The Best Brawlhalla Stances For All Legends

December 25, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
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Choosing the most optimal and strongest Legend stance when you're playing Brawlhalla (especially competitive) is really important because stances make a huge difference in some matchups. This guide will tell you the best and strongest Brawlhalla Stances for all Legends that are currently in the game as of Season 11 (latest patch-- 3.34.)

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In Brawlhalla matchups (especially 1 versus 1) you're gonna want to look for speed and defense as your two main stat priorities for any Hero, defense allows you to soak more damage (which makes the character more beginner friendly) and speed allows you to maneuver faster around the map. In a game such as Brawlhalla these Stances are very valuable because they alter your base Legend stats, however a character will often have to sacrifice speed for defense or the other way around which is why you'll need to find out what is the best Stance setup for each Legend.

Bodvar - Speed is the best stance but if you're a beginner, defense might be a good option as well.

Cassidy - she lacks defense, only having 4 defense stats will make your Legend really squishy, therefore the best stance for Cassidy is Defense.

Orion - the Orion Legend performs best with the Defense stance, if you feel like you lack Speed you can take that as well and test it.

Lord Vraxx - lacks defense, therefore picking up the Defense stance for Vraxx is most optimal.

Gnash - Dexterity stance is strongest for Gnash.

Queen Nai - lacks Speed so using the Speed stance is the strongest.

Hattori - Defense stance.

Sir Roland - usually lacks speed, therefore Speed stance is the most optimal stat to increase your damage output and survivability.

Scarlet - Speed stance is the best.

Thatch - this Legend lacks defense (only has 3 which is EXTREMELY LOW), Defense stance is a must.

Ada - Defense stance.

Sentinel - you can go either Strength or Speed, both are extremely strong stances.

Lucien - Base stance is the strongest for Lucien, you can try Defense though base is most optimal.

Teros - the character by itself lacks dexterity so the most optimal stance is Dexterity.

Brynn - Defense stance.

Asuri - very versatile hero, you can run either Strength, Base stance or Defense. My personal favorite is Strength although Base stance also works really well.

Barraza - Speed stance.

Ember - Defense stance.

Azoth - Speed stance is the strongest pick for him.

Koji - running Dexterity stance will grant you a whopping total of 9 dexterity which can be pretty powerful. If you feel like you lack survivability, pick Defense stance.

Ulgrim - lacks dexterity, therefore Dexterity stance is the strongest pick for him. Although if you want to be able to tank a lot of damage-- useful in team fights, pick Defense stance.

Diana - Base stance or Defense.

Jhala - Defense stance.

Kor - Speed stance.

Wu Shang - Speed stance.

Val - Base stance or Defense if you lack tanking capabilities.

Ragnir - Speed stance

Cross - Base or Dexterity stance.

Mirage - Defense stance.

Nix - Base stance.

Mordex - Defense stance.

Yumiko - Defense stance.

Artemis - Defense stance.

Caspian - Defense stance.

Sidra - Base stance is preferred as it is the most optimal one, though you can take Dexterity stance if you like a more interesting approach.

Xull - very slow character, you most definitely need Speed stance.

Kaya - has amazing base stats so the Base stance is the strongest in the current meta.

Isaiah - strongest with the Speed stance.

Jiro - lacks Defense stats so Defense stance is most optimal.

Lin Fei - Strength or Defense stance.

Zariel - Speed stance.

Rayman - his stats are really good. Therefore, running Base stance on Rayman is the best choice.

Dusk - this is the latest Brawlhalla Legend (came out in the 3.33 Patch), the Defense stance is the strongest stance for Dusk.

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