The Division 2 Best Solo Agent Build

March 17, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Solo Agent Build Guide Best And Strongest Character Loadout For Solo Playthrough

In This Division 2 Guide we'll be showing you the Best Solo Agent Build For The Division 2 which will be extremely powerful for both mid and endgame content. If you're playing solo and struggling with certain missions or activities, this Agent Build will be great for you and most importantly it is beginner friendly. You can also alter it to some extent to make a support build for group play but more on that later.

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The best Skill for any solo player in The Division 2 is the Reviver Hive ability. During group play, if a teammate goes down you can revive them with the Reviver Hive. However, if you're playing alone and die while your Reviver Hive is off cooldown, the Hive will spawn on the ground and revive you back with a set amount of health and armor.

Chem Launcher

Another Skill that fits the solo agent build nicely, the Reinforcer Chem Launcher is a very strong ability which has 3 charges of gas you can shoot out. Each of these charges will repair and reinforce your armor, making it an extremely important skill because you won't be dying as much. By popping 3 of these down at your feet, you'll be at full armor in no time and this skill has a relatively low cooldown in comparison to some other skills out there. With Perks and Mods, you can amp this skill even more so it can have things such as more charges, letting you just spam heal all day long. Overall, very versatile and strong healing skill.


The general attributes you're gonna be wanting to look on all Gear pieces for on this Solo Agent Build are Increased Critical Chance and Increased Critical Damage.


On the chest piece or any other armor, you'll want to get the "Berserk" talent because it is a nice DPS increase for free. If you're using an Assault Rifle, the Fenris Group Breastplate will be best in slot as it boosts your Assault Rifle damage even more due to the Brand Set 1 item bonus. The Berserk talent is really strong because it increases your damage by 10% for every 10% of Armor you've recently lost. This means that you can pretty much have double damage if you lose 100% of your Armor and this is really a no brainer because as a solo player you will definitely soak damage quite a bit and therefore lose Armor often.
On the rest of the equipment you should focus on acquiring three pieces of "Douglas and Harding" Brand Set and fill with Wyvern Wear pieces. If you don't want to go for Fenris BP, you can combine the three set bonuses of both Douglas and Wyvern for an ultimate all-rounder loadout.


As we previously mentioned, the main talent you'll be wanting to get your hands on is the Berserk. After that one, your priority should be on the Cloaked talent because it will disrupt and stun nearby enemies for 10 seconds when your armor is depleted. When Cloaked is combined with Berserk, these talents can be incredibly strong, especially if you're also running Hive Reviver and Chem Launcher as you'll be an undying DPS beast.
Other notable talents you should look for are "Hard Hitting" which boosts damage done to Elites and Surgical (increased critical strike chance).


Assault Rifle

Your cookie cutter gun, the AR will let you melt enemies in no time with this build if you've set it up correctly. An important part is to make sure you've modded your Assault Rifle in order to have more critical strike chance and damage, as well as more rounds. A powerful talent for the AR is Fast Hands as you'll be dealing crits most of the time with this build which will result in much faster reload speed. If you're wondering what is the best AR, check out the Gun tier list we made with tested damage numbers.

Light Machine Gun (LMG)

All LMG's are pretty strong right now, something ideal would be a Military M60 with a Perk such as increased rate of fire or reload speed. A very strong talent for an LMG in this build is the "Breadbasket" as landing body shots will increase your headshot damage and since LMG's fire very fast you could proc this quite often, resulting in higher DPS.
If you're running Sharpshooter, you can replace the LMG for a Marksman Rifle if you're confident that you can land your sniper shots efficiently. A good MR for this build is the Model 700 for example.


All the Specialists are more than viable for the Solo Agent Build so you should pick the one that you like the most. In case you feel confident with sniper rifles, pick the Sharpshooter and also take a Marksman Rifle instead of the LMG. Otherwise, Demolitionist is a superior option as it will boost your LMG's damage so you can melt enemies even faster.

This build guide is the first of many to come for The Division 2, so stay tuned as our to-do list includes DPS/Support/Tank Agent builds for group play. If you've found this Best Endgame Solo Agent Build Guide For The Division 2 useful, don't hesitate to share it around so more players can improve their character builds and have an easier time!
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