The Division 2 Endgame Gear Score Guide

March 18, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
The Division 2 Best And Fastest Way To Get Gear Score Reach Endgame Unlock World Tiers Guide

In this End Game Gear Score Farming Guide For The Division 2 we'll be talking about the best and fastest ways to increase your Gear Score up to 500 really quickly in order to get to the currently max, World Tier 5 zone.

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World Tiers and Gear Score

To start off, I'll be explaining how the Gear Score works and interacts with the World Tiers that are currently available. Right after hitting level 30 and completing the final stronghold within the story you'll be placed into World Tier 1. All of your Gear will be given Gear Score (GS) which is important because you'll only be able to access the next World Tiers by upping the GS on your items. Additionally, if you take a look at your map you'll see that each zone will have a Gear Score requirement that must be met if you want to play the Invaded missions. There are three zones that you will need to complete in order to qualify for advancing to the next WT. Once you get to World Tier 4, continue doing missions until you can unlock World Tier 5.

Best way to increase Gear Score

Whenever you enter a new World Tier, head over to all of the Vendors and buy the highest Gear Score items from them and equip them. This will bump up your Gear Score for drops which will then have that highest GS even though you may have some gear pieces that have much smaller GS. When you're trying to boost up your Gear Score always make sure you're equipping the highest GS items possible-- even if they don't exactly fit into your current build or loadout because the main focus here is to reach WT 4 quickly. After you've done around two missions you should have enough drops to be able to do the Stronghold at that World Tier. If not, make sure to do any Side Missions or World Activities as those are also solid ways of obtaining high gear score loot.
After you reach World Tier 4, your main goal should be to obtain Equipment with high Gear Score in order to hit the GS softcap (450) and prepare for World Tier 5.

Fastest way to get Equipment Score (if you have a friend with GS cap).

In case you have a friend who's already at the soft cap for a certain World Tier (see image below) you can ask them to join your game, do a missions with you and give you their loot. As your friend is at a cap, the loot he or she gets will also be at that cap so you can pretty much be boosted to World Tier 4 within an hour or faster but it's certainly not a fun way to do it.
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Best And Fastest Way To Get High Gear Score 450 Reach Endgame And Unlock All World Tiers Guide WT Caps

If you've followed our End Game Gear Score Farming Guide For The Division 2 you'll be at the maximum Gear Score requirement caps for World Tiers in no time. In case you have any other questions in regards to the End-game, Gear Score or World Tiers don't hesitate to leave a comment in the comments section below!
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