Teamfight Tactics Best Star Guardian Build

March 20, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Teamfight Tactics Best Star Guardian Build TFT Team Comp Mobile PC Guide

Star Guardians can make mana sustain incredibly easy with an addition of Chalice of Favor on an ally. The Star Guardian team comp is fun to play because your units are going to spam abilities and decimate their opponents. Though, it might be a hard build to play at times because you rely on rng for getting units (and leveling them up is crucial too) & items. Additionally, proper positioning of Star Guardian units is crucial so that they don't get one-shot before they fill up their mana bar and start throwing ultimates all over the board. In this TFT Star Guardians Build guide you'll learn how to make the most powerful Star Guardian team comp for patch 10.7.


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Star Guardian Synergy Bonus

Star Guardians' spellcasts grant mana to other Star Guardians.

3 → 30 Mana
6 → 60 Mana

Best Star Guardian Team Comp

Best Star Guardian Team Comp Build TFT
  • Syndra
    • Syndra pulls in all orbs on the battlefield and creates 3 new ones, then fires them all at the enemy with the highest health, dealing magic damage per orb.
  • Poppy
    • Poppy throws her buckler at the furthest enemy dealing damage. The buckler bounces back to Poppy, shielding her.
  • Zoe
    • Zoe kicks a bubble at the enemy with the highest health, dealing magic damage and stunning them.
  • Ahri
    • Ahri fires an orb in a line dealing magic damage to enemies it passes through. It then returns to her, dealing true damage to all enemies it passes through.
  • Neeko
    • Neeko leaps into the air and slams into the ground, dealing magic damage and stunning all nearby enemies.
  • Soraka
    • Soraka heals all allies.
  • Vel'koz
    • Vel'Koz channels a ray of energy that sweeps across the battlefield over 2.5 seconds, dealing magic damage per second to enemies hit.
  • Lulu
    • Lulu polymorphs the nearest enemies for 4 / 4 / 8 seconds, rendering them unable to attack or cast, and causing them to hop around aimlessly. Polymorphed enemies take additional damage

Star Guardian Team Comp Guide

Early Game

When you combine Sorcerers and Star Guardians during early game you'll find that being on a win streak is quite easy. To do this all you need is to get Poppy, Zoe, Ahri and Syndra for 3 Star Guardians and 2 Sorcerers. Poppy is enough of a front-line early on to tank damage until the back line kills enemy units with ease.

Mid Game

Mid game is when you'll want to make the 6 Star Guardians working as that will be more than enough to carry you through most encounters that don't have units with Dragon's Claw. Additionally, keep working on your economy and upgrading units as the Star Guardian composition scales mostly from unit levels.

Late Game

You need to push level 8 for the full Star Guardian team comp that features Lulu (or Karma) and Vel'Koz (or Lux) in the last two spots. This grants your whole team the (4) Sorcerer buff which makes all the units deal much more damage. Using Lulu will also grant you the Mystic buff which is a good thing versus magic damage heavy team compositions.

Recommended Items

Syndra -- Chalice of Favor, Seraph's Embrace and Jeweled Gauntlet.

Neeko -- Warmog's Armor, Morellonomicon and Guardian Angel.


Best Star Guardian Team Comp Positioning Tips

It's relatively easy to position the Star Guardian team-- Poppy and Neeko always go on the front-line to keep enemies busy while Syndra and Vel'Koz stay protected and annihilate their enemies. Soraka can be in the middle in front of Syndra so that she fills up mana quicker in the event she gets hit since she can heal it all up along with her allies.

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