The Division 2 Best Early Game Brand Set And Weapon Build

March 14, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Best Early Game Brand Set Weapon Build Loadout Guide For Beginners

In The Division 2 Best Early Game Brand Set And Weapon Build we'll be talking about the strongest early game build setup for beginners. Having a powerful early game loadout will be important if you intend to make the early game a breeze, or even rush through levels.

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Best Early Game Gear

The number one thing to look for is the Douglas & Harding Brand Set. Douglas & Harding is a very easy set to acquire as for most players it will be one of the first sets they will be completing when they just started out. The Douglas & Harding Brand Set once completed (3 items: Kneepads, Helmet and Holster) will give you +5% Accuracy, +10% Critical Hit Damage and +7% Critical Hit Chance-- which are the best possible stats you'll want to look for even in future gear.
Once you've finished the D & H Brand Set you'll want to have some fillers. For your chest piece, one of the good choices is the Petrov Defense Group Vest as it gives LMG damage (and LMG weapons are one of the strongest right now) and the attributes that it can roll fit it quite nicely as well. The Backpack Brand type is preferred to be Badger Tuff (good damage bonus versus elites, if you find anything stronger through, feel free to swap it out) and Gloves Brand type Wyvern Wear for the most optimal early game LMG DPS Agent build setup.

Strongest Early Game Weapons

Main Gun

The Light Machine Guns (LMG's) in The Division 2 are currently the most popular weapons and for a good reason. They are extremely powerful and some of the great choices are: M60 and M249. The Mod stats that you should try an acquire on the gun should be: Critical Hit Damage, Reload Speed and/or Accuracy. One of these guns will shred through content and you'll have a much easier playthrough if you use one of them.
Off Hand Secondary Weapon
Very strong choices as secondary weapons are the guns which give Talents that apply to your main weapon (once the secondary is holstered). For example, a weapon with "while holstered, your equipped weapon gains a handling bonus" talent or "while holstered, landing a critical shot has a % chance to deal % damage as explosive damage" talent are nice choices.


The Turret is one of the best abilities in the game right now, it is very tanky whilst also dishing out an okay amount of damage. The way it works is that it automatically tracks any nearby enemies and attacks them and you can also change its behavior to be manually overridden and target a specific hostile. The second skill you should be using early on is the Chem Launcher. You will shoot out a dispersing cloud of gas which will repair and reinforce armor of anyone inside the cloud. The Chem Launcher heal is incredibly strong, which when paired with the Turret just becomes an all around great skill kit to have for most content. The cooldown of Chem Launcher is only 20 seconds and it has three charges (you can increase charges with Mods) and each charge lasts for 5 seconds. You'll basically never run out of Chem Launcher gas which makes it a great supportive and defensive skill, and offensive in some cases as you can pop it at your allies when they are rushing, to provide them with extra heal so they can be more offensive.

Getting a weapon and Brand gear loadout like we noted in this Division 2 early game character build guide will carry you all the way up to 20-25 level or even higher, depending on whether or not you can efficiently upgrade your gear whilst keeping the same stat bonus types. If you have any other question about new player Division 2 builds, feel free to leave us a comment below and don't forget to check out our other Division 2 guides!
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