The Division 2 Immortal AR Tank Build Guide

April 17, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
The Division 2 Best Immortal Assault Rifle Tank Build Strongest Top High Armor AR Loadout

In this Division 2 guide we'll be showcasing the Immortal AR Tank Build Guide which features a much different approach to defensive stats than our other Assault Rifle build. This AR Tank Build is a much improved version of all basic cookie-cutter beginner Assault Rifle builds because it can maintain that ridiculously high amount of damage whilst also having 300k+ effective HP which makes you literally unkillable. With the addition of Chem Launcher to this build, you can regenerate the Armor you lost pretty quickly, making it an all-round best tank build out there.

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Chem Launcher

This build revolves around incredibly high amounts of Armor and that's what makes the Chem Launcher Reinforcer variant an absolute necessity. Having Chem Launcher available will mean that you can pop one and literally be full Armor within seconds as this build also utilizes the Safeguard Talent. The Chem Launcher is useful in most scenarios, be it PvP or PvE content, defensive playstyles or offensive rushing, it works for everything.


The Drone although not as good as the Chem Launcher, is also a very useful little gadget that will keep you defended when you need it the most. Both the Fixer and Deflector Drones fit this Tank AR build really nicely so pick the one you prefer most.


The general attributes you're gonna be wanting to look on for all Gear pieces on this Tank AR Character Build Loadout are: Armor, Skill Power, Damage To Elites, Health, Weapon Damage and Assault Rifle Damage. The mods you acquire should also be focused on increases to armor and armor on kill.


This Tank Assault Rifle build does not rely heavily on Brand Sets, though Badger Tuff, Fenris Group AB and Gila Guard are excellent options to consider. In particular, the 2 set bonus from Badger Tuff is going to provide you with much needed "Armor leech on kill", 1 Fenris AB piece with additional Assault Rifle Damage and a Gila Guard item with an increase to your total armor pool. As this build revolves around stacking high amounts of Armor, Badger Tuff (2) and Gila Guard (1) are a must.


The main Talent that you absolutely need for this Tank Assault Rifle build to work is the Unstoppable Force Talent. Unstoppable Force will grant you 2% increased weapon damage on kill for every 10000 of your Max Armor (so for example having 250k Armor would give you 50% increased damage just from this single Talent). Lastly, Safeguard is another crucial Talent as it will give you much needed survivability. Safeguard is going to make your Armor regeneration extremely fast. Any other Talents you can acquire that fit this Tank AR build are just icing on the cake.



This Tank uses an Assault Rifle as the Primary Weapon. At the moment, the best Assault Rifle for this build seems to be the P416-- if you think it lacks Accuracy, feel free to grab some Airaldi Set pieces. In case you hate playing with the P416, check out our Weapons Tier List where you will be able to see the top DPS Assault Rifles. In terms of weapon talents, you'll definitely want to get the Optimist Talent on your AR because it will increase your weapon damage for every 10% ammo missing from your magazine which will convert to a nice increase to damage since this build has high rate of fire due to Chatterbox. Along with that, Allegro is also very nice fit for this build.


The Chatterbox is going to be the BiS gun in the secondary slot of this build. Why is that? Because The Chatterbox features the unique "Blabbermouth" Talent which is going to additionally increase the rate of fire of your primary amount for a good chunk. Overall, The Chatterbox is mainly used as a "stat stick" so you wont be dealing any damage with it at all.


The Division 2 Best Immortal Assault Rifle Tank Build Strongest Top High Armor AR Loadout Sharpshooter Skill Tree Specialization

The Sharpshooter is the best specialization for this Division 2 Tank AR build because you've got access to all sorts of useful upgrades that the other trees may not offer. In particular, "One in the Head" will provide you with a substantial increase to damage and "Deft Hands" is going to be a very crucial part of this build because you'll have to reload often during firefights as this build uses a Chatterbox SMG to boost RoF. In case you're looking for alternatives, the Survivalist is also a good option since it provides stable increases to your Assault Rifle's damage.

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