Teamfight Tactics Best Summoner Build

November 5, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best Teamfight Tactics Summoner Build Guide TFT Light Team Composition Set 2 Season Two Comp

Summoners are very fun and interesting to play because of how their synergy interacts with the monsters they summon. They provide much needed front line that will serve as an important shield while the main damage dealers destroy the opponent's units. As of 9.22, Summoner Class consists of six different units that will activate the (6) Summoners synergy. Since each summon that is still alive at the end of a round you've won deals one damage to the enemy player, this build is very impactful in the early and mid game where you can deal a lot of damage to the enemy's health relatively quickly. Along with that, end-game Summoners can snowball really quickly if they're upgraded to maximum levels so it's a great build for beginners to TFT. In this Teamfight Tactics Summoner Build Guide we're going to teach you what is the best TFT Summoner Team Comp, how to properly position Summoners and what items to put on your units.

Summoner Class Bonus

Summoned units have increased health and duration.

(3) → +40% increase to their health and duration
(6) → +100% increase to their health and duration

Best Summoner Team Comp

Best And Strongest S2 Meta Teamfight Tactics Summoner Build TFT Team Comp
  • Annie
    • Annie summons Tibbers near her target, dealing magic damage to all adjacent enemies. Tibbers fights for the rest of combat, dealing magic damage with each attack.
  • Azir
    • Azir summons a Sand Soldier at the chosen location that lasts 6 seconds. Sand Soldiers attack nearby enemies whenever Azir attacks, dealing magic damage in a line.
  • Malzahar
    • Malzahar creates a shadow portal, summoning 2 Shadow Spawn. The Shadow Spawn hits for magic damage each attack. Shadow Spawn benefit from active Shadow trait bonuses.
  • Zed
    • Zed creates an identical clone of himself behind his current target. This clone can also cast Living Lightning, and inherits Zed's items, stats, and current health.
  • Zyra
    • Zyra summons Flame Spitters at a random location at the edge of the arena. The Flame spitters attack the nearest enemy for 3 seconds, dealing magic damage per attack a total of 4 times.
  • Yorick
    • Yorick blesses his lowest health allies except Minions of Light. When they die they are resurrected as a Minion of Light with several health and attack damage.
  • Kindred
    • Wolf mauls Kindred's target, dealing magic damage and reducing healing by 80% to her target for 5 seconds, while Lamb leaps away from Kindred's target.
  • Master Yi
    • Master Yi meditates, becoming untargetable for 1 second, healing 30% of his max health over the duration. For 6 seconds after he finishes meditating, Master Yi gains 100% attack speed and deals bonus magic damage on hit.
  • Veigar
    • Veigar blasts an enemy with magical energy, dealing magic damage. If Veigar is a higher star level than his target, this damage is increased to 19999 which results in an instant kill of his target.

Final Summoner Team Bonuses

This Summoner Build features: (6) Summoner, (4) Shadow and (3) Inferno bonuses.

Summoner Team Comp Guide

Early Game

The Summoner Build is not that viable in the early game simply because the champions are unlikely to be obtained early on with Malzahar being 2 Cost and Azir being 3 Cost. Therefore, if you're unlucky and don't get Zyra, Malzahar and Azir early go ahead and run something else until you do get the (3) Summoner squad. A good alternative team for the transition to the mid game consists of: Zyra, Varus and Diana.

Make sure to keep saving gold and working on your economy from early on in the game, that way you'll have enough gold to level up and reroll for much needed high tier champions later on which is crucial.

Mid Game

Summoners start to scale pretty good as you start reaching mid and late game. You'll have them on a decent level and a lot of them will have enough time to cast their ultimate. With the right items, Summoner team comps can snowball due to the amount of damage they can do to their opponents at this stage when others don't have enough items on their champions so your summons tank a lot of damage. Three Summoners are a must-have at this point in the game but an addition of Annie and/or Yorick into the mix will always prove incredibly powerful this early.

A very strong mid-game team that is easy to get consists of: Zyra, Annie, Kindred, Malzahar, Azir and Veigar/Yorick depending on which one you get first (Yorick is much stronger here though).

Keep working on your economy and leveling up. You'll have to rush higher levels to re-roll for Zed before others get him. He has three different Origins/Classes which makes him an incredibly popular pick for many builds out there.

Late Game

As you reach end-game rounds you'll notice that your Summoner team is incredible. With so many summons on your side and Shadow units dealing damage you're going to be unstoppable. Late game goals for the Summoner team comp are pretty simple: level up to 9 and re-roll units to upgrade them. Getting Zed at this point in the game is a MUST or else you'll get slaughtered by other players.

Recommended Items

Azir → Guinsoo's Rageblade and 2x Spear of Sho'jin
Annie → Morellonomicon and 2x Seraph's Embrace
Malzahar → Guinsoo's Rageblade, Morellonomicon and Spear of Sho'jin
Zed → Infinity Edge, Guardian's Angel and Spear of Sho'jin
Zyra → 2x Seraph's Embrace and Rabadon's Deathcap
Yorick → Dragon's Claw, Guardian Angel and Redemption/Warmog's Armor
Kindred → 2x Luden's Echo and Hand of Justice
Master Yi → The Bloodthirster, Guinsoo's Rageblade and Hand of Justice
Veigar → Seraph's Embrace and 2x Spear of Sho'jin


Yorick is going to be your main tank in the TFT Summoner Build because all other champions are squishy and need to stay in the back-line to summon allies. With Master Yi next to him and Zed jumping on the enemy's back-line, your other champions will be relatively safe and they will have enough time to spawn at least one set of allied monsters. It is also possible to swap Zyra/Malzahar/Annie with Veigar if you want to keep them alive for longer, although Veigar can dish out quite a bit of damage when he's safe.

Teamfight Tactics Summoner Team Comp Positioning
We hope this Teamfight Tactics Summoner Build Guide has helped you out with ranking up in the latest Season 2 of TFT. If you have any other questions about the Teamfight Tactics Summoner Team Composition make sure to leave us a comment below!
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