The Division 2 Ability Guide And Skills Tier List

March 17, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
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Agent Skills in The Division 2 are divided into 8 Categories of Abilities, which then have a sub-category that features a couple different modifications of the main Skill. In total, there are 27 unique abilities you can use for both PvP and PvE and naturally, you'll want to know which ones of those are the best. In The Division 2 Ability Guide And Skill Tier List we'll be going over each of the Skills available in The Division 2 and which of them are the strongest. Any Skills you'd like to unlock or upgrade can be found at the Quartermaster.

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Table of contents

  1. Detailed Skill Information
  2. Skill Tier Descriptors
  3. Skill Tier List

Detailed Skill Information


The Pulse Skill in The Division 2 has three variants: Scanner, Remote and Jammer.


The scanner scans the surrounding area for hostiles and visually highlights their locations.


The remote Pulse is deployed at a set location and continually pulses the surrounding area to reveal enemies.


The jammer device pulses outwards, overloading and disabling enemy electronic devices.


The Turret Skill in The Division 2 has three variants: Assault, Incinerator and Sniper.


The assault turret automatically tracks down enemies and shoots them.


The incinerator turret is manually controlled to dispense streams of flame in a certain direction.


The sniper turret fires high-caliber rounds at manually selected targets.


The Hive Skill in The Division 2 has four variants: Restorer, Stinger, Reviver and Booster.


The restorer Hive sends out micro repair drones that will repair allies' armor.


The stinger Hive sends out micro drones that will hunt down to attack and distract enemies.


The reviver Hive deploys small support drones that will revive any nearby allies.


The booster Hive delivers a stimulant to nearby allies and increases their combat efficiency.

Chem Launcher

The Chem Launcher Skill in The Division 2 has four variants: Reinforcer, Firestarter, Riot Foam and Oxidizer.


The reinforcer canister disperses a cloud of gas that repairs and reinforces armor of anyone found inside the cloud.


The firestarter canister creates a cloud of explosive gas that can be ignited.

Riot Foam

The riot foam gas canister fires a load of sticky foam that temporarily immobilizes enemies.


The oxidizer canister releases a cloud of corrosive gas that damages enemy armor, skill proxies and causes DoT.


The Firefly Skill in The Division 2 has three variants: Blinder, Burster and Demolisher.


The blinder Firefly blinds enemies, causing them to not be able to function at full combat effectiveness.


The burster Firefly attaches explosive charges on enemies which explode once they come in contact with another enemy with an explosive charge.


The demolisher Firefly damages or destroys enemy weak points, skill proxies and environmental explosives.

Seeker Mine

The Seeker Mine Skill in The Division 2 has three variants: Explosive, Airburst and Cluster.


The explosive Seeker Mine can be deployed to track down hostiles and explode on contact.


The airburst Seeker Mine will roll toward its target and reach an explosive burst into the air upon contact.


The cluster Seeker Mine splits into two smaller mines which explode on impact.


The Drone Skill in The Division 2 has four variants: Striker, Defender, Bombardier and Fixer.


The Striker Drone tracks targets and continuously fires at its enemies as long as it has line of sight.


The defender Drone attempts to deflect incoming bullets, providing support to allied Agents.


The bombardier Drone requires that you set two points (start and end), the Drone will fly from one point to another and deliver a payload of miniature explosives for the whole duration of the flight.


The fixer Drone regenerates an allies' armor.


The Shield Skill in The Division 2 has three variants: Bulwark, Crusader and Deflector.


The bulwark Shield provides near full body coverage but you can only fire with a sidearm.


The crusader Shield is a lighter shield that allows all primary weapons to be used in conjunction with the shield but your legs are exposed.


The deflector Shield causes incoming bullets to ricochet to a nearby highlighted target with clear line of sight, this shield is also a big one so you're limited to using a sidearm.

Skill Tier Descriptors

A Tier - Powerful. Division 2 Abilities which are generally most picked among a variety of Agents' builds and loadouts. These Skills are really strong and you won't be disappointed by any of them in the current Meta.
B Tier - Mediocre. Division 2 Abilities which are currently balanced, which means that they're between the best and worst tiers. These Skills are useful in most situations but sub-optimal compared to the A tier spells.
C Tier - Underpowered. Division 2 Abilities which are currently not strong as they lack either damage, supportive stats or simple usefulness. Picking any of these will in most cases make you think that your skill slot is empty.

Skill Tier List

Note that all of the Skills from the Skill Tier List are fine to use if you're a casual players, but for those that would like the strongest and most optimal Skill builds this Skill Tier List will be of good use as we keep it up to date with the latest Division 2 patches.

A Tier


The Turret Skill is at the moment arguably the strongest skill in The Division 2 out of all the other skills we mention in this Skill Tier List. The only viable option is the Assault Turret but an important thing to note is that it has crazy amounts of HP-- allowing it to tank a lot of hits whilst doing solid damage and suppressing hits. You can also use the Turret as a distraction so the Elites have to walk up to it and manually destroy the Turret. Overall, this skill works great in all aspects of the game: solo or party play, early game, mid game and even end-game.


The Drone Ability is very good as the Drone tracks the Agents and has multiple uses. All of its variants are excellent, but the ones that stand out the most are the Fixer and Defender Drones. Both of these are incredibly useful as a support skill to have because they will provide you and your team with either heals or bullet blocking mechanisms. Also worth mentioning that the Fixer is a very strong skill if you're playing solo.


The Hive Ability is one of the most powerful solo play skills in the game. Both Restorer and Reviver variants of the spell are really strong. In particular, if you're playing solo you can self-revive with the Reviver Hive skill which basically makes it a must-have, especially if you're a beginner.

Chem Launcher

The Chem Launcher Ability is great in both defensive and offensive scenarios. By taking the Reinforcer Chem Launcher variant, you'll be able to repair yours and your allies' Armor which can prove incredibly useful, especially in the early game while you're still below level 20. For offensive strategies, the Oxidizer variant is a strong alternative because you can shoot it at a group of enemies to quickly lower their Armor and HP.

B Tier

Seeker Mine

The Seeker Mine Ability is currently in a very balanced state. All three of the Seeker Mine variants provide with a good clear speed increase if you know how to use them efficiently.


The Firefly Ability can be very useful in some cases, the Demolisher variant is quite strong as it targets the enemy's weakpoints. Even Burster can be nice, and Blinder is useful versus Bosses but not much else.


The Shield Ability is well... somewhere in between the B and C tiers. The Shield is very situation dependent, meaning that you wont really have a lot of encounters when you will be able to use it efficiently. If your squad knows how to play, you'll hardly ever need a Shield as there won't be too many hostiles to begin with. Overall, you can technically make Bosses and Elites busy by using Bulwark or even Deflector. In Agent Builds with strong Sidearms the Shield skill has the potential to shine.

C Tier


The Pulse Ability is kind of useless. In some situations the Jammer can come in handy but other than that the Pulse skill is really nothing special as all the other Skills are much better in almost all scenarios. You'll hardly ever need to know an enemy's position because if you're a good player you'll know where they are located and how they might react. Pulse can possibly be used in PvP to an extent where its useful, but personally I would not use it.

Hopefully you've found this Skill Tier List And Best Abilities Guide useful for the Division 2 Agent! If you've got any other questions about this in-depth detailed Skill Guide, feel free to leave us a comment below.
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