The Division 2 Best SHD Tech Farming Method

March 14, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Best Shade SHD Tech Farming Strategies Guide Tips And Tricks

Getting SHD Tech as fast as possible will be crucial in order to unlock new Perks and become stronger than others. In The Division 2 Best SHD Tech Farming Method Guide we'll be focusing on what exactly is Shade Tech, how to obtain it and the best ways to farm it really quickly.

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What is SHD (Shade) Tech?

SHD Tech is a type of currency that is used for buying and upgrading Perks in The Division 2 within the base of operations. There's a total of 16 Perks which means you will need to acquire quite a bit of SHD Tech if you plan on unlocking and upgrading all of them.

How to obtain SHD (Shade) Tech?

There are multiple ways of obtaining Shade Tech in The Division 2. Some methods of course will provide you with more SHD Tech than others so picking the right one at a certain moment is crucial in order to maximize your SHD Tech gain. The first time you acquire Shade Tech will be once you've completed the first mission which is guiding you to enter the White House. Once you get to the White House and talk to an NPC you'll level up and gain SHD Tech and that is one of the ways you can get SHD Tech. Leveling up will always reward you with one SHD Tech per level, which means you can only acquire a total of 30 once you reach max level. One of the main ways you'll also be acquiring SHD Tech will be through the main missions and the campaign storyline. Once you complete a campaign mission you will be rewarded with a total of 10 SHD Tech. Once in a while, you'll also notice SHD Tech Side Missions; these will also reward you with about 5 SHD Tech per run. Lastly, you can also obtain SHD Tech through exploring The Division 2 Washington D.C. Once you've located a Safe House and you've confirmed that by going to the Laptop you'll be shown some SHD Tech Briefcase locations that will spawn on your map or the district. Depending on the district, there will be about six Shade Tech Briefcases which you can then gather and you'll be given one SHD Tech per briefcase.

The Best Way To Grind SHD (Shade) Tech

After noting all of the various ways you can gather Shade Tech, you will probably be wondering what is the most efficient way to get high amounts of SHD Tech really quickly. Currently, the best way to acquire SHD (Shade) Tech really fast and upgrade all your Perks is to rush through the Campaign storyline and do the Shade Tech Side Missions whenever they are available. Once you're done with the Campaign, continue your Shade tech grind by searching for the Shade Tech Briefcases. Lastly, if you're not max level by now, keep on doing other Side Missions (because they reward you with 33% of your experience bar as XP-- as noted in our Fastest way to level up in The Division 2 guide) and level up in order to claim the last bits of Shade Tech that you may need.

By now you should have an idea about the Best Shade (SHD) Tech Farming Methods in The Division 2 and you'll be able to acquire big amounts of SHD Tech really quick. If we missed any other way you can acquire Shade Tech, feel free to comment below!
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