Temporis V Top Dofus Classes

April 9, 2021
by GamerDiscovery
Best Temporis V Beginner Classes Dofus Temp 5

The Temporis V is a special event which will feature a range of fresh "Temporis" servers. These will be open to everyone from the 21st of April. Each Temporis before this one had a different theme event and this one's event are gambling and cards. All the gear and experience gained will be gained through cards which you can collect and get by gambling. Picking a good starter class is important. Especially if you want to minimize your grind or just have an easier time progressing through the game. For more information about the Temporis 5 event go check out the official post on the Dofus site.

Note that all of the classes ARE VIABLE. The ones we mention here will perform a bit better and have an easier time soloing/finding groups for content.


Sadida is one of the best and easiest starting classes for Temporis V because it can adapt to any gear and playstyle quickly. With the new addition of the spell that lets you control your summons (which you can get as soon as you reach Astrub) it's just an overall a very fun class to play. For solo play, the Sadida can out-kite any monster due to the inflatable mp buff and the mp reduction kit from various spells. If you prefer dealing damage a bit more, then the strength build is a great choice as well. Overall, I believe that teams with multiple Sadidas are king for both pvm and pvp content.


The Cra is a favorite among Temporis rushers. It has a lot of early game spells that allow it to kite endgame monsters with ease and with hardly any gear requirements. With powerful buffs from abilities, the only thing a Cra needs from a set is ap and mp. At that point teams of Cras can farm things like the underwater Sufokia mobs for insane xp gains and since monsters will be dropping gear cards-- this will prove as an incredible way to generate currency via runes while leveling up.


Elio has a really rough start below level 100 and should only be picked by experienced players. You'll require great knowledge of portal placements, mp management and monster abilities to make the most out of this class, especially pre-lvl 100. Once you get some good gear and level up to 100+ is when this class becomes the absolute beast for power leveling and any kind of boosting because it can let you solo ALL content in the game if you know what you're doing. The basic idea of Elio when trying to solo stuff is to place portals on each end of the map and keep going through them, never taking a hit.


Srams are going to be great for Temporis V because of their incredible spell kit. They can place your whole team invisible for several turns, as well as solo any lvl 200 dungeon in the game. The Sram is going to require a good amount of investment (set-wise) before it becomes strong enough to solo farm content and it's one of the hardest classes to level. Though, the ability to farm lvl 200 dungeons and get end-game gear cards with ease is going to prove as a great way to make money and would make it worth the struggle during early game, especially if you have friends to help you level.


Pandawas are bad for solo play but they're crucial for teams because they offer excellent mobility and positioning. Chance Pandawas are really popular because they're very easy to gear. On top of that, if you do reach the 18x levels you'll be able to boost your friends on Fungus mobs (provides you get strength gear with lock) which will probably be a great way to acquire cards.

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