The Division 2 Gear Farming Guide

March 14, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Best And Fastest Way To Farm Strong Gear And Equipment Item Weapon Acquiring Strategies Tips And Tricks

In The Division 2 Gear Farming Guide we will be discussing the current best way to farm blue and purple tier quality equipment, items and weapons in the Division 2 game. Once you start playing The Division 2, you will definitely want to get some Brand Equipment Set bonuses and new weapons so follow this Guide for the most efficient gear farming method and other useful alternatives.

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The best way to get powerful new Gear is to farm for it in the Dark Zone areas. To be specific, the Dark Zone chests. The Dark Zone chests are scattered all around the Dark Zone map as you can see in the picture shown below.
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Dark Zone Gear Farming Guide Best Methods Green Purple Equipment Weapons And Items Grinding
There are currently two types of Dark Zone chests: Contaminated Chests (which have dark yellow on it) and normal DZ chests. The Contaminated Chests will reward you with two gear pieces and they usually have better loot than the normal ones making them the best ones, although a thing to note is that they require 2 Dark Zone keys for unlocking instead of one like their normal counterpart. If you don't have any keys, don't worry! Pick locking the Contaminated Chests is the way to go because it gives you a higher chance for better loot. Loot from the Contaminated Chests must be extracted via a Chopper, whilst the normal chests can be extracted by carrying them right in your inventory.

The Division 2 Gear Farming Alternatives

You will also acquire some loot from clearing bosses and landmarks, but primarily your focus should be on farming the DZ chests.
Another good option of farming loot fast in The Division 2 is to play the Control Point missions because when you take over a Control Point you'll be given access to a room full of great loot.
Skirmishes are a solid alternative if you don't enjoy doing PvE content all day long. Skirmishes are PvP and you'll be rewarded with loot caches. Caches are usually a decent way of getting starter gear fast, like some common items and new weapons whilst having some fun at the same time if you don't enjoy farming all day.

Knowing a fast way to get loot really quickly in The Division 2 is crucial if you want to be stronger than others and have higher quality loot. Following the best and most efficient method to farm items will make sure that your time is well spent while you're trying to gear up quickly.
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