayce between them (so they don't tank all the damage).

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